How Emo Are You?

Robert Smith Inspired A Lot of Emo Bands. Take this emo quiz.

The Cure inspired tons of emo bands | Source:

Do you love emo bands, do you have an emo hair cut, do you love emo style–or does any of that really matter when it comes to being emo on the inside? Find out just how emo you really are with this fun emo quiz!

Get started right here!

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  1. avatar Sharberry :3 says:

    :D Yay! The picture of Robert Smith makes it a [theoretical] influence of music from 80s, 90s, blah blah blah. I’m sorry, I just had to comment on this, I can’t stand any music today except for Muse and Green Day and seeing a picture of a guy from The Cure is just like a milestone in my happiness! :)

  2. avatar Anonymous says:

    Why is there a picture of Robert Smith in this quiz? He’s a GOTH icon, not emo.

    • avatar Roze says:

      This. So much this.

      Emo wasn’t even born from Goth Rock, it crawled out of the ashes of the post-punk movement.

  3. avatar andi says:

    just took the quiz. what do those questions have to do with emo? boyfriends? spare me! this website is for preps. whoever likes this quiz doesnt understand.

  4. avatar Andi says:

    also, i am emo. thats right, I. AM. GOTHIC. AND. EMO. screw you. you cant tell pople how ‘emo’ they are.

  5. avatar Andi says:

    excuse me, but that quiz ‘how emo are you’ is completely stupid. i havent taken the quez yet, but i get called emo all the time. i dont give a crap what they say, but what is your definition of emo? some say its people who cut themselves. others say that its depressed people who also cut themselvs. as i said, i havent taken the quiz yet but so far im disgusted. im sure i will get your meaning of emo when i take the quiz. i am utterly offended and disgusted with this quiz.

  6. avatar jordiB23 says:

    I hate this quiz. No offense. But you CAN NOT tell someone how “emo” they are. I’m “emo” and find this quiz quite offenseive. I don’t mean to hate on you guys or anything but… smh.

  7. avatar BloodyTears says:

    I dont like putting tags on myself but emos these days arent really emo..

  8. avatar ariana says:

    Robert Smith is goth

    • avatar rilakumalovely says:

      I know huh! Robert Smith is totally Goth, not emo at all.
      He has an amazing voice thats not whiney at all and his lyrics are super sweet!

      I’m really not a confrontational person ,so don’t take this the wrong way jordiB23
      but the fact that you find this offensive is really emo.

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