Ask A Guy: Do Guys Like Giving Girls Oral Sex?

Do Guys Like Giving Girls Oral Sex

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Dear Ethan: Okay, so my boyfriend wants to give me oral, and I’m just a little confused because I really don’t see what pleasure he would get out of it. Plus, wouldn’t it be awkward?

Any sexually experienced woman in a long-term relationship will tell you that unprompted proposals of oral sex are like chocolates or flowers – they don’t come around every day, so you might want to accept when they’re presented…

But jokes aside, I know you’re writing because you want a guy’s perspective. So I can tell you with confidence that pretty much all the dudes I know enjoy performing oral sex with any girl they’re into. And while some simply appreciate the act itself, all of them enjoy the fact that it makes their ladies feel good! Just as you may receive satisfaction from the look on his face upon handing him a plate of freshly baked cookies, administering a relaxing massage, or flipping the channel to the Lakers game, we’re turned on by you being turned on.

He just wants to make you feel good | Source:

Now, obviously your boyfriend won’t be the only one participating — your personal experience is just as important. In that respect, try to keep in mind that the awkwardness of any sexual undertaking is in the eye of the beholder (or, I suppose, the “private parts” of the beholder). Take foot fetishes, for example – anyone not into having their toes tasted might find such an inclination bizarre, but if a footjob aficionado can find a lady who’s into tongue-administered pedicures, you’ve got a match made in heaven! In other words, sex can be very subjective, so a trustworthy partner whom you can relate to should help make bedroom experimentation a lot less awkward.

With all of that said, if there’s ever anything you’re not ready to try or are simply uncomfortable with, don’t feel bad about standing your ground, no matter how strange or “normal” the act may seem. After all, dating a mature guy who can patiently respect your boundaries is the healthiest way to expand them eventually. The path to cunnilingus isn’t a race!*

Good luck!

*That is, unless you’re competing in the 2012 Oral Sex Olympics—in which case, it is.

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Do you think oral sex is as serious as intercourse? Discuss.

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  • Jon Blago

    I am a guy and I like the smell of pussy. Not so much oral sex. But the smell makes me feel very good

  • Shani

    I had body image issues from the time I was 11. At the same time my parents were gettin a divorce. It was really hard and I started playing up, having problems, becoming very moody and emotional. I was very insecure and was thrilled when I got the attention of guys. I was with a group of friends who even at 11 started having sex. I was present when 2 of my best friends were having sex for the first time and losing their virginity. I was keeping watch so I could warn them if someone was coming. Both of them had older guys and I watched several times as they had their bfs go down on them. The girls really enjoyed this and the guys really wanted to do it because they were sure they would be able to get the girls to let them go all the way once they got them real horny. It always worked for the guys. I was growing up really fast. I masturbated a lot. I wanted to do stuff and enjoy what my friends were enjoying so much but I was too self conscious because I was a bit chubby, until I met this guy when I went to rescue a kitten in his back yard on my way back from school.
    He was a great guy and really helped me through my body issues. He didnt mind me being so young. He invited me in and encouraged me to go to his place everyday to feed the kitten. We got really close and started becoming very very intimate. He made me feel good and it didnt bother me that he was a lot older. I was so comfortable with him that I didnt mind exposing my body to him. He would make me undress and he would fondle me and finger me and he used to encourage me to masturbate and then he would perform oral on me. I knew he liked me and he liked doing that on me. It was so good and the feelings sent me sky high. He would get me real horny from hours of oral sex. I would get very messy and wet but he just enjoyed that and would lick me out a lot. I used to go to his place each day from school because I wanted him to do it to me again. I was so horny and I wanted oral sex all the time. I lost my virginity to him very early on. I was extremely young. We continued for 4 years and I will be 16 next year. My time with him was the best experience. It helped me while my parents were getting a divorce and I gained a close friend who is now my boyfriend.

    • meredith

      I so agree with Shani. I was an early starter too. My bf always loved going down on me. He would do it for hours. I enjoyed it so much. He would take me to the shower first and wash me down below and my butt.. he would soap me and clean me thoroughly first. I was so young and naive and didnt realise how important it is to be clean. I think all guys like to perform oral sex on girls but it is our responsibility to make sure we are clean and his experience going down is good.

    • Morgana5953

      How much older is this guy? Because one way or another, that’s statutory rape.

    • sapna

      Yes it is so good ! My husband do all time and Iget wet and very is great

  • arjana

    my first experiences with sex was being given oral by this guy who later became my bf through sex. I kinda liked him but it was because he used to make me feel good using his tongue inside me. I was too young to understand why a guy would want to do this to a girl. To me these were “private, naughty, messy” parts. I couldnt understand why he liked doing that to me. He would do it to me for hours. I used to love the sensations and the feelings and I longed for something inside me when he brought on those sensations in me. My hips would move up and down as if it had its own mind. I would arch my back while I orgasmed. The orgasms would come in waves and would go on and on. Little did I realise that he was preparing me for the “big day” when he would f**k me. This went on for a year. I would find any little excuse to go to his place and we would engage in prolonged sexual foreplay and oral sex. He would use his mouth to moisten me so he could finger me and use things inside me. He started using bigger and bigger and thicker things in me till one day he said I was ready and we had full blown sex. It was so so good and I wished it had gone on for ever. I think the preparation with oral sex and foreplay helped me with my first time. We lasted 2 years. It was getting more difficult because being much older than me he didnt want us to get into trouble. Turning 13 I was transformed into a woman!

    • monifa

      I know.. you get so messy and wonder and hope that the guy wont feel yucky with all that stuff oozing out. I was the same too. I loved the oral sex and how it felt. I wanted it all the time. I used to wear real short skirts hoping he would open my legs and eat me out, like he usually would. it was like an everyday thing after school.
      And, wen you are so young you dont realise or know how to respond or what to do. I just gushed a lot and my then bf kept saying “good good, thts beautiful, you are cumming real hard, I can see your cum just oozing out. You will be good to fuck right now but just let me finger you and move your hips and squeeze your butt, while I move my fingers in and out of your pussy” He kept sucking his fingers and putting them into my vagina and kept making me orgasm. I kept saying “oh oh I dunno what to do” It was such a good feeling and then he said ” dont be scared, let me fuck you hard now it will feel so good you will want me to do it more and more. Dont say NO when I fuck you. Just keep saying yes yes yes and just open your legs wider so I can go real deep and hard”.
      You are right. I think it was the oral that got me so horny and made me want more sex. When you are that horny you lose all inhibitions and just want to do it.

  • cutieLilAshleeBaby

    I lost my virginity 2 weeks ago. I like him a lot and he is my friends brother who ive known 4 a wile. He used to do a lot of oral on me and wud make me very horny and want me to have sex. We been like tht 4 a few months now. I just turned 14.Like even after school many times he wud pick me up in his car and we wud go sumwhere quiet and he wud go down on me. He said he really liked doin tht to me becoz he liked me a lot. It wud make me feel real weird nd I freaked out the first time becoz I thought he wud feel yuck.
    I dunno why but he wont do it to me anymore. When we r together and we are making out I move his head down between my legs so he can eatb me out but he dont wanna do it. I suck him a lot and I kno he likes that and he gets real horny and he cums in my mouth all the time. I dunno why he wont go down on me. I feel so bad that he dont like me anymore 🙁 🙁

  • Steve

    I am a guy and I am a pleaser. I can give oral to my partner all night till sun comes up If I wanted to. and when we have passionate love, I always put last her, wear her out to exhaustion and it bores me.

    • bustitamy

      steve… what do you mean? ive never met a guy pleaser. thanks your comment makes me feel better 🙂

    • Cute kimberley

      my bf was exactly like that when I started doing stuf with him. All he wanted to do was to eat me out and he would do it for hours. I think it was because I was so young in comparison. He said he liked when he went down on me because he liked “the pink, young, clean, cute and fresh appearance of my..ummm. nether bits. I could tell when he had me undressed and with my legs open that he got real hard, real fast. He always kept saying he had never been with anyone so young and he would comment on my mmmm…smells and taste and how it turned him on.
      For weeks all he would do was to go down on me and then we would do 69. He said he didnt want to spoil it by fucking me. He said he wanted it t be beautiful for as long as he could wait. I was so addicted to him making me orgasm, I used to rush to his place everyday after school and at weekends. I had so many many many orgasms. I dont know if it was because I was so young and uninhibited, but I would gush when he went down on me and even thinking of it. He used to call me “the niagara falls” LOL

      LOL, he couldn’t wait too long. He was too horny and I lost me virginity to him a few days later.
      So I think guys do like doing that to girls if they want to. I think he liked me a lot and that made him want to do it even more. Also I am sure he liked me because I was a lot younger. Well, he said that a few times.
      😛 😛 😛

      • gugu

        haha I think you are right. I think guys find it easier with a younger girl because of less inhibition, everythng being new and exciting and feeling real horny. Guys like the freshness, like you said, in someone very young.
        He called me “pinky” everytime he opened me to eat me out. He found that real cute. I think it is a common term for a virgin, new, very young girls vagina. LOL. I dont know why “pinky”

  • marissa

    I am 15 now but I have been with my bf for over 3 years. He has always wanted to perform oral on me. I have been sexually active for over 3 years and he was my first. In fact i ended up having sex with him when he got me into a state of having multiple orgasms. I was so overwhelmed and thoroughly enjoying it, I couldn’t resist or say no. The feeling was intense and I just wanted him to keep going. I was so messy but i couldnt give a damn. It felt good. He goes down on me more than he actually kisses me. When I am with him at his place the first thing he does is to go down on me. I love this and look forward to him doing that to me. He gets me really horny doing this and then I am all his, to take and explore. I trust him even though he is a lot older and our relationship has been really beautiful. He waits for me to have several orgasms before we f***. It is such a sexy feeling sometimes I feel I need to scream.

    • hillary

      When you are that age because you dont have prefprmed ideas and inhibitions those sexy sensations and the horny feeling is so very intense, it is awesome. God you must have been quite young. I am sure he would have enjoyed you a lot and the fact he goes down on you more than he kisses you suggests he really enjoys doing that to you. He must be really turned on by you. Yes i agree it a really big turn on and I can have an instant orgasm by my bf doing that to me. 😛 😛 😛
      Have fun, just keep letting him go down on you. You are lucky to have him

  • MeAsAnon

    Or it might be because of this:

    …which I found to be true in the case of my lover. 🙂

  • Anon

    Question though: what if you haven’t started having sex (ex, I want to wait until I’m married) and you think it’s SUPER gross either way (give/receive), but the guy enjoys giving it??? What then? That makes me nervous for when I finally DO start with my husband and he loves it and I hate it. And no, I won’t be changing my mind because I absolutely do NOT like the thought of it