Bitter Twitter: Chris Brown Just Doesn’t Get It

Chris Brown on Twitter sounds like a jerk

How can he expect us to just forget? | Source: Tumblr

Let them be mad!!!! We make music. Don’t like it, don’t listen! Turn up the music remix is coming soon too! Guess who’s on it?–Chris Brown on Twitter.

Girls, I know I usually focus on tweets from our favorite females, but I could not resist calling out Chris Brown‘s seemingly endless stream of idiocy.

Uh Chris, let me clear something up for you. People aren’t “haters” because they don’t care for your music. They hate you because you TRIED TO MURDER RIHANNA and are somehow being awarded Grammys.

I know, total shock right? I mean that was, like, sooooo long ago that you beat the living snot out of her aren’t people totes oves by now? No, dude. No we’re not. Maybe if you seemed even the slightest bit sorry (instead of annoyed that people have the audacity to keep bringinig it up!) then public opinion might have a slim chance of changing.

I admit that I do like Breezy’s songs, but there’s no music that sounds good enough to take a beating for. Do you guys find it sickening that Chris won big at the Grammys? Or is CB right–if you don’t like him, just tune him out?

What do you think about Chris Brown on Twitter? Is he being stupid or totally justified in being fed up? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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  • Nnos

    ummm well everbody makes miseakts it has been three years since this incident.. whatever happened to forgive and forget if u guys where really true friends u wud forgive himm ! cum on now even RHIANNA made back up with him GET REAL ! life goes on holding grudges is for bitter people REAL TALK

  • Tracy

    i agree with everyone here.. i love Chris brown’s music.. and what heaepnpd, heaepnpd.. If Rihanna’s not talking about it anymore than neither should we!!! MOVE ON.. there are a lot of women in domestic violence relationships now who fear getting out, and we should focus on those situations because this one is over with.. lol

  • Joselo

    Yeah, I agree. It’s time for people to move on about it. But I feel like it suhold’ve never happened in the first place. I still think it’s wrong that he beat up Rihanna. And I hate how people insulted Rihanna after what had happened to her.But everything’s all good. She’s still being successful. And I’m sure Chris Brown is working himself out. I never really hated him. I was mostly shocked. Now he’s all changed. See what media can do to someone?

  • Tiia

    JennyB You are SO totally right. And I’m not ginivg him any of my money either. I’ve never liked Chris B even before what happened with Rihanna (did you see all the CURSE words he used? Jeeez!).Of course, there are soooo many beaters in the world, but he IS a celebrity and he is going to get way more attention than other people, so he should not be taking his violence to lightly, calling it a “mishap” and stuff.

  • Nayab

    I hope you guys respect my opniion but in honesty to your self we have all done something wrong in past mistakes? Im not saying what he did wasn’t a bad thing because i felt so awful for rihanna but people change and for one Chris Brown looks like he has turned a corner and is back in the game! And i strongly believe in second chances so im satnding by him BTW i love his new single yeah 3x amazing!<3 X

  • NalaWala

    I honestly think people need to get over It because nobody knows what happened in that car but Rhianna and Chris Brown. Many woman are abused everyday and nobody seems to putting that into the open. They both seem to have moved on so should everyone else.

  • Lilibeth

    What Chris did WAS wrong, but honestly, it’s been two years. It’s not noamrl or healthy to dwell on something that long. Obviously he’s realized he’s made a big mistake, and instead of wollowing in self pity, he’s being a man and moving on to a better life. Criticizing him and pointing fingers will do nothing but bring him down and delay his process. What is done, is done, so we should let bygones be bygones and move on with our lives.

  • Bram

    I honestly think pelpoe should MOVE ON, AND LET IT GO. It happened 2 YEARS AGO. Both of them are very successful. I’m not saying what he did was right, but damn, everyone makes mistakes. Mistakes are made, so pelpoe can learn from them. And I truly think that Chris Brown has learned from them. I just wish pelpoe will leave him the hell alone! If he’s trying to promote his album, or movie or something, let the interview just be about THAT. Don’t bring up Rihanna. The only reason why pelpoe are picking on him is because he’s Chris Brown. SO EFFIN WHAT?! He’s a person! He’s a human! He’s normal just like you and me, he just happend to be a very successdul superstar that can dance and sing his ass off. Why is it so hard for you to forgive him? Why can’t you just let 2009, STAY in 2009, and let the past be the past? I still love Chris Brown, and I always will, because unlike some hateful ass pelpoe who keep revisiting the past, I know how to forgive. I understand that even pelpoe on TV make mistakes. It would nice if pelpoe would start recognizing Chris for his talent, and not a mistake. I WILL FOREVER LOVE CHRIS BROWN (:

  • diamondgrrl55

    CB is human! he is not nd will not be the only man who has put his hands on a womenit was in the past. rhianna is still alive nd has moved on. everyone else should do the same. as for him nearly murdering rhianna lol really? i think that is a little exgerated! as for him murdering her nd still getting grammys… his work has nothing todo with what he did. he seems to be sorry for it nd learned from it. havnt heard about him doing it again so who cares. he made good music nd deserves the blessing God is sending his way! its not like the man got away with murder! im tired of the cb jokes, the is old. rhianna gettin money nd doin well. cb gettin money nd doin well so live your lives nd stop worrrying about the past!