All About My Belly Fat (And Yours!)

My Belly Fat Is No Different From Yours

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You know, I can do a quick liquid liposuction to take care of that,” the doctor said. He was pointing at my belly fat . . . and I was mortified. I was in the dermatologist’s office to talk to him about removing a mole–not to get my belly fat sucked away.

I pulled my jacket around me. “Yeah… Well… I just started going to the gym. I’ll probably lose that in a couple months.” I forced the sides of my face up into an awkward smile–one there was no way I could feel. The doctor’s attendant half shrugged at me, making it clear she didn’t want to get involved.

Completely oblivious to the look of absolute horror on my face Dr. FeelGood continued to make me feel horrible, saying, “With your body type that kind of belly fat isn’t going anywhere. You’re a big girl,” he clarified–as if that thought had never crossed my mind before.

I looked down at my tummy, amazed that I was still actually physically in the room. It felt like I had floated away, escaping my daytime nightmare by air. But, no. I was still there, being made to feel horrible even when my health was perfectly fine.

So, just like in every AA meeting you’ve ever seen on TV, let me say: “Hi. My name is Abiola and I have belly fat.”

Belly Fat Like Buddha

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This wasn’t always the case.

I never had washboard abs or anything that would put me in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. I did, however, have a smaller tummy that was easily sucked in, and that, my friends, was close enough for me. I could suck my stomach in for hours, no Spanx or other gadgets needed to give the grand illusion of flatness.

Unfortunately that was 20 pounds and two slices of pizza ago. Now, my tummy is, well, pudgy. But, hey, I have a pretty face, right?

And I wasn’t lying to the doctor. I did join a gym. My goal was (and is!) to get healthy rather than to get skinny. I almost forgot that when he pointed out the benefits of lipo.

So what happened next? Did the doctor finally get the clue and leave me alone? Nope. He actually leaned over and poked me in the belly. Poked. Me.

She has a flat tummy

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“I can get rid of that so quickly that you’ll be in a bikini by summertime,” he said.

“AHEM!’ The doctor’s assistant loudly cleared her voice. It seemed like their inside code for when he was saying or doing something inappropriate.

Her secret signal worked because he dropped his jabbing hand abruptly. The quick motion snapped me out of the shy, insecure girl I used to be, the one who would have been crying from his insults, and reminded me of the confident woman I’ve become.

I stood up and remembered that nobody, no matter what, has the right to make me feel bad about myself.

“Thank you but no thank you,” I said. “Maybe I’ll lose my belly fat in the gym and maybe I won’t. Either way it’s fine because my tummy is a part of me and I love it because I love me.”

The doctor grumbled something about his next appointment as he made his way out of the room.

His assistant smiled up at me. “You’re beautiful,” she said.

And deep down, I know that’s true.

Do you have issues with your belly fat? Tell me all about them in the comments!

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  • Anna

    I want everyone on here to know that this stuff is normal. You’re a teenager, your hormones are all over the place. It’s the same with acne, voice changes, etc. And it doesn’t matter, because YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL, just the way you are. Cheesy, I know, but it’s true. Everyone is beautiful. It doesn’t matter if you have tons of acne or a pudgy stomach or braces or anything outside of the “beauty norms” because if you are you, then why change? You are perfect just how you are. Personally, I believe people focus too much on outward appearance. Why does it matter how beautiful society thinks someone is if their personality is awful?

  • Donna

    I am 14 years old and i weigh 198, i cant believe i let it get this bad i mean all i need to lose is my stomach and back fat. But of course everything has to be difficult for teenagers! I havenbeen struggling with my weight issue since i was in 4th grade i jus want to have a small waist for when i go to high school this year. Someone please help me!:'(

    • Cam

      Donna, I have the same problem as you. I am 14, 5’0 and 155… Everyone including my mother is always on my hiney about it. The only help you need is the help to accept your body. I have learned to accept it. I have been overweight since birth. You are in your teens, your hormones are going to go up and down and for some of us those affects arent very grand… YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL no matter what, a tiny waist doesn’t justify that. As long as you are an amazing person on the inside.. it will shine through to the outside 😉 (P.S. I have tried everything from strict diets to sensa and I went to the doctor and she said it was my hormones… go talk to them about it… they usually have great advice)

    • Dolores

      Get some sun or vitamin d3 supplements! VitaminD is a prominent hormone deficiency in a lot of people. It causes insulin resistance (noticed i didnt say diabetes because you can be insulin resistant without diabetes)-which causes leptin resistance-which throws of your other hormones like increase testorone-which causes weight to be retain in the belly in case of a famine (that never happens)! All in short, research everything i said for mor info-the knowledge is out there and the solutions are simple!

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  • kiki

    I wish I looked like a Victoria secret model 🙁

  • Gina

    Sounds like a lame ass FAKE STORY

  • reggieboo

    ummmm i think im fat but every one eles says im not. i think i am and my family does to. how can i loose all of it?

  • Caleigh

    i have been playing soccer ever since i was 4 and have done many other sports along with that and still have a muffin top. i feel very self conscious at soccer because everyone on my team has a flat stomach. my soccer team practices 3x a week and has about 3 games on the weeekend. i also eat very healthy and have a home made fruit smoothie as a dessert. i have never tried working out outside of soccer cuz i dont want my parents to knw so i usually do jumping jacks in my room at night when they r asleep and run up and down the stairs when everyone is gone but nothing works. all of my friends, who all do sports, have flat stomachs and i dont. i feel so embarassed. doing a lot of sports means lots of injuries and right now i have shin splints and so i have to fight through a little pain as i work out but ice in the end helps. if anyone has any tips to burn off the fat or an easier way to work out without my parents knowing just reply 🙂

    • Jill

      The same exact thing is what I am. All my friends on my soccer team are all super skinny, and I feel like the odd one out of the group, and I don’t really want my parents to know either. I also go work outs when they’re asleep. I would ask them if u could go to a gym or somewhere with a pool, and say its to help me get in shape for soccer. My parents hate paying for things so its hard for me, but after a while you might be able to convince them

  • Necromacy

    I’m 14 and I have belly fat and thigh issues. I’ve been trying lately to get into a routine, but I get distracted easily. I crave vegetables, but then they’re all gone once I’ve finished with them(mostly carrots and celery). I really WANT to look like how a teenager should, but I just can’t. The good thing is, I just started high school and i’m doing P.E. during the day opposed to online. being fat sucks 🙁

  • Bri:)

    I’ve always had a sorta of chubby stomach. Its not huge, but it’s not flat, though. I’ve always been really curvy for only being fourteen. Big hips, large butt, and a slightly large rack. I’m not over-weight but I wish I could be skinnier. Like I’m actually obsessed with losing the weight. I’ve actually consider being anorexic, except my parents started to noticed and made sure I was eating. I know all the dangers in being anorexic, but I was only going to do it until the extra pounds were gone( so please, no lecture.) So, in short, I’m a curvy, emotional, chubby, fourteen-year-old teenager who somehow can’t wrap her head around how you kept your composure under that circumstance. I would have broke down crying, or crawled into a dark corner and shriveled up and died. How do you have the confidence to just shake that off like it was nothing? To see past that and understand you are beautiful and to accept yourself? Honestly if I were to rate my confidence level from one to ten, I would give it a negative two. Thanks for any help<3

  • sarah

    i just started talking to this guy who goes to the gym alot, now im average but i have chubb on my stomach, and im embarassed to show my body to him. what should i do? i dont even wanna have his arm around me incase ne can feel one of my rolls along my side when i sit.. im so self consious about my body, always have been but hes so built and perfect… 🙁 i dont feel like i should try for him because he should have someone perfectly skinny.. and well just perfect. downing on myself i know its not right but i just cant shake this feeling..

  • Minxeh

    Omg I would have slapped him so hard his head would’ve been knocked off! What a jerk!

  • eliasboo712

    I have a lot of belly fat.My back is wider than my butt and I look a mess.I told my mom that I’d be working out for the summer until July 25 starting today……but she said she doesn’t know if I’ll lose weight because I’m pretty lazy.That’s true but I’m tired of being laughed at and embarrassed to go swimming .I want to show some skin without worrying what people think.Your story really helps me realize that I should love my body no matter what .You really helped me open my eyes thanks

  • cheyanne.rau

    I have some belly fat. Though, the rest of me is skinny.. well.. people see me skinny. My arms and legs are bony. Just that I have belly fat hanging but I cover it so no one can see. When I go to the beach I would have to not eat anything heavy. It’s a self conscious thing I guess. Though, even with belly fat, I can still do over 100 situps in two minutes.

  • Lexi

    Truth is i have stomach fat and my thighs are fat and im really embarrassed about it. I try to lose weight but for me its hard. Its hard to get away from the hamburgers and french fries, my family says i eat like a man and that does not make me feel good. I get embarrassed when im around my friends because most of them are skinny. When im changing for gym i try to hide my legs and stomach so no one will see my fat. And i dont want to be the girl thats single because im fat. I always get scared that no man will ever like me because of how i look. Its just so hard for me to like my self, i look at my self in the mirror and think wow how could anybody in this world like someone like me? I wish there was a easy way to lose weight a way that i can handle. I want to be able to like myself for me and not judge myself or others judge me.

    • shanny

      Love yourself. You are you, no matter how big or small you are. its also not healthy to compare yourself with your friends. and someone WILL love you and would be glad to be with you… just dont put yourself down like that!!

  • izzi

    That doctors a jerk! I wouldn’t call myself fat but I’m not near skinny. For about two years I have been constantly trying to lose weight. To me it seems like guys at my school like skinny girls. I was constantly Feeling self concise,but one day I snapped out of it and realized that guys like curves too! I love my body now and I know I’m beautiful and don’t pay attention to jerks.

  • kilojoules

    My belly fat is so frustrating. I have a flat stomach (you can pretty much see my ribs) down to my belly button, and then I have a massive wobbly bulge. I hate it.

    • eliasboo712

      I have one of those and I can’t seem to get rid of it no matter what I do

      • kiki

        I know how you feel. I think that I’m fat cause I’m bigger than everyone in my class. I don’t even want to go to the beach cause I don’t want to show off my body

  • Mary

    i’m 17 the last time i stepped on a scale i was 220 pounds. yes i sometimes get upset about my body but some of you may see me as unhealthy but i’m actually pretty active i go outside and run some and i’m always doing flips and enjoying life the best i can i know i’m not ugly i have random strangers come up to me and tell me how pretty i am but beauty isn’t whats on the outside it’s whats on the inside. i know i’m a good person yes i have made mistakes but that’s not the point. it’s hard for big girls to feel pretty about yourself when all society does is telll you that you have to be skin an dbones but what they don’t realize is curves are just as beautiful. when i start feeling down about my weight my daddy tells me every one is beautiful even us bigger girls jus tlook at Queen Latifa (i’m not sure i spelt her name right) so girld if you ever feel that just cause you have a little extra fluff on your tummy you can’t do things like be a model or be on tv (well you don’t have to do things like that extreme) just remember anything is possible YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL as long as you let yourself believe you are:)


  • shane (I’m a girl)

    well I’m 13 I wouldn’t call myself fat but I feel like I’ve gotten pudgy I weigh 145 pounds but you wouldn’t guess tht at first site its mostly because im rly tall but everytime i eat something thts not healthy i feel like i gained 10 pounds after one ice cream. thts never stopped me from eating wat i ant but still i hate tht i weigh as much as most 13 or 14 year old boys

    • Syd

      Same here… I mean, sometimes I worry about it. All my friends are pretty skinny compared to me, and that’s NOTHING compared to all the other girls at school. I’m just one of the… ahem, tubbier girls… not exactly fat, but not happy without a shirt. I’m wondering if I’ll grow out of it or if it’s something that I’ll have to deal with later.

  • Debbie

    I dislike my belly fat a lot, I never really lost my baby fat. I always lost weight than gained it back therefore i have a very jiggly stomach and so many stretch marks. Everytime i move it moves with me, three times as much. It’s really sad.