Poll: Where You Live

Your Hometown

Don’t worry, we’re not asking you to hand over your address or tell us exactly where you are right now – we just want to know about the place you call home. No matter how much you might say you hate where you live, we know there are some things you love about it. Your hometown is probably a lot cooler than you think it is (or maybe not…). Take the poll and spill on where you live.


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  1. avatar Janice says:

    Mexico is not on the list. You should know that it’s not in South America.

  2. avatar bakerychaz says:

    Why isn’t New Zealand included on the list of countries other than the US? I had to answer Australia.

  3. avatar Rockshadow12 says:

    Saskatchewan, Canada

  4. avatar misaki says:

    Born in Japan, moved to Hawaii when I was three, and I hate it here. I want to go back to Japan or move to the mainland asap.

  5. avatar JesieB says:

    I LIVE IN NY.!!!Five train stops from the city

  6. avatar Kitty753 says:

    I live in New South Wales, Australia :)

  7. avatar insert name here says:

    Toronto, Canada!!! huge toronto maple leafs fan, right here!!!

  8. avatar Elise says:

    Sweeeeeden! Hate it, everyones bitchy and boring. There are about 190 people in my village, and no girls my age. PITY ME.

  9. avatar adriana says:

    i live in athens, greece!!!!!!!!! luv it here, it’s all sunny and warm u know! but i plan on going to college in great britain and possibly living outside from greece! the best thing about greece are the islands, who ever has never gone to any greek island misses allot in their lives!

  10. avatar Alison says:

    I live in alabama

  11. avatar Mechero says:

    I live in Chicago Illinois. It’s a big city but after living here my whole life and going downtown one thousand times a year, I feel like I’ve seen everything. I’ve just recently gone on a trip to a hotel far out in the suburbs where everyone my age lived on farms and own animal like goats and chickens. It was really interesting to meet people with REALLY different lifestyles. I hope when I’m old enough I’ll move somewhere far in the suburbs just to see what it’s like.♬ BTW I’m only 13

  12. avatar grace says:

    i live in israel , ashkelon the place in the world : ) but on my 18 birthday i am moving to nyc !!

  13. avatar Brooke W says:

    i Live in Oklahoma. People think my family talks funny but its all because we have accents and i love mine. i love the country heat too. i don’t think i ever want to move.

  14. avatar SwagsoFr3sh says:

    Houston Texas

  15. avatar Melkorka says:

    I live in Iceland, and I know it might sound a bit naive but I actually like it.
    I live in a 10 minute-distance from the capital, but yet my neighbour has sheeps and horses, it’s pretty darn funny

  16. avatar Amy says:

    I live in London and I never want to move! :D

  17. avatar Missfiction says:

    i wanna live in laguna beach cali. ITS SO BEAUTIFUL I FELL IN LOVE WHEN I WENT THERE ON VACATION ! the seashells the weird stacked houses the sloping hills and roads … just so me i love it there!

    • avatar cdstarkatelyn says:

      i live close to there, like maybe a 20 min drive, yeah i love living in So Cal, where do you live?

  18. avatar jello says:

    I live somewhere on the borders of the Mediterranean sea <3 it's always sunny from mid April to September , and in winter it's around 10 °C (In my region), love the place I live in :)

  19. avatar Sam Kidd says:


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