Being Single When Your Friends Aren’t

Funny Cartoon About Being Single

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Being single can suck–especially when your girls are all coupled up and busy on most Friday nights.

It’s not that you don’t love your besties anymore or anything. I mean, you still speak in inside jokes, share outfits, enjoy the same TV shows and hate the same reality stars. But when your fave sidekick is in love and you’re not, that bond can feel like it’s starting to weaken.

Yeah, you never noticed how odd it was to be the odd woman out until you were “it!”

Here’s how to deal when everyone’s facebook status is set to “Lovey Dovey;” except yours:

DO treat being single like a gift.
You won’t be single forever but sometimes it does feel like it, right? So what? Stop buying into some bogus idea that your life is incomplete if you’re not in a relationship.

You know who completes you? YOU do! This is the perfect time to finally learn guitar or rock out to that new boxing game. And you know what? All those interests and skills and activities are going to make you more attractive to the right person when they do come along!

Beyonce Loved Being Single

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DON’T lock yourself in your room.
We’ve all been there. When you’re the odd one out you can feel like the fifth wheel on a car, madly unnecessary. And worst of all, if your friends invite you to join them you wonder if you’re just a charity case.

Bump that! Life is meant to be lived. Get out and enjoy yourself.

DO be honest if you’re feeling ignored.
Until now, you spent every single waking moment together and neither language class nor Earth Science could tear your friendship asunder. Now, suddenly it’s like your BFF is practically shacked up with this dude. He’s the one who gets all of her funny phone calls, texts and witty FB messages. And when she does call you, it’s to talk about her relationship.

You miss your best friend! That’s natural. Let her know that you understand that things are different, but you still wanna hang like old times. She’ll appreciate the honesty as long as you don’t come off as too demanding.

DON’T bitch and whine about being single.
“Woe is me. I’m all alone. Wahhhhhhh.” Sound familiar? If you’re singing a daily sad song about how much it sucks to be you, guess what? Everyone will believe you and no one will want to be around you.

Do you want to spend time with a miserable whiner? Nope? Well no one else does either. You woke up this morning. You are gorgeous and special. It’s awesome to be you. Remember that. Here are some more tips on how to keep it together when you’re down.

Message to Girls on Being Single

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DON’T try to sabotage your friends’ relationships.
Don’t be that girl. This requires no further explanation.

DO let friends know you’re open to meeting new people.
If you’re open to being fixed up, say so. If you just wanna make new friends, make that known too. If you’re tired of everyone throwing random dudes in your face when you are loving being single, speak up. Whatever the BFF problem, the name of the game is communication.

Appreciate the fact that your friends are happy and jump into your own fabulously single life with both feet.

Have you been single for a while, or are you newly single? Tell us in the comments!

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  • kelcia

    Its been 4yrs since am single… I ve gt a bstfriend who got many guys hanging around her… being single is sometimes wonderful but sometimes it like a nightmare… believed me friends 4yrs of celibacy it just suck ur blood… I really wanna move on.

  • synemyoa

    I looooooooooove being single! Well, there are times I do wonder if there’s something wrong with me… but then again, it’s not like no one has ever liked me before. There were some guys who confessed to liking me, but the problem was I never liked them as more than a friend or even a brother. Now, I’m turning 21 and still have no boyfriend- and yet, happy enough, that I don’t ever get jealous even though a lot of my friends have boyfriends. There are some still who don’t have boyfriends in my circle of friends, maybe that helps… but then again, I don’t mind alone-times, so even if they all get boyfriends, I doubt I’ll be too bothered. Real gurlfriends would find time for their gurlfriends even if they are in a relationship! -and I have confidence in mine~ 😉 Besides, there are times when people need a different perspective- a single’s perspective when it comes to relationship troubles or worries, and I’m always the go-to-friend-for-advice! 🙂

  • KK

    Being Single really dosn’t bother me much but when my friends calls me in pices because she can’t choose which guy she should choose to date because both are insanly amazing and her life is falling because she has to make a chooce and tells me it so much easier not to be wanted it kind of makes me internally flinch with anger on the inside

  • mrstreysongz

    Its really weird to be around my friends who ALL have a bf/gf. One of my bff’s has a gf and she’s always talking about her and from where i am their relationship is great. My other bff just got asked out by a guy who’s liked her for a long time and got her the most amazing valentines gift. Everybody else i hang out with either is in a relationship or at least talking to somebody they’re interested in. The one guy i like who even bothers to notice me is dating another one of my friends(after he dumped yet another one of my friends) and doesnt talk to me anymore. So hearing about pretty much everyone i hang out with has someone but me. When your 17 and have never been in a real relationship with anyone, and your friends write you notes pretending to be a guy and when you get excited and tell the ones who wrote it about ur secret admirer and they laugh in ur face, then u can tell me being single is as awesome as beyonce makes it sound-_-

    • Anne

      I know how you feel. I had a ‘relationship’ in 8 th grade but it lasted 3 days because everyone made fun of me for going out with him. So i ended it… after that i havs had zero luck with guys. My sister who deautiful told me that it woukd get better. Well it hasn’t…. all my friends just tell me to flirt wih guys… I trh to but nothing happens… i hate being single.

  • Jenny

    I’m almost 19 and have never had a boyfriend. I’m in college now and only one of my friends is single so it can be tough sometimes.

  • Sam

    I’m almost 13 and I have never had ANYONE ask me out. I get the feeling that I’m to shy. My mom says that I’m not aloud to date cuzz all boys just want to get in a gURL’s pants. i hope that isn’t true cuzz i have my eye on this really nice guy & want him SO BAD! [not in a sexual way] only like the bf gf cut way.

    • blondiexox

      not all guys want that. some do and some dont and some even say they do to look like hotshots with their friends. Im 14 and only ever had one bf and i really want this guy too but ya know if we dont get up the courage to do somethign about it its never going to happen.

  • marshmelo

    I guess you could call me lucky, cause my best friends don’t have boyfriends, and therefore don’t brag about that stuff… well neither do I, but I’ve had a boyfriend once before. I am probably the most interested in boys, that is, secretly, because I love the idea of a guy making my heart completely melt by doing a bunch of romantic things. But guys my age just don’t think that way. I mean we’re thirteen and really young and have alot of years to think about that, but it’s weird… It seems like my group of best friends kinda repels guys, with an exception of my guy friends, but I don’t care. We have the best times and we are like sisters. Yupp, we’re crazy, but love every moment of it.

  • Crayzay

    Alright, I’m 13 and I’m slightly crazy. I’m high on life right now. I love gorgeous ne views, beautiful colours, and sunrises but I’m also really athletic. I’ve had ONE boyfriend ever and we never saw each other. The biggest thing we did was hold hands. He was nice though. Before that, I talked to this one kid constantly. We walked around at football games together and everyone (including his friends) thought we were dating…we weren’t. We stopped talking. Next year came and I was totally convinced no guy like me. So I gave up and decided to be chill and try to be that winggirl who was chill…it turns out I was wrong about giving up. I’m best friends with the guys and avoid drama and I hear all the time how much so and so likes me. THE MAIN POINT IS THAT MOST GUYS ARE USUALLY WAY TOO INTIMIDATED TO TALK TO YOU SO THEY DON’T DO ANYTHING! Also- Avoiding drama is way more attractive then being the center of attention drama queen 🙂 <3 good luck!

  • Tawnee

    I can ligitly say I know how most of you feel. Im 14 and Iv had a boyfriend every year since the third grade. Iv had two boyfriends this year, but me and my last broke up back in December. Iv been okay being single because Im tired of dating the same guys. I decided to wait till high-school to date new guys. But all my friends have boyfriends. I didn’t mind it at first, but then thy started acting so wierd. Im being legitimately when I say they are basically on third base. All of my friends with the exception of one has given their bf a hand-job! For caps sake they are all younger than me! It bugs me because they used to say I would be the first one to get that far. But Italy them. But when I try to talk about it they say I should just date my BestFriends, give him a hand-job, then dump him just to get it done and over with. But I don’t want to be the girl that goes into high-school with a bad reputation. I wish they would just understand.

    • TheatreChick101

      Tawnee, I wouldn’t worry about it so much. I know that sounds easier said than done. But.. I’m 17 and when I was in middle school I only had one boyfriend then when I went to high school guys started to notice me more and I’ve done plenty of stuff with guys- some i regret, some I don’t. And it’s not that the more major things were bad, I don’t regret them as much. I regret making out with one guy more than i regret doing sexual things with another. It depends. But the point is, there will be PLENTY of chances to do stuff with guys. And I’m not gonna say “wait for the love of your life!” because that may not be realistic. But just don’t do something because you feel pressured. Do it because YOU want to. It’s sooo much more fun and you’ll look back at it and giggle instead of sink in your seat. Sounds like guys already pay you good attention, so you definitely don’t have anything to worry about:)

  • lovelyalisia

    well i say being single can rock but then wen your around your friends or people who has gf or bf it can be depressing that’s why i deal with it and suck it up even tho it hurts so bad
    one of these days you will find someone who appreciates you so dont hold it in let it out in a positive way

  • naiad

    What really pisses the fudge out of me is when on facebook and stuff people make their statuses “I must be the ONLY one broken on valentines day omg poor me cry cry”
    Look, I’m single too but do you see me posting all over the internet about how alone I am?
    It’s such a desperate attempt at getting attention.

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  • Erica

    It bugs me on how my friends rub it in my face that they have boyrfriends and makeout and stuff and im16 and havent been asked out, kissed, or had a boyfriend. Unlike my friends i dont text boys all day and actually make friends with them first. Its like they arent considerate of my feelings or anything

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  • randompanda3950

    wow! im exactly like Solcali! im 11 but already it seams like all my friends are hookin up!theres this guy in my class who flirts with every girl but me! grrr

    • rebekah

      same this guy flirts with EVERYONE but me makes me feel bad all mt firneds hav boyfrineds and r in love it sucks

      • lovelyalisia

        dont be sad someone one day will come trust me i felt that way

  • littlebit1019

    I have been single for about 6 months now, and for a while I loved living the “single” life with my best friend because we both got dumped around the same time because our boyfriends wanted more out of us than we were willing to give. Now she is in another relationship with a guy that I used to date< its tough< but we are making it through. She just spends all of her time with him now. I have no clue what to do on the weekends anymore< i have lost my wingman to go places to meet new people< i need suggestions about what to do….. help please!!

  • Solcali

    Hi everyone. I’m eleven years old but inside I’m like 14 or something. So I take things more seriously. I have friends that other boys like them, but no one likes me! I like to skateboard, play shooter games and also I actually like some girly things. So that makes me well rounded. You’d think that’ll attract someone right? WRONG! My whole life, more than 3 boysnwill like me, now, 0! I just need help.

  • Elizabeth

    I totally agree with everything you’ve said! It’s just a real shame when, as you are voicing your opinions of honestly feeling ignored (NOT jealous), the friend in question turns into someone totally different and decides to bail on you. Oh, and then she goes and spreads rumors about you.

    I haven’t had pleasant experiences with my friends being in relationships, if you can’t tell.

  • Jade-Anne

    I have never had a boyfriend! It feels like i have single for so long and i am so over it. All my friends are gossiping about their first kiss, and i have never even had a guy hold my hand! But I have got to wait till i am head over heals – there is no rush! It is a bit irritating, but i have to stop and realise that being is single is great, not all the time that is for sure. But i can be a friend to every guy without being judged. However, when that right guys comes along, i will be sure to accept!

  • Sanjum

    Actually Being Single roxxx!!!! Its a bit weird cos i’m known to give excellent relationship advice, but i’ve never been in a relationship….. Anyways this is a good article… this has happened to me a lot of times and guess wat, i play guitar , i sing, i paint, read books, write books, design clothes, experiment wid make up, play wid my dog, revamp my room… and that just makes me multi talented, so being single really roxx…..