Think You Are A Self-Love Superstar? Prove It!

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Whether or not you’re having some fun solo time, you know a lot about what goes down when (achem) things go down. Prove it with this awesome self-love quiz on our Gurl Boards!

If you get all seven questions right, you’ll earn the title of Self-Love Superstar on our site, and major props from all of us!

Take the quiz here! Good luck!

What do you want to know about sexy times? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Tori.gurl

    1. You can lose your V-card by masturbating – Fake plus virginity is a state of mind any way no you cant
    2. It’s a medical fact that guys over the age of 13 have to masturbate daily if they’re not having sex-no
    3. Girls can’t orgasm from masturbating alone-yes they can (i have experiance)
    4. Masturbation is the safest sex of all-yes cuz you cant get desisies (well u can just less likely)or pregnet
    5. All vibrators are shaped like penises-no there are other shapes
    6. You can’t get pregnant from masturbating-true cuz there is no sperm in your fingers or what ever you use
    7. After masturbating, some girls feel more relaxed and less stressed-true it is scientifically proven to reduce stress