Should You Get A Tattoo? Here’s The Scoop

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Tattoos can be very cool–from thorny roses up your leg to a Disney Princess on your arm, they can show your personality or symbolize something really important to you.

That said, if you wonder if you should get a tattoo, there are a few facts you should know–besides the design you want, that is!

Here’s the real scoop on getting a tattoo:


* In most states, it’s illegal for girls and guys under 18 to get inked. In other states you can get a tattoo earlier, but only with your parents’ permission.

* If a tattoo artist says they’ll ink you and you’re underage, don’t do it. They’re probably not licensed, and they could end up botching your tattoo (yikes!) or using dirty equipment.

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* Speaking of dirty equipment, make sure your artist removes all needles and tubes from a sterile sealed package before use. If they reuse these, you could get hepatitis B, hepatitis C, tetanus, or even HIV.

* It’s normal to bleed a little while getting tattooed, and the process hurts. I mean, you are having a needle puncture your skin over and over and over again!

* Your tattoo won’t look perfect right away. You have to keep it bandaged for a day, and then it’ll scab over. Don’t pick the scabs, or you could get an infection!

* A tattoo from a reputable shop (the only place you should go!) costs a lot. Even a tiny tattoo can cost $100. Think about it first!

Now that you know the facts, do you think you will get a tattoo, or do you already have ink? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Kaitlyn

    I have a couple tattoos i would like to get. One is kind of a tribal type wih a rose in the middle that i plan to get done in pink(the rose, not the whole thing) as something for my grandmother that i was extremely close to who passed away. Pink roses were her favorite flowers. I dont plan on getting it done very big.
    I want to get a small paw print because im an animal lover and also just for a little reminder of the animals i have and those ive lost.
    And my friend is trying to convince me to get the Infinity symbol as a matching tattoo with him. Idk if i will or not.

  • kasey schaeffer

    i am super excited to get my first tattoo in 10 days. it is at a clean ad sterile place. all employed artists are licensed and have an art degree somewhere. i also have close friends that have gone the and their tattoos turned out great. the parlor. is called Raw Ink, located in rockville maryland.

  • KG

    Word of advice: make sure you get a tattoo where your clothing will hide it. Most employers don’t want their employees with visible ink and if you have a tattoo on your arm, you’ll be stuck wearing long-sleeved shirts in the summer. Just saying. In other news: I have a semi-high pain tolerance, so I have been considering the Corona insignia from Disney’s Tangled, the one Rapunzel draws in the kingdom music sequence. It’s really fun and flashy and purple, which I like. But, that’s my little soap box thing.

  • HiImSydney

    i plan on getting a tattoo when im a little older ..
    i dont know what i want yet .. maybe THE CM PUNK thing
    ” STRAIGHT EDGE ” written across my stomach , lol (:

  • Sylvia Claire

    I have 4 tattoos. The first two I got from a friend of my aunt’s who worked out of her home. She was licensed, clean, and everything was as it should be. The first tattoo I got from her has started to bleed together, the second is perfect. The third tattoo I got from a guy my best friend referred me to, I love this tattoo. This last weekend I got my fourth tattoo, first color piece, from an actual shop. By far the most expensive one I’ve gotten, I have another appointment to set up to fill it in after it’s healed. I gave myself a small heart tattoo on my hip a few years ago. I tried to give myself a star tattoo on my ankle, that ended up scarring, still looks pretty awesome, though. Personally, tattoos are a huge decision to make. I have a high pain tolerance, and I *LOVE* the feeling of getting a tattoo. Other people I know who’ve gotten a tattoo cried like a baby.

  • CaseyGurlEH9494

    Plus we age, physically, mentally, and emotionally. A tattoo you get when you’re 20 can be cute and “so you,” but when you’re 70 you’ll look different and have a different personality.

  • MandiSmack

    My mom and dad both have tattoos,and I love tattoos. I’d love to get the logo of my favorite band(All Time Low) on the inside of my left forearm because I used to harm used there and they really helped me through that time in my life. I’d also love to get the lyrics “Love yourself so no one has too” and “It’s always darkest before the dawn” because they represent a lot in my life. My mom says for my eighteenth birthday I can get a tattoo,so I plan to get the deathly hallows from Harry Potter on my inside left wrist. I do want more than this,but I’ve got plenty of time to make up my mind

  • Stacie

    Have 3 . They all mean something. Pink Ribbon breast cancer because I’m proud of mine. Forget Me Not flowers for Alzheimer’s. And Biker Betty Boop in leather. We ride. Not sure of next one but sure there will be. My whole family has tats daughter has 12 son 4 husband 2.

  • CaRa

    My first tattoo is going to be a portrait of my dog George on my shoulder blade because he means a load to me and I love him. 2nd is gonna be on the inside of my arm that says ‘Pretty on the outside, Beautiful on the inside’ in a very pretty cursive because I feel that is the best quote that I’ve ever thought of. 3rd is gonna be on the inside of my wrist, that says ‘Reach for the stars’ with multiple stars above it. 4th is gonna be a cherry bomb in a neon pink with cherry red shading and a small black heart right diagonaly above it because Joan Jett and the Runaways gave me loads of inspiration in my music and a heart with a halo and wings for Taylor Swift (like the one on the back of her selftitled album booklet) because I love her, her music and we have the same story basiclly when it comes to music. 5th is ‘You are my sunshine’ on my foot for my mom cuz she sang that song to me when I was a baby and frequently says that to me 13 years later. (: Now, you have a lil’ piece of what I wanna do!

  • Christian

    I LOVE tattoos. I plan on being covered in them, sleeves. <3

  • Frances

    I want to get three small tattoos:
    An equal sign on my wrist to remind me not to judge
    One red ring connected to four black rings on the the back of shoulder for my siblings (the red is for my sister who passed away)
    and an infinity sign on my rib cage to symbolize the love my parents have always had for each other and us kids
    I would never get a tattoo that didn’t mean something serious to me

  • Chelsea

    I think it’s pointless to get a tattoo if it doesn’t have a significant meaning to you. I want to get a few, and my first one is going to be for my best friend that died two years ago. I also want to get one that’s a quote, like a daily pick-me-up. And since I’m Christian, I want to get one that will be a conversation starter for my faith.

    • Bee

      Chelsea, I’m sorry to hear about your friend. My bestfriend also died a little over a year ago so I want to get something for him too.

    • Alex

      My brother died two years ago 😛

  • Bmblb

    I am so excited to get my first tattoo. My sister and I are getting tattoos that sort of match. I’m gonna get a crescent moon with a small sun inside it, and some stars around it, and my sister is gonna get a sun with a small moon in it, and stars around it as well. The stars symbolize my oldest sister, the sun my middle sister, and the moon the baby of the family, me. I can’t wait to get it, but I have no idea when it’ll actually happen, and we haven’t chosen a spot for it.

  • niceaj

    I know i’m going to get a tattoo. It’s going to be about black veil brides… actually it’s going to be more then one tattoo.

  • hannahrox1234

    I am planning on getting a tattoo.

  • Leilabeth

    i really really want a couple but i’ve heard there’s been people who have had severe allergic reactions to the ink… and the tattoo had to be surgically removed..

    • Mazsi

      People can have reactions to them, but its very rare. Think of all the tattoos you see out there, that didn’t need to be removed. I have 8 and have had no problems. Just make sure the equipment is clean and you should be fine. Don’t let rare occurrences hold you back from showing off your beautiful art!

  • falling-rose

    @missfiction: im also christian , my mom too and my dad too and they have tattoos soo…i think its ok i guess…..
    i reaaallyyy want one ! their soo cool ! since im like 9 or 10 i wanted one ! and now im almost 13.
    i used to (and still do) draw and my arms like i had tattoos
    THEIR SO COOL !!!!!!

  • Missfiction

    My sis has a tattoo of a tree around her rib cage and back. its not finished yet and shes adding flowers for the people she loves and hearts for her ex boyfriends. im a christian and when im 20like her i wanna get a tattoo like that! But i really want 1 but im christian and as a christian i shoudnt get 1. Im just so unhappy bout that! I also want to live up to my name means “pure” so ? but i really want one! or two or three or four! all over its just so cool. 🙁

    • Bobbie

      Funny thing about the Bible saying you shouldn’t get a tattoo, that’s in the older part of the bible which Christians kinda pick and choose from. the Bible also says you shouldn’t eat pigs, how many Christians do you know that follow that? I’m justifying mine by getting a tattoo of something God gave me, the ability to write. some of my christian friends won’t like it and some of my christian friends will be taking me to get that tattoo, to each is their own.

    • Sylvia Claire

      The bible also says that you shouldn’t cut your hair, you shouldn’t handle anything involving pigs, you can own slaves so long as they are bought from a neighboring country, that you shouldn’t be in contact with a woman while she is on her period, you can’t wear a garment that is made of two or more types of thread (cotton/polyester thread), the list goes on. Plus, many of these things, including not being allowed to get a tattoo, is from the old testament, which most Christians don’t follow anymore. Honestly, if you want a tattoo, you should go for it. Find a place and an artist that is clean and that you trust. It is your body. You should be able to do what ever you want with your body without shame from anyone else. Be comfortable in your own skin, love your body. Be it with or without tattoos. Getting a tattoo is a very personal decision to make that no one should try to persuade you in other direction for their own benefit or morals. If you want a tattoo, I say go for it! 😀