Debate Club: How Do You Feel About Relationship Statuses On Facebook?

Facebook relationship status

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Have you ever heard someone say that a relationship isn’t actually official until it’s been announced to the world (or, okay, just your friends and family) on Facebook? As in, Facebook Official? Chances are, you have. That’s because when it comes to Facebook, relationship statuses seem to be pretty important to a lot of people. And people seem to either be totally against it, or totally into it.

Turns out, the editors at Gurl all have different opinions (of course we do). Read what we think, and then let us know: how much importance do you put on a Facebook relationship status?


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Melanie Says: It’s Really Important
It’s nothing short of shady when people don’t list their significant others on Facebook and even shadier when there’s no photo evidence of their boo on their profile at all. When I meet a guy, stalk him on FB (not even embarrassed by it, we all do it), don’t see a relationship status or recurring pictures of a girl in his photos, I think he’s fair game. If it turns out that he’s dating someone, I assume that he kept his relationship on the virtual down low on purpose, which is basically lying about it. Creepster! I think of Facebook relationship status-ing like holding my hand in public. You like me, so let the world know that we’re an item! If you can’t shout it from the digital rooftops, then maybe we shouldn’t be together.


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Julie Says: You Have To Talk About It
I think it can be awesome for people to put their relationship status on Facebook, but it’s really something you have to talk about with your partner. If you’ve only been dating for a few weeks, your honey might not be quite ready to make an online commitment to you; and you don’t want to put it up only to get into a fight and then have to take it down hours later. That’s the opposite of awesome! So if you want that little heart next to your names, feel him out first and make sure you’re both on the same page.


Seriously doubt Jay-Z & Beyonce would have put it on FB | Source: Crushable

Jessica Says: It Shouldn’t Matter
I once heard someone say that the less people know about your relationship, the longer it will last. Maybe not everyone agrees, but in my experience, that’s totally true. And that’s exactly why I don’t care if my relationship status says I have a boyfriend. In fact, I DO have a BF, and I took my relationship status off of my profile. Honestly, I think putting it on Facebook only causes more problems – and added pressure. Having the talk of whether to make it Facebook official can be tricky, and when you break up? Forget about it. Suddenly, you have everybody in your business at the exact time you don’t want them there. I don’t care if it isn’t “officially” announced to everyone that me and my BF are together – we know, our friends and family know, we’re happy, and that’s all that matters to me.


Who do you agree with? Do you think a relationship isn’t official until it’s on FB? Or could you care less? Tell us in the comments!


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  • xoRachel

    I think by hiding their relationship, like, no pictures of each other, no comments, statuses to each other, timeline posts etc etc.. is pretty shady.
    On the other hand, I personally would wait a long time, if at all, to post that I was in a relationship. I would prefer to keep my love life private, and especially if we just started going out. I’ve had potential relationships ruined by my friends saying “….Oh, you like ~him~?” and by keeping relationships personal and on the downlow, you can avoid that.
    Plus, you can avoid the awkwardness of people going “OH NO!” “THAT SUCKS!!” “WHAT HAPPENED?!” when you have to post on Facebook that you’re once again single. And that’s nice too. ♥

  • Cathy D

    I honestly think that putting it on Facebook is bad for the relationship. It causes more drama, My aunt and uncle just recently got married and they aren’t even friends on Facebook and they’ve been together for 10 years. They believe that putting online brings people in their business. Private lives should be left private.

  • Ruth

    It shouldn’t matter so much. True, there is some merit to the whole ‘if someone looks single based on their profile, then they’re fair game’ mentality, but if that’s the only reason a girl wants her SO to change their relationship status, then it just shows that she doesn’t trust her SO.

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  • Emma

    I think it depends like if you are keeping the relationship a secret or not. If you have a whole bunch of friends on facebook that you don’t want to know yet then I think you should put it as if you don’t want anyone to know… But it’s different with family. I’ve never had a boyfriend but I think if you are keeping a secret with you parents then you should keep it private unless you plan on telling them. I hope that makes sense!! 🙂

  • KidNamedCuDi

    It’s really funny that I’m seeing this because I JUST (literally within an hour or two) changed my relationship status on facebook. I’m not sure why I did it, I mean we hadn’t explicitly talked about the status of our “fb relationship” but it is very apparent that we are a couple and he calls me his girlfriend, etc. I kind of hate that I felt so compelled to change it, but realistically I know that it’s partially so I can gloat. I’ve been single for like three years, it’s high time I let everyone know I’m off the market. 😉

    And should something change, I’ll just remove the post from my timeline. :

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  • linda

    i say you should at least post that your taken but you dont have to tell who it is to everyone. that way people stay out of your stuff.however still talk to your cutie and inform the closest people in your life

    • Emma

      I agree with you!! That’s kinda where I was getting at in my comment!

  • Kiki

    I think it’s a little weird to be putting a relationship status on Facbook because
    a) people who you’re not really friends with, and are just “Facebook” friends can see it, and I’d want to keep my relationship under my control, thank you very much.
    b) when, I’m assuming, the relationship ends, and you change your status to “single,” people are going to be a lot more invested into that piece of info than you’d probably want. I mean, honestly, do you want people you barely know/remember meeting constantly talking about you and your ex?

  • justme

    Why should it matter if your “facebook official”? yes society has changed but look at society when there wasn’t facebook.. people were still happily together without posting it online for the world to see