7 Life Lessons From Your Favorite Disney Villains

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They're wicked but wise, too! | Source: Fanpop

They’re malicious, they’re monstrous, and they make the absolutely worst step-parents ever… but have you guys ever noticed that Disney villains also have the hookup on excellent life advice?

No, really! In fact, if you can just ignore the murderous scheme-hatching and magical double-crossing, the baddies from your fave childhood films can be seriously informative when it comes to navigating life beyond the playground.

Don’t believe us? Check out these seven important life lessons we’ve learned from Disney villains over the years:

Maleficent on Love: “A hundred years to a steadfast heart are but a day.”
Sleeping Beauty’s Maleficent knows a thing or two about the nature of lasting love! While taunting the captive Prince Philip, the Queen of the Evil Fairies let slip with this totally legit truth about staying loyal to the ones you love, no matter how much times goes by.
Cruella de Vil on gossip: “Hang the papers! It’ll be forgotten tomorrow.”
She might not be a friend to the animals, but Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians has the right perspective when it comes to dealing with bad press: wait for the next big story to break, and nobody will ever remember that lawsuit with PETA.
Cinderella’s Stepmom on keeping cool: “Girls, girls! Above all, self-control.”
Cinderella’s Evil Stepmother doesn’t actually expect her Evil She-Beast Spawn to take her advice, but it’s still good stuff. Never underestimate the power of keeping your shizz together.
Hades on going easy on yourself: “Everybody’s got a weakness.”
Hercules gave us a god of the Underworld with some surprisingly self-esteem boosting advice! Because when you’re feeling down about your abilities, it’s important to remember Uncle Hades’ gentle reminder that hey, nobody’s perfect.
Ursula on confidence: “Never underestimate the importance of… BODY LANGUAGE.”
Ursula, fabulous villainess from The Little Mermaid, knows the secret to sex appeal. And in our image-oriented world, learning to work your physical assets is always a good thing – even if you haven’t had your voice stolen by the mother of all evil undersea divas.
The Queen of Hearts on being awesome: “Curtsy while you’re thinking. It saves time.”
The evil Queen of Hearts totally understood that a) girls should use their brains; b) that we’re busy, so multi-tasking is a must; and c) that manners always count. We love this so much we could almost forgive that whole “Off with her head!” thing… almost.
Captain Hook on insecurity: “A jealous female can be tricked into anything.”
Who would have thought Peter Pan’s pirate rival would know so much about the female psyche? But this one is majorly true. Get all wrapped up in a jealous drama and your own life can be hijacked faster than a flight to Neverland. Keep it cool, girl!
What life lessons have you learned from Disney villains, and who’s your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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  • lauren

    I love these!! I think I’m going to re watch all my fav Disney movies now;)

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  • katrina721

    lol these are pretty good…never thought of it that way.

    • Nabit

      I played with my hubnsad, but I only really needed him to help me remember the movie title from a string of clues beyond the pictures, we got 49 and I googled 1 because we had NO idea about. Of course, the one that was killing me (I was sure I knew it) turns out I was spelling it wrong.On to the sequel.Oh, and I had to open it in Safari, because I couldn’t play in Firefox.

  • Sandra

    Here’s another one from Mother Gothel (Tangled): “All good things for those who wait”