Bitter Twitter: Demi Lovato’s Rehab “Retreat”

demi lovato twitter

“Away on a mind and body cleansing retreat!! This is exciting. Won’t be tweeting much this week but I love you my sweet lovatics!”Demi Lovato via Twitter.

Did Demi’s autocorrect somehow change “rehab” to “retreat” because I think we all know that’s where Miz Lovato is at the moment. I’ve been reading for weeks now that our dear Demi is back in rehab after suffering a relapse and this Tweet all but confirms it.

I’m so happy that she’s getting help for her issues, which include drugs, cutting and an eating disorder, but Dem, don’t you know that we’ll love you no matter what sort of, ahem, retreat your’e on? Why not just come right ou and admit that you’re still struggling?

Girls (and Lovatics) do you really believe that Demi is away weaving friendship bracelets or whatever at this supposed retreat? And if you don’t, would you like her any less for being upfront about her issues? I sure wouldn’t.

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  • Natalie

    It makes perfect sense that she’s on a retreat. Maybe the retreat is part of rehab? Even if it’s not, retreats can be about serious stuff, not just relaxing and making friendship bracelets or whatever.

  • Missfiction

    but is a really good place to learn about stuff and there are not just young girls on here. there are 20 yr olds and even 30

  • Kristy

    I agree!! Not just about celebrities, but about issues that young girls should NOT be discussing. Like having sex while on your period. That article made me sick.

    • Lilli

      To Kristy:

      This site is about every gUrl, nor just the younger ones, or the older ones. If you go on the message boards, you will see there is a section for “Younger gUrls”, so that they can talk about things like starting thier periods and worries like that. And if you think you’re going to be so disgusted with an article, why read it? It’s not like they’re misleading you- they tell you exactly what it’s about. And perhaps younger gUrls should know about things like sex! At least it would stop them making the same mistakes some gUrls have made. Perhaps some parts are not suitable for those who are younger, but if someone is curious about something, don’t you think that they should be allowed to find out the answer? That’s what gUrls is about for me.

  • Lilly

    What has happened to! I used to love this website. I would visit everyday. BUt now it has turned into another celebrity crazed piece of Sh!t website. This website is no longer a good resource for girls. I am ashamed.

    • Missfiction

      Your being mean, demi isnt a celeb like, Anglina jolie or those other people shes a role model and is NOT a piece of sh!t. its not celebrity crazed. taught me things that my parents wouldnt tell me. ever. so you should take that back.