Reader Hookup Confession: A Random Guy Caught Me Naked In The Park!

Caught Having Sex

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If there’s one thing girls can always bond about, it’s an embarrassing hookup story. Trust us: we all have them. So don’t be shy! Read this OMG reader hook-up confession, and then send your own to

My boyfriend and I were walking around a park when he laid down a blanket in a secluded area. I thought we were just going to kiss, but things got pretty hot and heavy and we ended up having sex outside!

That’s not even that bad part. A few minutes in, as we’re right in the middle of EVERYthing, a construction worker walked around the corner and saw us. What did I do? I jumped up and ran butt-naked! I left my guy there just as naked as me, and ran around a tree and screamed at him to give me my clothes. The construction worker obviously saw everything. NEVER. AGAIN.

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  1. avatarAlexis says:

    I feel ya! My boyfriend and I were in the middle of everything when we were in the wooded trail behind my sister’s elementary school when two ladies come walking through. I couldn’t get my pants on in time so I just hid behind the bench we were hooking up on. Luckily they didn’t say anything! Lol

  2. avatarheather says:

    That is why you do it in a public place. The risk of being seen or caught is exciting. One person saw…no big deal! I am sure he has seen a naked female before. Say sorry and kindly ask for privacy. Then get back to enjoying the time in a new place with your bf. Be comfortable with your body and sexuality. If you never do it again in a similar place, would be sad. As you get older and more open you may actually be turned on by being seen or watched. It happened to me.

  3. avatarPippy says:

    OMG same thing happend to me except i was at a easter egg hunt…LOL

  4. avatarsinead says:

    OMG if that happened to me i would hide in my room for about a year

  5. avatarCora says:

    LOL seems like that would be romantic at first…

  6. avatarfruitypebbles says:

    i feel bad for u gurl. but it reminds me of the time me and my bff were walking in the hall at and heard some maoning so we looked inside and saw one o my friends in the middle of EVERYthing and she was so embaressed it took weeks for her to even look me directly in the eye.

    • avatarCarl says:

      Fruitypebbles, you and your bff should have reassured your friend that it was no big deal and for her to think nothing of it!

  7. avatardexiii says:

    r u serois it was a public park!!!!!! you guys could have just gone to a private place like a room! but that was tottaly funny lol

  8. avatarKaylaLovesTom. says:

    Oh My God, I can totally relate to you. My boyfriend and I were getting a little … hot and heavy, let’s say … at a party in this bedroom, yeah? And then the door opens and my best friend walks in! It was so freaking embarrassing. I feel so sorry for you, though, haha, but now it’s kinda funny. :3

  9. avatarTylie Smilie says:

    *doubles over in laughter* Oh God!! That sucks really bad!! But I totally get, stuff just…happens, then you get caught~___~

  10. avatarElizabethIrene says:

    Well, that was a stupid thing to do.

    Did you honestly expect to be the ONLY ones at a PUBLIC PARK?

    You must have not been THAT embarrassed knowing you already took your cothes off until you were a** naked outside.


    you got ballz gurl

  11. avatarZoey says:

    LOL Come on, one day thats gonna be funny as hell when u think back on it =)

  12. avatarDominique says:

    OMG! wow that would be so scary and awkward

  13. avatarBritt says:

    You weren’t in a quiet enough place lol.

  14. avatarMissfiction says:


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