Reader Hookup Confession: A Random Guy Caught Me Naked In The Park!

Caught Having Sex

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If there’s one thing girls can always bond about, it’s an embarrassing hookup story. Trust us: we all have them. So don’t be shy! Read this OMG reader hook-up confession, and then send your own to

My boyfriend and I were walking around a park when he laid down a blanket in a secluded area. I thought we were just going to kiss, but things got pretty hot and heavy and we ended up having sex outside!

That’s not even that bad part. A few minutes in, as we’re right in the middle of EVERYthing, a construction worker walked around the corner and saw us. What did I do? I jumped up and ran butt-naked! I left my guy there just as naked as me, and ran around a tree and screamed at him to give me my clothes. The construction worker obviously saw everything. NEVER. AGAIN.

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  • Sandra

    A typical motel, open corridor hallways with room doors and ice machine at the end of each hallway. Left the pool with all my stuff and went up to my room for a quick shower. Took off my bikini and about to step into the shower, when I noticed my wallet was missing. Sure I had it when I went up to the room, I peeked out the front door and spotted it laying on the hallway. It was just a few feet away so I sneaked out to pick it up. The worst thing a could have done, because the door slammed shout and got locked out in a public hallways completely naked. A hallway with absolutely no where to hide and risking total humiliation. Second of shire desperation and caught by two couples walking up the hall. “Honey what are you doing naked out here” she asked while their boyfriends had a grand time checking me out. Took me into their room to get me out of the hall and called reception. An all this while their boyfriends had a feast looking at my bare tits, pussy and ass and then finally decided to hand me a towel. Never felt so naked and disgraced in my whole life.

  • Alexis

    I feel ya! My boyfriend and I were in the middle of everything when we were in the wooded trail behind my sister’s elementary school when two ladies come walking through. I couldn’t get my pants on in time so I just hid behind the bench we were hooking up on. Luckily they didn’t say anything! Lol

  • heather

    That is why you do it in a public place. The risk of being seen or caught is exciting. One person saw…no big deal! I am sure he has seen a naked female before. Say sorry and kindly ask for privacy. Then get back to enjoying the time in a new place with your bf. Be comfortable with your body and sexuality. If you never do it again in a similar place, would be sad. As you get older and more open you may actually be turned on by being seen or watched. It happened to me.

    • Gina

      I agree with Heather. Just good plain common sense.

  • Pippy

    OMG same thing happend to me except i was at a easter egg hunt…LOL

  • sinead

    OMG if that happened to me i would hide in my room for about a year

  • Cora

    LOL seems like that would be romantic at first…

  • fruitypebbles

    i feel bad for u gurl. but it reminds me of the time me and my bff were walking in the hall at and heard some maoning so we looked inside and saw one o my friends in the middle of EVERYthing and she was so embaressed it took weeks for her to even look me directly in the eye.

    • Carl

      Fruitypebbles, you and your bff should have reassured your friend that it was no big deal and for her to think nothing of it!

  • dexiii

    r u serois it was a public park!!!!!! you guys could have just gone to a private place like a room! but that was tottaly funny lol

  • KaylaLovesTom.

    Oh My God, I can totally relate to you. My boyfriend and I were getting a little … hot and heavy, let’s say … at a party in this bedroom, yeah? And then the door opens and my best friend walks in! It was so freaking embarrassing. I feel so sorry for you, though, haha, but now it’s kinda funny. :3

  • Tylie Smilie

    *doubles over in laughter* Oh God!! That sucks really bad!! But I totally get, stuff just…happens, then you get caught~___~

  • Kiley


  • Zoey

    LOL Come on, one day thats gonna be funny as hell when u think back on it =)

  • Dominique

    OMG! wow that would be so scary and awkward

  • Britt

    You weren’t in a quiet enough place lol.

  • Missfiction