Hate Valentine’s Day? Stop Being A Hater!

But romantic love isn’t the only kind there is, and to focus solely on that is where a lot of us mess up. Do you love your dad? Your bestie? Your sister? Chances are they’d be just as happy to hear it as that cute guy or girl in your trig class. Why don’t you celebrate with them? Watch a movie, eat chocolate, dress up.

If you’re truly opposed to the commercialism of the holiday and you don’t want to celebrate at all, that’s cool too. Just be sure to look at what your motives are. If you hate it so much because you’re lonely (you’re not alone!), and you vocalize as such, you can come across as bitter. That’s not an attractive Facebook status to the cutie who was thinking of surprising you with flowers.

Being single can suck sometimes, and I’m not here to tell you that someday your prince will come. He might, he might not. But by hating on love in general, you’re shutting it out.

Plus? Without Valentine’s Day, there wouldn’t be all that awesome super sale chocolate on February 15. Gotta love it. MOMPH!

What do you think about Valentine’s Day? Tell me in the comments!

Need A Reason To Smile This V-Day? Look No Further!

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  • Amelia

    my boyfriend broke up with me on v-day,so i should be allowed to dislike it…

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  • Emily

    Honesty, it’s ALL COMMERCIALIZED——————————- IT’S HOW U FEEL AND WHAT U ABOUT IT…… damn

  • Kevin

    I hate “The day that shall not be named”. I hate it not only because it singles out single people, not only because of the massive commercialism and pressure, but because it’s the one day a year that reminds me of my horrific past.
    The bullying in school. Constantly being the child who’s so generous but gets no valentines. Being the child who’s only valentines are the rudest the little child could find. I spent my entire childhood loathing Valentine’s day because I always felt worthless and unwelcome in the world… and that’s from kindergarten up… not just high school cruelty.
    Each Valentine’s day is a constant flood of memories I’ve tried repressing. Each Valentine’s brings up memories that I’ve been trying to flush out so I can move on and become a better person, and yet, I am constantly reminded once a year, unable to forget and move on, keeping me stuck in one place.
    Valentine’s day is a curse to helping me help me. Valentine’s day is a curse to many, but a curse to my existence. And every Valentine’s day, I continue to lose friends, because they don’t understand the pain associated with it. Because mankind is too shallow to just understand that I don’t care if they celebrate it, but that out of respect and love for me, keeping me out of it, not posting it on Facebook, not giving me any reminder, is the best Valentine I could ever get.
    Instead, Valentine’s day is just continual Hurt.

  • Brooke

    I don’t hate V-day, I’ll just spend it by thinking about my friend who I hope I’ll see again someday ^-^ I’ll listen to some cute songs, too 😀

  • Bobbie

    I used to hate it, until today actually, this guy starts chatting with me randomly at school and next thing I know he’s saying “You’re really pretty, can I buy you lunch?” yeah something’s telling Cupid’s aiming his arrows at a different angle now and I like it!

  • Anna

    Kay I get that you might not want to hear people complaining all the time but c’mon, its annoying as hell to have all your friends sitting there gushing over what their boy friends gave them and you’re sitting there feeling lonely. you might not necessarily hate valentines day, but you can certainly feel unhappy on that day.
    so what, we arent allowed to feel lonely on the one day promoting love and such when you’re single? pffft.