Pick One! Valentine’s Day–Heart It or Hate It

valentine's day poll

Sweet or too sugary for you? | Source: College Fashion


What are your plans this Valentine’s Day? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Banette Geary

    Valentines day always pisses me off. If you’re going to love a person, you should do it every day. Don’t wait for one day to do it. And all the kissing that happens around school makes me want to vomit. Gushy stuff just bugs me :/

  • Jane

    The only reason I put that I hate Valentine’s day is because last year I was so hopeful about it and it went so wrong for me and for my friend. SHe told her crush that she liked him and he completely ignored her and spent the day flirting with other girs right in front of her. I was super hopeful about my crush because we were going to take the bus together, but he wasn’t there in the morning and in the evening, he completely ignored me and sat next to my friend, and they started whispering and writing stuff in their diaries and she was rewinding his scarf round his head. It broke my heart, and I think it’s given me a permanent bitterness towards Valentine’s day.

  • anonomyous

    this past valentines day was cool because i got to see my crush.i only get to see him like once a month or every other month because hes my dads friends son.were both pretty shy but he told me happy valentines day.with his head down lol. i have liked him for four years and still have not told him because im so nervous around him.sigh

    • galilea mora

      U should tell him next time you see him

    • Soup_Is_Rad

      That’s so like me! I would see my mom’s friends’ son every Fourth of July.. He’s so cute! But he’s also really quiet, and ermm.. I’ve never really talked to him before…

  • Dinky

    It really depends on your status on this lovable(or not so lovable) day.

    If you are in a relationship, I think Valentines day could be amazing for you.
    But if you are single, it’s just an ordinary day,really.
    Either way, it could go good or bad. You could get asked out, or your sweet could dump you.
    It really depends, and I don’t think we can make DEFINITE judgments when we don’t know which way the swooping day could turn.
    I like it, but would prefer it if Iwas in a relationship.

  • luvusum55

    whats the whole point of valentines day if you give love for your bf everyday?

  • randompanda3950

    valentines day sucks for me because its the one day that has to remind me that i have never had a bf and things dont look promising. All my friends are sitting next to their boyfriends at lunch and sitting alone together and making out behind the p.e. shed and im pointlessly wandering aroung feelin sad. the only thing that makes it any better is the candy and the teddy bears, but wait! theres no one to give me candy or a teddy bear!!!!! valentines is living hell for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JoJoPooh

    I just got a teddy bear nd chocolate rose from my boyfriend. Nothing real special. Sooo valentine’s day is just a holiday for the big businessess so they can sell sell sell sell sell all their candy and teddy bears.

  • Diane

    I’m not allowed to date so Valentines Day always sucks. It’s just a big reminder that “HEY YOU DON”T HAVE A BF!” written everywhere rubbing it in my face. I wish people wouldn’t show off their teddy bears, flowers, and date plans. And oh, the school had a valentine’s day dance, and I’m not allowed to go to a dance until I’m 18! Grrr

  • Julia

    St. Valentine’s Day is alright but Valentine’s Day is crap. It’s just a holiday for big corporations to sell, sell, sell. It’s sexist too.

  • Tylie Smilie

    Honestly this day is highly influenced by the social media and is full of propaganda. In my head shouldn’t you show affection for your significant other EVERY day and not just this ONE day because everyone is doing it? Also and if you don’t get into the day, like myself, then you’re looked at like a douche for not buying candy and bears. That’s not really fair…because I’m always broke!!:D