From The Boards: How Young Is Too Young To Lose Your Virginity?

Age To Lose Your Virginity

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It should come as no surprise to anybody that everyone loses their v-card at different times. Despite any kind of pressure you might feel to give it up, there is no correct age to have sex for the first time. But that hasn’t stopped a lot of people from deciding when they think it should be done.

We want to know what you think – in your opinion, how old should a girl be before she has sex? What do you consider too young? Check out the message boards topic about this, and read what these girls had to say. Then let us know: how young is too young to lose it?

carolinedenny13 asked:
Okay girls, how young do you think is to young to lose your v-card? How young were you when you lost yours and what was the story behind it?

thekidd99 said:
Any age before 21 is too young… what’s wrong with you young girls having sex?? Wait until the time is right. I grew up hearing from friends, ‘omg I was 15 when I lost it and I regret it’. Stop being stupid, if a guy cant wait then **bleep** him, its not all about sex. I’m 23 and I still haven’t lost it.

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leylaxx said:
You’re ready to have sex when you can handle the fact you may get an STD from it, an unexpected pregnancy, potential abortion, when you can afford the birth control and condoms and STD tests, when you are responsible enough and old enough to deal with the repercussions without parental consent.I lost my virginity almost 3 years ago when I was 17. I don’t regret it on account of I am still with the dude, but I wish we’d waited to make it more special.

Well, we can’t really say it any better than leylaxx did. Sex is a big deal, and you shouldn’t do it if you aren’t aware of the possible consequences. That being said, we don’t believe there is a ‘right’ age to lose your virginity. Every girl is different, and what it really comes down to is how comfortable you feel.

If you think you’re ready and you’re being safe, then go for it. Girls shouldn’t be putting other girls down for choosing to have sex at a younger age. Although we would never encourage young girls to go out there and get naked with any random dude, we do believe that it’s your decision, and your decision only. As we said before – make sure you’re totally comfortable and being very safe (condoms, ladies!).

Who do you agree with? How young is too young? When did you lose your virginity? Tell us in the comments.


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  • Amber

    On some of the comments I’ve been seeing, “if you’re 14 you’re not in love!!!”
    But, that’s not exactly the case. Today, more than 83℅ of adults fall out of love, after being in love for many years when they were younger and come to get a divorce. This isn’t exactly what the topic was about but, the main reason why young girls are losing their virginity is because they may really be in love. I think deciding to finally give up your virginity is a sign that you are really in love.

  • shantal97

    I was 14 I really regret it now but it was stupid and I still feel guilty and bad no one knows I lost it and being 16 now I wished id have waited. it was me just trying to forget things I became a bad teenager. and I regret it.

  • charstooyung

    Any age below 18 or 16 minimum is way too Yung and d pressure given by d media and other kids is just unbelievable. Someone lost there v card I herd today and she’s d youngest 12. Den her friends starts posting on imstagram swearing to stop giving her grief. This girl shud b ashamed cuz I am for her. And she starts chatting bout his Dick being huge and it felt great Wen d actual reality of it all it probably felt wrong and dirty and dint really last and d worst but is how possibly could he have been protected it was a last minute thing IM totes ashamed at d boy involved to and d parents for failing to recognise but IM not gonna go into wat d parents did!

  • cutejess

    you are ready for sex when you start your periods. Being mentally mature isnt a prerequisite for sex.
    We are made to believe that we should be of a certain age to start having sex. If thats the case why do we start our periods at 12 or 13?
    What we need to ensure when we start having sex is to make sure we take precautions against STD and pregnancy.
    These days there is so much emphasis on career, schooling, financial security, education etc etc. Sex may lead to pregnancy and hence may affect all those aspects of education, schooling, career etc.
    There is no benefit biologically to postpone sex. I am not saying that everyone should have sex at 12 or 13. All I am saying is that there is no special age to start sex. When you start your periods biology has determined that you are ready for sex and reproduction.

  • April

    I believe you’re ready for sex when you are ready for any consequences that may arise. I lost my virginity with my current boyfriend when I was 18, and had finished high school. It’s important that you are ready, and not pressured by your partner or other friends. Personally, my first time was a great experience and I have not regretted it since. It’s important to have a close bond with your partner and that you are 100% comfortable with them and yourself.

  • J

    I lost my virginity this year and I’m 14 and my bf is 16. Is that bad?

  • sxylilthng

    There is no right time or wrong time. Some start early, others will wait for a while. Parents will try and want us not to have sex early for fear of pregnancy and what others would think. Also pregnancy could affect career and schooling, which to them, is most important. Then, there will be the MORAL police who put a moral tag to being a virgin and being pure for when you get married. What makes them think that just because I stay “pure” I am going to find a guy who is “pure” too. Then there are religious reasons that parents will try and use to prevent us from having sex early. Then come society and the prevailing laws. Why is everyone hell bent on suppressing sexual desires??? isnt sex NORMAL??
    Doesnt anyone realise that sex and the need for closeness and emotional comfort and fulfilment is a normal need that is a function of our body. Do you think those desires respect some friggin law that man has made. Doesnt anyone realise that we girls are maturing faster and hence those needs are appearing faster too?
    All these arguments that society, religion and parents use are just not right and the law is extremely outdated.
    Girls as young as 11 or 12 are losing their virginity. You just have to look at the discussions and posts on the boards. We have to realise that sex will happen and we have to accept it as being a normal biological need that laws or religion or parents or the moral police will never be able to control. As to when it happens will be different for all. But it doesnt not make one more virtuous, just because youve never had sex.
    I lost my virginity as a preteen. Do I have regrets? I dont think so. The guy is my friends brother.. really cute and he taught me everything. I dont think I was his first. I think he has many girl friends (being in Uni!) but I was chuffed that he chose me.. made some of my friends a bit envious..they thought I was too naive for him…LOL.. maybe it was my innocent charm that lured him.

  • Andrea

    I think whenever you feel ready and comfortable with it. You really have to be with someone that you can trust wholly and completely because it’s something that you don’t want to just ‘give away’. I think that as long as you feel confident with it then it should be fine. I was a little scared when I lost it but the boy I was with was really nice and took his time with me and I really appreciated that. It really matters who you have it with. And you have to be sure. You’ll know when it feels right. I don’t regret anything and I was fairly young when it happened to me.

  • LaiLai

    Ladies, let’s put it this way, if you are ready for sexual intercourse and truly understand the possible outcomes from it, then really it’s your choice an no one else’s, and it’s important not to let other people’s view on virginity get you down or make you feel guilty or unhappy, spoken from an educated, 17 year old virgin in a happy relationship. 🙂

  • oneille

    im waiting until im married , but then again i dont believe in marriage so ill just wait until the time is right .like whn i have a good job and i have found the right one and when im like outta college or high school..point is sex isnt everything …
    and im only 16

  • LocalOreo

    Personally, I decided to wait until I get married. It’s your decision, your life, but don’t come crying to me if you’re only 14 and you are pregnant from your first time or you found out your boyfriend had an STD or something.

  • Alexis

    Ok to be real i don’t think there’s any right age to exactly lose your V card. For example the B I B L E says that we should to wait to be married and give ourselves unto our husband, but realising today’s society of girls and young women many of us aren’t waiting for that day for the ones that are I salute you. I’m 15 years old and have come close twice to giving my virginity to my current 17 year old boyfriend it’s great that he doesn’t pressure me he truly loves and respects my feelings on the subject. any sex normal, anal, or oral can be risky to your body so for me I plan to give my V card when I think I can handle the cousequnces of sex and when I’m out my parents house.