Your Valentine’s Day Survival Guide

valentine's day survival guide

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Hey gorgeous! In case you haven’t noticed, Valentine’s Day is upon us. Red cut-out hearts are everywhere, there’s a soundtrack of love songs playing and Cupid is blasting his jam. Even Mr. T-Rex is in on the action.

Chances are, you’re either a hopeful romantic in love with all things V-Day or you curse Saint Valentine and his stupid, bloody holiday. Or maybe you just don’t care about the whole sugary thing.

To our girls in the last two camps, I’ve got two words for you: Calm. Down. It’s just a silly holiday, not World War III! And to Ms. Overly Romantic, I also have two words: Calm. Down. This is just one day out of the whole wonder-filled year, okay?

Here’s how to manage February the 14th no matter which of these teams you’re on. Find your zone and rock your V-Day with this Valentine’s Day survival guide!

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V-Day Zone: You’re In A New Relationship

Look at you blushing with that new love glow. Valentine’s Day is everything when you’re in love; or is it? Take a breath and step away from the teddy bears. Valentines are cool but it’s not a good idea to put so much pressure on your relationship so soon.

You may have the perfect V-Day in your head but however it unfolds, even if it’s not what you imagined, it’s all good. The most important thing is enjoying your time together.

V-Day Zone: You’re Newly Single

You’re single and not yet ready to mingle. And now, it’s Valentine’s Time. Why not flip V-Day on it’s head this year? Remember when we made hearts for our friends in first grade? Get construction paper (in any color but red) and make cool Valentines for your peeps.

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V-Day Zone: You’re In A Long-term Relationship

It’s Valentine’s Day. Big whoop. You and your dude have been kicking it for a minute. Who needs all of that mushy gushy love stuff? He knows how you feel…

Yes, chica. It’s wonderful to be in a long term relationship but you know what will shorten it really quickly? Taking each other for granted. No one’s saying that you need to raid the local Hallmark store but do acknowledge the day.

V-Day Zone: You Hate Valentine’s Day

It’s not even a real holiday anyway. If someone hands you a red heart you’ll hurl. Listen up, V-Grinch, no one is asking you to make like a sheep and dance to the beat of a mandated love drum. But what did V-Day ever do to you?

V-Day Zone: You’re in A Happy Relationship (But Your Girls Aren’t)

Isn’t it annoying being madly in love and looking forward to Valentine’s Day while your friends, well, aren’t? Well you know what’s just as annoying? Having a friend who rubs her oh-so-happiness in your face. You’re happy so you just want everyone else to be happy. However, have a little compassion. Share your joy with your BFFs but maybe you don’t need to show them every “oh pooh bear” text, okay?

So, girls–here are your marching orders for V-Day: Have fun but don’t take it too seriously. And if no one else has told you today, you are so loved!

What do you think about Valentine’s Day? Tell me in the comments!

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  • KernalK

    For a while, I’ve been calling February 14th as “Vomit Day” and my methods of celebration for this day usually involve dressing in black from head to toe, watching a scary movie later that same evening, and binging on chocolate, which are generally some of the most un-romantic things I can think of. No mushy Hallmark commercialism for me!

  • JustDMarie

    Our school school has both a match maker and candy things. We start on the matchmaker form early (I was actually working on mine today) and you hand them in. The school gives them to a company who makes them into these cool things with games, who your best friends could be, guys you match up with, and your total opposites. then there’s the Candy Grams. a few weeks early the school starts selling them and people can buy them for people, with a little note, then on V-day the 9th graders (the oldest of our school) passes them out to the people who get them 🙂 I hope to get one from my crush, who I’m 90% sure he likes me too 🙂

  • rieke

    valentines day is a day i make sure my partner get the best and all the love he need from his baby rieke…love uu temari #boss lady <3

  • Sam

    This holiday makes this gURL want to hURL! i absolutely hate it with all of my [currently single] heart. I’m always alone on V-Day and everywhere I look, that’s right, I see mushy lovey couples making out telling them that they love each other, AND I’M A SINGLE WANNABWEE!! Ya, until I find a Valentine, this will be my worst holiday EVER!

  • Yvonne

    I honestly hate this holiday.
    I think it’s so commercialized and some people take it way too seriously. Why do we have to wait until V-Day to show we love others? I mean i remember in sixth grade there were some girls crying because they didn’t receive any candy from friends.. and it was pretty heartbreaking to watch.
    V-day should be reformed, otherwise Im only left with resentment over this day. It should be a day to send love to all our friends/family, not just reserved for stupid teenagers who are in ephemeral relationships.

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  • CellophaneDiamond

    I’m in a relationship this year, but I still hate Valentine’s Day. It’s a stupid holiday for Hallmark to make money. If a guy really loves his girlfriend, he should show her that she’s special at all times, not just on some random holiday. I mean, yeah, maybe it’s a great opportunity to pour your heart out to someone, but Valentine’s Day is nothing but an excuse.

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  • Neicy

    I’ve never been in a relationship so V-Day is pretty much my least fav time of the year. Thankfully in college people are not into a lot of pda so I don’t get the urge to kill everyone I see like in high school. Obviously I’m usually in the “I hate V-day” state of mind.
    The funny thing is ever since my best friend got into her first serious relationship I hate it less. She relized how hard it is for me (she’s dated several guys before, we fit the last catagory for a long time) and now she makes sure I get celebrated on V-day too =) We make sure to buy each other some chocolate every year just to make me feel less alone. I’m not saying I like the holiday at all but if any of you are in the same situation as me, get a cheep box of chocolate for one of your girls and let her feel loved too.

  • Scarecrow13

    V-day is okay to a point. I mean its nice getting stuff, I never get anything, but thats not my point lol. I don’t really like it cause I believe that V-day is a “Hallmark conspiracy.” Why use just one day to show the person you care the most that you love them. I’m not trying to bring anyone down, but I really don’t like it cause I ALWAYS get hurt by a guy I was dating at the time before, on, or a day later from V-day. It also sucks when you’ve been liking this guy for awhile and he only thinks of you as a friend, and all your other friends have that special someone. I’m happy for other people that have someone, it’s just another day that tells me the guy I’m “smitten” with doesn’t think of me like that and all the creepers are after me, haha.