Debate Club: What Do You Think About Gift Giving In Relationships?

Gifts In Relationships

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Sometimes, relationships can be kind of pricey. Especially around this time of year… it feels like we just bought holiday gifts for our BF’s, and we already have to go out and buy Valentine’s Day gifts! But when it comes to giving gifts to your sweetie, and getting them in return, how do you feel? Are expensive material items always necessary? Are you cool with not getting a gift for an occasion? Or do you think gift giving/receiving is a huge part of relationships? Read what we think over here at, and then tell us your opinion!


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Julie Says: No Gifts, No Big Deal
I’m of the no gifts, no problem mentality. Something about needing to buy a special gift for a specific date takes away the magic of doing something special for the person you dig. I’d much rather my guy swing by my place with a $5 footlong or send me a picture text of a fat baby in sunglasses (they’re my fave!) any random day of the week than give me something with a bow and a fat price tag on my birthday. My boo should make me feel special every day of the year, so I don’t need much extra when my birthday or a holiday rolls around.


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Melanie Says: Experiences Are Better!
I think half the fun of dating someone awesome is being able to do awesome things for them—but I’m not typically a big, expensive, showy gift kind of girl. Most of the gifts I’ve given to my boyfriend are homemade (I made him a crazy-detailed R2-D2 pillow last year—he loved it!). As for getting gifts, my favorite kind are activities or experiences, like a small day-trip out of town, a picnic, or a fun dinner together. My favorite present he’s gotten me was swimming lessons at my gym so we can have fun at pool parties together this summer. Relationships should be about how much fun you can have together—not about how much you can buy for each other!


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Jessica Says: Gifts Are Important
While I totally agree with Melanie (experience gifts are SO much fun), I also have to admit that I love presents. I’m not trying to sound shallow, but who doesn’t enjoy opening up something from their BF once in a while?! For birthdays and holidays, I think getting each other something nice is important in a relationship. I’m not saying it has to be super pricey or elaborate, something meaningful and small can be great! I personally love picking out gifts for my BF and I like seeing what he picks out for me. Basically, while I expect a gift for certain occasions, in the end, it’s really the thought that counts.


Who do you agree with? Do you expect gifts when you’re in a relationship? Tell us in the comments!


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  • indiangal

    My boyfrend keeps on asking wat im into, but the truth is that i have uberly NO INTEREST in such kinda stuff. I mean, its like…i love to give him sumthing lyk chocolates and letters(yes, i am really gud at writing them) 😉 but i get all flushed up wen he gets sumthing for me, maybe i shud straightaway accepts wat he brings….! i will….maybe the nexttym 😛

  • Climb

    I don’t know why, but gifts make me really uncomfortable. Even from friends and family, but especially from significant others. I don’t even like gifts on my birthday. I had a boyfriend offer to take me on a really major roadtrip to see my favorite band in concert and I freaked out and broke off the relationship.

    • psieks

      That’s a lot like me! I’ve never had the whole thing going on with a significant other (because I’ve never had one) but birthdays and even social events always feel awkward. Even when my grandmother wants to cover lunch when we go out, I get incredibly nervous.

      • indiangal

        meee toooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 uncomfortable is the word…but im not going to brek up cuz we’re verryy much in <3 lovve 😉

  • DarcieDML

    My boyfriend buys me gifts all the time. Sometimes, its random and I don’t even expect it. I love those ones, it means hes thinking about me – and not because he “has to.” Theres nothing wrong with gifts. (However, I have seen girls who pressure their boyfriends into getting them gifts. Not good.) I don’t need big gifts. I love anything he gets me and I love just being with him.