Madonna’s Super Bowl Half Time Show Continues A Girl Power Tradition

madonna's super bowl half time show

Tell me this doesn't make you smile! | Source: IB Times

Madonna’s Super Bowl half time show last night got almost as much attention as the game itself! To celebrate all the girl power that went on last night (In addition to Madge, we had M.I.A.! Nicki! Kelly!), we compiled 10 other stellar Super Bowl performances by fierce ladies.

It’s amazing how many awesome women have rocked this famously testosterone-fueled event. Did any of your favorites make our list?

10. Madonna with Nicki Minaj, Cee Lo Green, and M.I.A, 2012
The Queen of Pop is looking as amazing as ever–and can we just talk about her boots for a minute? Fierce!.

9. Christina Aguilera, 2000
We all know and remember her National Anthem performance from 2011, but this duet between a young Xtina and Enrique Iglesias at halftime flew under the radar. She sounded spectacular!

8. Jordin Sparks, 2008
American Idol winner Jordin Sparks has football in her blood – her dad played in the NFL! Her performance was beautiful and not overwrought, similar to Clarkson’s this year.

7. Janet Jackson, 2004
We know, we know. There was a boob! (Big deal.) Despite her “wardrobe malfunction” – for which we think Justin Timberlake wasn’t punished nearly as severely for — Janet put on a pretty amazing show. The girl can dance her butt off!

6. Beyonce, 2004
They don’t call her Queen Bey for nothin’! Beyonce knocked the “Star Spangled Banner” out of the park in her hometown of Houston, Texas.

5. Diana Ross, 1996
The Sparkle star and Motown legend knocked her halftime show out of the park. The dancing! The live vocals! Is it any wonder she inspired Dream Girls?

4. Ella Fitzgerald, 1972
Unfortunately, there’s no video of the First Lady of Song. In the sixth ever Super Bowl, Fitzgerald and friends paid tribute to her longtime friend and frequent collaborator Louis Armstrong. Here’s one of their most famous duets, “Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off.”

3. Jennifer Hudson, 2009
In her biggest public performance since the tragic slaying of her brother, mother and nephew, Jennifer Hudson moved many viewers to tears. It was clearly a cathartic moment for the Dream Girls star and a performance that will give you chills.

2. Mariah Carey, 2002
Between her range and her patriotic blue dress, Mariah injected just a hint of her dramatic flourishes for a perfect post-09/11 tribute to America. Mimi slayed this. To quote one of her YouTube comments: “Al Qaeda disliked this video 25 times.”

1. Whitney Houston, 1991
It takes an incredible talent to make arguably the greatest vocal performance of the National Anthem ever recorded look effortless, but in her prime, Whitney did it. And she did it wearing a sweatband.

What did you think of Madonna’s Super Bowl half time show? Who do you hope performs next year? Tell us in the comments!

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