10 Virgins We Wouldn’t Kick Outta Bed

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As someone who stayed a virgin until she was junior in college, I have a soft spot in my heart for any celeb who roils against the urge to get it on. For me, waiting to go all the way wasn’t about religion or fear of STDs–I just wanted it to be special..and frequent! And alas, that didn’t happen until I was 21. But no two virgins–not even famous virgins–are alike, girls.

Take a look at these 10 stars who are famous for their celibacy and tell me which one you identify with the most!



1. Jonas Brothers

A few years ago, Nick, Kevin and Joe couldn’t talk enough about their commitment to their purity rings. Kev got hitched to his long time GF (presumably without going all the way first) but girl-crazy Joe and Nick, who’s new girl Delta Goodrem is 25, have been suspiciously quite about their infamous virginity lately. Do you think they’ve given in to temptation?







2. Jessica Simpson

Back before she sold super sexy shoes and clothes, Jessica Simpson was the ultimate good girl, vowing to stay pure until she said “I Do” to long term boyfriend, Nick Lachey only to divorce him a few years later. If virginity is a gift, let’s hope she kept the receipt.








3. Lisa Kudrow

Yep, the Friends star refused to go all the way until she married her husband—when she was 32! Could you hold out that long?










4. Tim Tebow

SWOON! The straightedge, Jesus-freak football star is just as famous for his commitment to virginity as he is for kicking butt on the field. When you look at this sizzling hunk of boy, do you think his prudishness is a waste…or totally wonderful?








5. Tim Gunn

Ok fine he’s not technically still in possession of his V-card, but the fashion guru recently confessed that he hasn’t had sex in 29 years—and couldn’t be happier! Don’t you think we should give him a born-again badge? Or is it just kind of sad that he’s been so alone for so long?








6. Jordin Sparks

The newly slim American Idol star reportedly travels with her grandma to make sure that boys don’t try to get into her pants. Nobody gets past Nana!









7. Taylor Lautner

In a YouTube interview, the  Twilight star revealed that he practices abstinence. Could that be the reason that his Hollywood relationships don’t last? Who should we set him up with??









8. Adriana Lima

When people find out I was a 21-year-old V, everyone says “We’re you ugly or something?” Um no I was not, thanks. And neither was Victoria’s Secret supermodel Adriana Lima, who dated Derek Jeter and Lenny Kravitz but didn’t do the deed until she married NBA star Marko Jaric…at age 27.







9. Matthew Morrison

Oh yes, Mr. Schu was pure as the driven snow until he was 21. The Glee star says that he managed to wait to lose it until he moved to Manhattan to pursue stardom…and apparently, more than a few lucky ladies.









10. Venus & Serena Williams

Unlike Jordin, these sexless sisters don’t need to tote a purity body guard. I pity the fool who tries to put the moves on these strong-willed women!

What do you think about celeb virginity? So cool or kind of preachy? Tell me in comments!

Everything you (and these celebs!) need to know about losing your virginity–but were afraid to ask!

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  • I’m 31 and a virgin. Men and women like to stereotype me, and call me creep, weird, pedophile, loser. It has gotten to the point where people have put their hands on me and assaulted me. Just another notch to add to why I hate all human beings.

  • rya

    I guess I’m the oldest virgin here. I’m 32. Most people say it’s hard to keep virginity. I don’t think so. As long as u want, u respect ur own self, u can keep ur virginity. I keep it for my future husband. I’m not a nerd, or a weird. I’m a fashionable person. Sometimes people judge someone from their look. It’s so wrong. A virgin can be hot too.

  • gull

    i m 21 and still virgin , i belong to a Muslim family , m not so religious but losing virginity before marriage is considered as a sin in Muslims , so do any religion do , i truly love a guy who is virgin , and we want to wait till our marriage so that our bonding our love will be more strong , and with prayers and love of our both families we want to marry each other , being virgin is a great thing God sends His blessings to a couple who marry and do sex after that and the same thing if anyone does without marriage he/she just become sinner and God punishes them . so if one thing from everyone has to face in life, y dont we wait and make our relation pure so that no more divorces and break ups occur in this world and everyone is devoted and sincere to his mate .

  • Guy

    My wife and I waited to have sex until we were married. The two years we dated were very tough but we really became best of friends and really got to know each other without sex in the equation. I just want to tell all you young people out there, the wait was worth it! On our wedding night the wife and I made love six times! It was awesome! Our sex life is still awesome even after 25 years of marriage! Respect each other! Treat each other respectfully!! Sex is the GIFT that you give each other on your wedding night after both of you commit to each other!!!

  • sofia

    i am a 22 year old. Not sure if i can still be reffered to as a virgin. one night with my boyfriend i almost or already went all the way. he did inserted his penis in me. after some few seconds, less than a minute. i told him to stop cause it did not feel right. I still feel guilty because of my concience and values and has since broken up with. No blood came out but i deeply regret it and i still dont know what i can call my self now.

  • Daliah

    I’m 13 and a virgin but I know i don’t want to wait til marriage. I’m just waiting til I find love. Then I need to decide when I’m really ready to lose it to him. I think it’s great to wait til marriage! I just don’t think anyone will want to marry me anytime soon! XD

    • Michelle

      Sweetie I am 21 and still in college but I’m married to a wonderful man who I met in college. I was a virgin when I dated him, and let me tell you something on our first day on our honeymoon I gave him my virginity. I don’t regret it, because I gave it to someone I love. When I was your age I feel in “love” with my neighbor but now that I’m older it wasn’t love it was just puppy love. So sweetie please save yourself until you are ABSOLUTELY positive. My husband (I’m not gonna lie wasn’t a virgin ) but he practically spoils me because he was and will always remain my first. My father told me when I was in high school that my husband will cherish me if I stay a virgin for him, and he was right. 🙂 Trust me a lot of my high school friend regret losing their virginities to random guys, because they can’t have a steady relationship anymore. So please wait sweetheart, it’s worth the wait.

      • Megan

        I love what your father told u I hope that’s true for me to!:)

  • Georgianna Bonds

    I like the valuable info you provide in your articles. I

  • Riya Mahajan

    im 13 and i have had the sex many times but i never felt right about it. is it possible that i can undo my virginity?

    • Christina Knight

      You can never get your virginity back! And gurl, no offense, but what in the hell are you doing having sex at 13—are the guys even your age? I suggest waiting until you find someone you actually love… But first find out what love is!

  • sonia

    I am 16 and still a virgin.. Virginity should be kept for the special one who comes along and that will be on my wedding night. I am not willing to let my body be used for some pleasure or experiment by some guy/s and then get dumped !! I also want to keep true to my christian faith. Be proud of your christian faith…. you need a moral compass in your life esp if you have weak family ties or suffer loneliness……miracles can happen when you put God in your life….God bless….

    • Anne

      That’s a great attitude to have, I also believe the same thing. And personally, I don’t think anyone should be made judged for deciding to wait until marriage. If more relationships were based on serving and caring for the other person, and not this obsession people have with the body then the world would be a much happier place.

  • jennie

    I’m 21 and still a virgin. And I plan to be until my wedding night with my awesome bf! We both agreed to wait, and we’ve been dating for almost 3 years :3 but we’ve been friends since we were juniors in high school. 🙂

  • Sha

    20 and still a Virgin!!! I glad to see so many people being proud virgins, I see so many girls and boys rushing into sexual acts and then regretting it . smh

  • Melody

    I love that I’m 16 and still a virgin. You may not think that I should worrying about sex at my age but at this age its all girls can talk about. I’m like shut up no one cares that you lost it at BFs house really. But I’m committing to staying a virgin till marriage even though I’m not religious, don’t take it for granted its something special. VIRGINS UNITE!!

  • Kebron Tesfaye

    I’m 19 and still a virgin! For me, virginity is not just about staying true to my faith and being all religious, it’s about me keeping myself pure for the one who is already mine. He’s waiting somewhere for me and I’m here waiting for him. That’s the specialty of my virginity is that I give my all to him because he’s the love of my life forever!!

  • IslandQT

    I’m 30 and a virgin. People like to stereotype us and assume that we’re frigid, can’t be sexy, super religious, waiting til marriage etc. The truth is I just want to be in a situation where I’m sure the person cares for me and isn’t just trying to put a notch on his belt. The trouble is that gets awkward in today’s world when a guy is pretty much demanding sex by the 3rd date. Guys don’t need to wait to get what they want so they won’t! I’m not ugly, I’m not “weird” but im my experience guys don’t react nicely when they learn you don’t have experience…

  • Anonymous

    Niall Horan from One Direction is also a Virgin he has vowed to wait till marriage and he is now 19!! He says he is waiting till he finds his princess and then makes her his queen… That is why I love him!!

    • Anonymous

      He admitted he isn’t one anymore /:

      • Kebron Tesfaye

        When did he admit that?

        • Sylverfalcon

          Niall Horan never said that. His dad admitted this though: “I don’t believe he’s a virgin. I couldn’t say. I wasn’t in the house all the time, so I don’t really know what went on when I wasn’t there.”

          Which doesn’t mean much to me. I think Niall is still a virgin, and even if not, he’s still perfect to me!

  • sam

    19 and proud virgin! although it isn’t something that i openly discuss with others

  • Jade

    I’m 31 and still virgin! and I love it!! it’s not so difficult if you really want to save it 🙂

  • Lindsey

    I’m 19 and a virgin, and plan on remaining one until my wedding night, and I think its great that these celebrities are virgins/waiting until the right person come along.

  • Ella

    I’m 17, and a virgin. I actually just talked to my mom about sex today. Along with my cousin’s long term girlfriend and 1 of my other best friends. They’ve all basically said to really make sure it’s with someone special, and not to rush it. I think it’s wonderful these celebrities are virgins/waited until someone special came along.