From The Boards: Does A Dude’s Size Matter? (Hint: Not His Height)

Does Penis Size Matter

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You know how a lot of girls are always (for some reason) stressing about their weight or their bra size or how big their butt is? Well, it might not always seem like it, but a lot of guys have one huge insecurity that they almost never talk about: their penis size. At some point in their life, every guy worries about if their ‘big’ enough, and so we want to try to get down to the bottom of this: do you girls really care about their size?

We found this discussion in the message boards, but we want to know how more of you feel about it. Does penis size really matter? If so, does it matter enough to be a deal-breaker? Or could you care less? Check out what these girls had to say, and then let us know your opinion in the comments. said:
PENIS Size Questions: How big is the ideal size for you? I don’t think we obsess over the size thing like guys do, but I think there is a time and a place for the discussion, and that time is now. Share thoughts.

hero_of_the_day said:
I like bigger penises. I don’t know why! I like seven inches and bigger. But it’s not like I’d turn a guy away because of his size.

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murmures_des_forets said:
Ideal size? Umm, for me it’s not just size – it’s length, girth, angle and hardness. I don’t particularly enjoy super deep penetration so it doesn’t have to be long. Although I like the look of a big penis, it’s always about how the guy puts his penis to work.

So what do the Gurl editors think? Ladies, sex is not always about how big a dude is or isn’t – it’s about so much more than that. We say a guy should never be immediately judged based on his penis size… after all, how would you like it if a guy judged you based on your breast size or how much you weigh?

Basically, don’t let something like a size issue get in the way of hooking up. It’s not fair to him or to yourself. You could be missing out on someone awesome just because of something that’s kind of superficial! When it comes to penis size, it might be fun to talk about at sleepovers, but we say, leave it at that.

What do you think – does size matter? Who do you agree with? Tell us in the comments.


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  • Pam

    I think it depends on a girls experince allot to how picky she maybe about size. Allot of girl never been with a well endowed guy so that wouldn’t really matter to them I would think. Also it would depend on her person vagina size yes they are different in size just like guys are. Some who may find sex less satisfying with partners and complains about the loss of friction. Many I know who have but hadn’t enjoyed a big penis found this frustrating about sex. Then having found a guy with a big one was much happier, I don’t know anyone who said a guy was to big ever. But I think it could happen may need an average size guy. For me I had an earliy experince with a very well endowed boy friend. The sex was amazing but I didn’t relalise how important size was to me till we broke up. We met and I got pregnent in high school and we split up and I was very sexually frustrated with guys I dated just didn’t fit me. I would cheat allot when I took my daughter for visits with her dad to get my satisfaction. Years later I would end up back with my ex and we are now married. I think size really does matter if you don’t fit things are going to be frustrating trust me!!

  • bill

    I have often noticed that a lot of women often answer the question about size with, “size does not matter as long as he knows how to use it”. Ladies that does not
    answer the question. Let me put it this. If you could design your perfect man with all of young desired qualities, i.e. looks, personality, financial status etc, and all the remained was to attach the penis; Your choices are a small penis, say 5.5″ and below or 6.5″ and above (ranges considered small and large respectively) , which would you attach. Too sci-fi of a question? How about this? If you use one, what size dildo (non-vibrating) do you buy?

    The question is about size. Nothing else. All other things being identical, which do you prefer?

  • Ravender

    Sex originate from the minds, so it depent with what turns one on. As for me when I see big ones I tend to imagine how they can dance inside me and when I see small ones I tend to think that I will not reach orgnism. so it depent with individual perspective.
    As for me the bigger the better

    • bob

      i will tell you what, i am fed up ladies, my penis measures 8 inches on top (no pelvic stabbing, no pinockio tricks, a gentle rest) and 5.5 inches in girth, now i will tell you what, when i stroll into the bar from now on i expect two double d bodyguards on each side, each laced up with matching black leather jackets, when the discrimination starts and the bros turn into bullies, i will run, i will do what is necessary to protect the precious and i expect you to defend him at all cost

  • aowshea

    Well, let’s look from empathy side. Empathy of a woman did not judge, it weights evenly for any good aspect. Empathy is her twin sister, inbound forever. Woman may do two things at the same time,. She can watch a TV serial while on the phone. She knew what you said on the phone when she’s talking to her friend. Etc.

    That’s why you may find such answer, “Size doesn’t matter, what matters is how they use it. But big penis …” (okay we stop here.)

    First phrase and second one seems contradictive, for men who heard it. But if you notice carefully, the argument did not pick a side. She weighted them evenly.

    Now, most men fall in such trap. Men’s nature is to Conclude. Conclude means emphasizing the best one, the result from if-then statement. He thinks women prefer big penis.

    “Too small/short or too big is painful when…”
    See?? She weights two aspects at the same time.

    Her last statement before her silence and rethinking what she said overall,
    “With big penis, I feel full inside…”
    Okay, in here you won’t find that she mentioned the short penis. Ideally, all women on Earth expects Many than the less, as long as it’s good. So, she won’t speak up the short penis. But her empathy noticed that subject!

    Here it is, when she and her empathy have an error connection. She keeps in silence, rethinking back what she just said. In other word, she’s consulting her ignorance toward her empathy.

    The missing chain of the short penis becomes a mock, a bad appearance — for men, who always Conclude! Hence, the woman did not mean it at all. Because men can’t hear what was her empathy tried to tell.

    And then, Men pursue to enlarge their penis!


  • Tyler

    And all I won’t to know is it ok or is it not
    I like girLs that love you who you are

  • anonymous

    Bigger penis makes some positions easier, and others more painful. I, however, would never have sex with a guy just for the sole reason that he is ‘bigger’. I was intimate with 2 people in my life and honestly, i like making love with the guy with the smaller size better because he was attentive and he has a way of making me want to be intimate with him.
    Also because he wasn’t very large, he never really hurt me.

    Don’t worry about your size. A girl who really likes you is going to be thrilled to be with you and she’ll love it the way it is. I know for sure i can’t be the only person who feels that way 🙂 just be happy

  • Nicola-Rae

    If you love him then you shouldn’t care about size!

  • Omertá

    To be honest I think it does matter. Don’t get me wrong if I guys willy is average then that’s fine, it’s average and it’s not gonna stop you from having fantastic sex.

    People say it’s not about size but more about skill but frankly that only get’s you so far. If it’s too small, it’s too small. On the other hand, there is a too big as well. I have a ‘friend’ that I’ve been seeing recently and he has a lethal weapon in his pants. I’m scared to go into more ‘riskaaay’ positions with him since I found out his ex was rushed to hospital after he f—ed her so hard he mooshed her innards around D: Nothing serious but still, holy hell. So yeah, size does matter. A guy could be too big!

  • udolipixie

    Seems gurl editors playing on emotions rather than using logic to compare judging a guy based on his penis size to being judged on breast size and weight. A logical comparison to judging a guy based on his penis size would be judging a gal based on her vagina size. Weight and breast size affect attraction they don’t play an active role in one’s pleasure during sexual intercourse like the penis and vagina.

    I don’t see a logical reason for a gal not to judge on penis size if she has a preference or it affects her sexual pleasure. I highly doubt a guy would be sticking around in a relationship where he isn’t sexually satisfied as I don’t see many okay with the idea of being “denied” sex or staying with a gal if she doesn’t do a certain sexual activity like blowjobs.

  • Hailey

    It isn’t the size of the boat, but rather the motion of the ocean, as they say.
    Luckily enough for me, my fiancee is jussssst right. 😉
    I mean, I figure it also depends on the women, right? Some have more shallow vaginas and some have the ability to take more in, so I suppose if you were a woman who had less space to work with, you wouldn’t (or rather, couldn’t) sleep with someone who was too big. I also assume that if you had more room to work with, you wouldn’t be able to feel anything with someone who was too small.
    When it comes to guys and preference for tush/breast sizes in comparison to women’s preferences for penis size, I find that the men’s preferences are just based off of their own likes, rather than how much they can handle.

  • BumbleCup1357

    I don’t like long one because I have worked one before and it got stuck.
    I am more of a person with short ones.
    Like 4 in or maybe 3in.

  • Sam

    Well, i don’t exactly have a certain size, but come on! Seriously, who wants to hook up with a guy that has a small penis? I don’t think it should be your main judgement, but i do think it matters.

    • frank

      What do you consider to be a small penis in inches?

  • Abby

    The size doesn’t matter, it’s how they work it 😉

  • Whatev

    The pic at the top is hoooottt

  • Olga

    I have dated some guys who were less than 6 inches, but as soon as I saw their dick, I knew I couldn’t ever be satisfied in bed. I need at least 6 inches to feel full, and I know lots of other girls feel the same. If they say they don’t care, they’re just being nice. As for lots of girls worrying about our cup size, weight, and ass size…we worry because guys DO care. The whole world is superficial, so go along with it or get over it.

  • Karma

    Hmmmm… I don’t think size matters to much it’s really hardness and what he can do with it.

  • Lexxi

    My boyfriend told me he was nine inches and I was so turned on. Big is fun, but never rejecting any guy for his size (:

  • xxbriibit43zxx

    I dont think size matters really, then again I’ve only been with 2 people. and they were around the same.
    A funny Thing I heard before was..
    “The size of their hand is the size of their penis”
    I Kinda like joking around with my friends about it, to the boys in our class. hehe

  • Lizzy

    Ugh im gonna throw out lol

  • Ava

    I find that it doesn’t matter what the size is. Length isn’t a big deal for me, it’s more about girth. That being said, if a guy knows what he’s doing then it won’t matter how wide/long/etc. he is, he’ll make it work! Never judge a book by it’s cover 😉