Is There A Way To Hit Puberty Faster?

Late Puberty

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Hi Heather,

I am four months older than one of my friends. She has already started her period and her boobs are bigger than mine. I am jealous. I want to hit puberty quicker. What do I do?

I’m not going to lie: waiting to hit puberty can be frustrating. It’s like, all you want is to rock some womanly curves and carry around a tampon in case of emergencies, and it’s something that you literally have no control over. It’s especially annoying when it feels like all of your friends are getting there faster than you, and trust me – I know it doesn’t seem like it, but there are tons of girls out there who can totally feel your pain.

Unfortunately, like I said before, you really have no control over when you’re going to hit puberty. There’s no magic medicine or exercise you can do to speed up the process. That has to do with your body, and every girl gets there at a different time. It might happen a little bit later for you, but I promise you’ll get there. Girls normally get their first period between the ages of 11-14. But that doesn’t mean it can’t happen a few years earlier or later than that, so if you’re over the age of 14, there’s no need to worry.

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I know you’re really anxious to hit puberty, but for now, you should be happy with how your body is! Think about it – you don’t have to worry about getting a totally embarrassing period stain during gym class, and you don’t have to deal with crazy mood swings. I mean, you’ll have the rest of your life to enjoy those experiences (I’m kidding, kind of), so there’s no need to rush things.

But seriously, you have nothing to worry about. Your body is changing even though you don’t realize it or see it, and one day when you don’t expect it, you’ll start to notice those changes. Don’t feel left out, because just because your younger friend has her period doesn’t mean everyone does.

take care,

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  • mimi

    I’m thirteen and haven’t even grown my breast my cousin is nine and has breast it’s embarrassing, everyone in school call me little girl 🙁

  • Kira

    I still haven’t hit mine what do I do I’m 20 years old?!?!?!?!?!??

  • Casey

    I hate my period but im getting used to it, i started puberty when i was around 9 or 10

  • lilyswag

    I am 13 and I still did not get mine yet! Most of my friends did, and its soo embarrasing not to have it. Ugh! I have boobs and hair in all the places I need to have hair, and I have been having discharge for months! I have acne, too! Why dont I have my period?!?!

    • brittney

      Im 14 and still havnt hit mine!!:(

  • Sarah

    You want to start your period quicker? No you don’t. Cramps that feel like your appendix is exploding every 5 minutes, bloating (yes, you get fatter), headaches, breakouts, mood swings. So you’re a fat acne infested b****. Yeh, guys are totally gonna want you after that.

    Thats slightly exaggerated. But seriously, NO. NO YOU DON’T. Trust me. You’ll wish you were dead for a day of every month until you’re 60. And that bloating and acne won’t go away in a day like those cramps will.

  • lara

    i’m 14 almost 15 and haven’t my period yet but i think i might soon . i have had bad headaches, lower stomach and back pain, i’m teird alot and i’ve had discharge for ages!! i hope it comes soon so i dont have to worry when its gonna come

    • Alex

      OMG, me too! Plus, I’m on the swim team at my school and I’m constantly worried that my period will start in the water while I’m swimming!

  • Sharberry :3

    Yeah, I was eager for my period, too. Over two years later, here’s to me saying I HATE IT! It’s literally a pain in the uterus. -_- And aye, the number of horrible (emphasis on horrible!) blood stains during school! In front of my boyfriend (and the guy who would become my boyfriend a few months later)… So embarrassing! >.<

  • Jordyn

    im 15 and even I haven’t got mine but i don’t think about because heres the thing my friends wish they didn’t have theres and that they were like me

    • shain1041

      U Know it’s greater to have puberty when Ur older like 13 2 16 because you won’t menopause immediately and it depends on your body and did you know some girls have early puberty because of what they it eat, if one girl or many girls have early puberty sometimes it’s because they have bad nutrition. But 4 me it’s nothing and it’s just in our life cycle

  • Juliana

    I’m 13 almost 14 and all my friends started their period in 4th grade and I still haven’t.. It’s embarrassing and I’m always left out of conversations and stuff. Plus they always tease me and worst of all I’m taller than all of them -___-

    • shain1041

      There’s nothing bad for being taller and didn’t have early puberty. And of course it’s good to be taller and than being shorter and you will be tease and yease and tease and don’t worry even they left you sometimes the left can find oters that is good best and will accept for who you are. And sorry for being and and and and just forgive

    • insanerunner02

      Hey, I know exactly how you feel. I started my period a month after I turned 14. Trust me, I wanted to get my period so badly. I was teased all throughout middle school and the beginning of high school because I had small boobs and I had’nt started my period yet. Yes, I know it sucks a whole crap load. 🙁 But, just wait…. you will eventually get your period. 🙂 Also, if your friends are teasing you about puberty, they are’nt real friends. I had to learn that the hard way. Good luck 🙂

    • Kayla

      You just literally described my life -_-

  • Katheryn

    I didn’t get my first period until I was 14 and all my friends were jealous because I didn’t have to worry about my period at pool parties and yes my boobs weren’t as big as my friends’ and they’re still not. But enjoy low maintenance life as long as possible 🙂

  • Kiki

    @Bleeli Hold on…?! Are you saying that if a gurl eats more fast food, then she’ll start her period faster? I HAVE to try that…

  • Cherri

    I started puberty at 6/7….
    Getting there first is worse than getting there last…
    Trust me…
    I remember a few comments on my underarm hair and other stuff like that…
    Luckily, I did what any girl older than me would’ve done in that situation lol

  • Bleeli

    Well, theres a study that shows girls who eat food with hormones in them are developing at an earlier age. It’s in most fast food like KFC and McDonalds.