Confession: I’m A Waitress And I Eat Your Food

Before I got my job at, I was just another teen girl looking for a quick way to make money to buy the important things in life: you know, clothes, shoes, makeup… and I guess sometimes to pay my phone bill. So, when I was 15, I got a waitressing job, realized I could walk out at night with a fat wad of cash, and kept waitressing for the next seven years.

I’ve waitressed at four very different restaurants – two fancy ones and two semi-decent, huge chains. They might have different atmospheres, but one thing has always remained pretty much the same: what actually goes on in the kitchen. I’m willing to break waitress code to tell you guys this: sometimes, it actually is as gross as you think it is. I’ve seen food that was dropped on the floor and still served, I’ve spotted dishwashers eating the food off plates that customers are finished with, cooks touching everything with their bare (dirty) hands, and servers snatching food off of plates right before they’re brought out to the table.

That last one? For seven years, I literally saw it happen at least once during every shift I’ve ever worked. It’s true – before you dug into those french fries, someone else already started to. Sadly, I have to admit that I’ve totally participated. I know, I know! It’s totally gross! It’s disgusting, actually. I can’t even believe I did it, and now whenever I go out to eat, I am painfully aware that it goes on.

Let’s just say that if you get fries, there’s a 98% chance that someone, or multiple people, snatched a few off your plate before it went out to the dining room. Fries are obviously the easiest thing to grab and eat quickly, and seriously – how hard is it to resist them? Most nights, my dinner was made up of an accumulation of French fries I took off of people’s plates.

If you think that’s gross? I’ve only just begun. At one restaurant, my co-workers and I waited for mixed vegetables to be served so that we could grab pieces of broccoli, carrots or snowpeas. While I drew the line at fries and veggies, most people took it even further. There were countless times that I saw servers picking at lettuce in salads, stealing a small piece of shrimp or chicken, taking chicken fingers, and even grabbing a fork to have a little bit of your pasta or a spoon to have some of your mashed potatoes.

Probably had some of this… | Source: ShutterStock

In defense of my admittedly disgusting actions, I’ll just say this: waitressing is really hard! Servers work anywhere from 4 to 10 hour shifts, and we’re constantly on our feet, running around like crazy people carrying heavy trays of food and drinks. We have to be over-the-top polite to customers who, most of the time, are rude, inconsiderate and demand perfection. We don’t get breaks, we make way less than minimum wage ($3.00 an hour at one place!), and we multi-task like you wouldn’t even believe. Also, we’re around yummy smelling food that is shoved in our faces for hours – seriously, what would you do?!

But even I know that all of the craziness that comes along with waitressing doesn’t justify eating other people’s food. Forget the fact that it’s gross – it’s completely against health violations, and if anyone was ever caught doing it, they’d be in huge amounts of trouble. But that doesn’t stop servers from doing it. Even managers and owners do it too. Sorry I had to be the one to break this to you guys, but, yeah, it’s true… restaurants are kind of gross.

Have you ever been a waitress and done this? What’s the grossest thing you’ve done at your job? Tell us in the comments.


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  • Paul

    You people need to get your priorities in line. There are millions of people who would kill to eat the food you throw away in the trash! And you bitch about a fry being taken from your plate as being absolutely disgusting? I would say that kind of contempt towards others is disgusting.

  • Amanda-Beth

    I understand servers are hungry. One less fry is no deal what is deal for me is if you bump another fry. I’m allergic to olives and mullberries. It’s you touched someone’s plate that had one of those on it then swipe a fry that put my life at rosk. So does soap you used that had olive oil. You don’t but i do. Each accidental exposure to olives puts me at greater risk for anaphylactic shock from olives and chance to die is their. I’m already full out anaphylactic to mullberries. It’s the things you don’t think about that could cost someone their life.

  • Julie Smith

    If you think taking a couple of fries is bad hear this; a few years back I ordered a
    burger and fries from an A & W outlet at a mall. The girl at the front who took my
    order went back into the kitchen. When I got my burger it was in a used bag that
    she had no doubt pulled out of a garbage can back there! I didn’t want to give her
    any satisfaction so I just walked away. I hadn’t even been rude to her!

  • ummmmm?

    AT you need to chill out, the people taking your french fry are the same people cooking and serving your food and guess what your food does not magically cook itself, people touch it… A LOT genius. They also touch the cup and straw you are drinking from. How about you ask God to help you stop being such a judgemental twat waffle.

  • Cat

    If someone is on their feet for hours without a break, I am more than happy that they take some of my fries. If they can avoid touching the fries that they leave, it’s best, but a few less fries won’t kill me (actually with the fat and carbs, having less of them is probably best) and if it helps some service workers to get through their shift, then so be it. Actually, I would happily share openly part of my meal to a waiter if it didn’t look bad on the management. Also, portions are always humongous (generally they amount to twice what a normal size/weight adult should eat for a meal). I can never eat a whole plate of whatever I ordered so I really don’t see the big deal.

  • Mspandabear

    What would I do? Do my job and serve people, not eat out of their food. That is not what they are paying me to do.

  • Laura

    ok.. AT…. couple of things wrong with what you just said.. First of all it’s not the people are messing with the food a.k.a. taking a fry because they are getting back of the person it’s because they are hungry and they have been working sometimes up to 12 hours …trust me I’ve done it… And your comment about asking the cooks to make some food is not allowed the managers will fire you if you ask the cooks to make you food on the fly.. I have worked entire 12 hour shifts with no break and then asked the cooks to make me something only to get yelled at…. Also you’re not going to go to jail for taking a single fry off of a plate.. While I do agree that servers should not take food off the plate sometimes you really can’t help it sometimes when you’re so hungry that you feel like you’re going to pass out and you are not allowed to take a break on fear of losing your job sure you will sneak a single fry just to keep from getting sick… Also your comment about servers not having a good education or going to get an education to get out of that kind of job is moronic… In case you haven’t noticed: school is expensive so while paying for school many people get waitressing jobs to help with their income so we can afford to pay rent to buy groceries and just live… Also by the way I made $2.13 an hour while waitressing for both of my waitressing jobs that I have had so excuse me when I have gotten shit tables all day and made about $15 and I’m not all smiles and sunshine when I am serving you… And since you’re such a Bible thumper I hope to God one day you get put into the servers shoes

  • gaby

    i’m a very considerate person when dealing with people, because in various jobs my bosses wouldve liked for us to literally get on our knees and say sorry, if it was possible of course. others jobs customers woud lie so my boss could fire me, in one occasion my boss was naer and catched that person lieing and defended me! some people are so inconsiderate.

  • mcdickschick

    haha i do this all the time! they dont know and dont need to know. especially those who only tip 3%. ha

  • AT

    Kim and/or Jessica, you two are disgusting and any waitress or waiter who does this. I hope you all get it back, I hope someone does to you what you do to others, wether your nice or not, what goes around, comes around double for people like you. God said vengeance is his, not yours, let him take care of rude people, its not your job. I’m sure you haven’t been perfect in life, I’m sure you’ve hurt people, should they get you back? There’s certain things you don’t do, of course you have to have a conscience, morals, values, which you don’t. I wouldn’t mess with no one’s food, no matter how rude they are. I’d get them back another way, like deny their credt card or something. People pay for their food, you have no right to even eat someone’s fries or touch anyone’s food. If you hungry get the cook to make you some food. How about getting back at rude servers, I’ve had plenty. Let’s do more than just not tip them, lets cut their tires, trip them as they walk by with food, etc. Is that nice? Do you agree with getting back at rude servers? If you don’t like serving people, get an education and get a better job. With any job you gotta take the good with the bad. Keep messing with people’s food, someone will catch you, and I hope they sue or something and you go to jail. Their oughta be a law against people like you, than you wouldn’t feel so good about bragging about how you mess with people’s food. How you respond to rudeness, shows what type of person you are, and your no better than the rude customers, you are what you attract!

  • Bb

    I just this happen about a month ago in the Ponderosa a month ago. A server was walking past the cash register and the cashier grabbed a fry off the plate. The server went on and delivered the roof to a non suspecting customer.

  • wow..

    i don”t see why everyone is freaked out. so they stole a couple french fries. it’s not going to kill you. oh no, someone touched my food, i’m going to get a rare disease and die. give me a break! just eat your food.