Testing 1-2-3: Do Violent Lips Look Cute Or Just Weird?

I’ve never been super into shoes or bags or uber-expensive dresses. But. I have 187 tubes of lip gloss, lipstick, liner and/or balms. Basically any product you can put on your pucker, I own. I can find fault with just about every feature on my face (no need to join in) but I quite like my lips and treat them to a slew of fun beauty items.

violent lips

Kim vs. Shallon! Who looks better?

So imagine my delight when I spied Violent Lips temporary tattoos. These babies first caught my eye when Kim Kardashian posted a not-at-all-heavily-Photoshopped pic (is there a sarcasm font yet?) of her self in the checkerboard style.

I ran out and scooped up a set for myself and the results were…um…


What in hell?” My sorority sister, in town visiting from Napa, was horrified. “You’re not…seriously wearing those things out tonight. Are you?”

Clearly this wasn’t the typical fashion in wine country. I boldly told her that YES I am flaunting my newly leopard-printed Violent Lips for all to see! And see they did!

And judge. And point.

Especially when the tats started to peel off, which was about 20 minutes and one drink after I put them on, even though the package assured me they would last four to eight hours.

Not to mention that you can’t really talk with the tats on, merely stand there looking fierce and sneering at those wearing–pffft–regular lip gloss.

But I did give talking a try in one of my oh-so-fab dating advice video blogs. Check it out and see what the lips look like in action!

After a few hours I’d had enough of looking like a Goth cat lady and the tats came off easily with a little baby oil and cotton ball.

They're made with bits of real puma, you know

Still, it was fun to have such a radical new look for a change, kind of like wearing a wig or a fascinator.

Despite the peeling and partial mouth paralysis, I’d definitely wear Violent Lips again–they’d be perfect for a fun girls night out with all of us in crazy lip looks.

Would you dare to dress up your luscious lips with Violent Lips? Or is a bold gloss about as wild as you’re willing to go? Tell me what you think in the comments section!
What do you usually put on your pucker? Lipgloss or Lipstick? Tell us!

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  • maria

    You look super fierce with that cheetah print lip tattoo!! Kinda bummed that you said they peeled., but I still want to try!

  • Roze

    Mkay, I’ve never seen a Goth wear anything that tacky on their lips. Ever.

    So can we stop with those little subcultural digs, please?

  • sam

    The boldest color I would make my lips is a rly red red

  • sing freely

    There awesome! I like the silver ones

  • lady A

    um, violent lips are really cute and i really love them…. i wear cheetah print ones and i look super adorable in them!

  • Gg

    they look cute. IDK wat other people are talking about

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  • Julia

    I bought the Union Jack ones, haven’t tried them yet, but they look cute.

  • Erin

    I wear Violent Lips when I go out with friends and they haven’t peeled off my lips at all, they usually last all night! I think it’s easier the more you use them, watching the tutorials online really helped too!