Jake Pavelka Reviews The Bachelor and Gives Us Dating Advice

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Have you checked out the new series Jake Means War? Former Bachelor Jake Pavelka reviews last night’s episode of The Bachelor and gives some kind of hilarious dating advice.

Agree with any of his dating tips? Are you into The Bachelor? Tell us in the comments.


This post created in partnership with This Means War, opening on Valentine’s Day.

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  • Belinda

    Jake, you need to hook up with Emily. She reminds me of you coming back to warn Jillian. I really like both of you! Call her!

  • mauve

    Enjoyed it Jake- Glad you can laugh at this show now….Ben reminds me of you on the bachelor (WRONG GIRL- doesn’t want to hear it from anyone, due to thinking with the wrong part of the body). I did laugh out loud at your commentary here. Best of luck to you. Glad to see you redeem your reputation on Bachelor Pad- Hope you got the last laugh.

  • MTN

    That was pretty awful

  • Megan

    You should do this after every episode of the bachelor…You said this was going to be dry and sarcastic but it seemed more truthful to me!! I hope Ben sees this…lol

  • Elyse

    This is kinda humorously classy. I didn’t laugh out loud but I sure did enjoy it.

  • Jake

    From one Jake to another, I thought this was pretty funny! Good job.