Funny (But True!) How We Met Stories

how we metThere are a multitude of ways to meet your knight in shining armor, but few of them are as picture perfect as Katherine Heigl movies would have you believe. Take a look at the pretty little lies we love to use…including the big fat fib I tell about how I met the guy I’m dating!









She said: Oh, just through some mutual friends!











She meant: Yeah, James got to second base with one of mine, I was like whatever I’ll make out with his friend too and then James was all “Why’d you do that, don’t you know I like you?” and I go “Um no because you felt up Chloe!” and he’s like “Pssh I only did that to make you jealous” so I was like…










She said: We bonded at summer camp over our mutual obsession with s’mores!











She meant: Which we had plenty of time to eat together in the infirmary thanks to our 10 billion mosquito bites. At least calamine lotion is pink–always a good color on me.












She said: He asked me out after we got stuck in an elevator together (note: this is actually the story my guy and I concocted to explain how we met, when in reality…)










She meant: We met online. Yes. I did that online dating thing. WHAT?!












She said: I’m actually good friends with his sister.











She meant: Who I befriended with the express purpose of snaring her brother.












She said: How we met? We both worked at the mall this summer!











She meant: I ate nasty food court crap every single day just to have an excuse to talk to him. Now I can’t fit into the pants I got from my employee discount.










She said: He sat behind me in French class and told me I had pretty hair. Aww!











She meant: Fine, technically it was detention, but I was eating a croissant so that’s kind of French, right?









What’s your (totally honest) how we met story? Tell us in the comments!

What would we write on Facebook if we were totes honest? So much crazy stuff!

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  • mickeymouse344

    We met through our most boring and strict teacher. We had a group project to do in his class, and we were put in the same group. After that day, we began to talk and develop crushes on each other. Since we have two classes together, I always saw him and thought he was funny and kind of cute, but never had I imagined we would actually go out. 😀

  • Charity Claire

    My mom and dad met at a party when they were 14. My dad was incredibly shy so he didn’t talk to very many people, but my mom took that shyness as cocky I’m-too-good-for-you-ness. Anyways, that night my mom was feeling particularly flirty, so she went up to him and said “You never talk to me.” My dad was like “Umm.. Do you want me to talk to you?” She was like “Yes.” He went to go buy her some whoppers and the rest is history!

  • shyanne

    mymom and dad met at a bar where he was dared by his friend to spill beer on her head… who knew one day they’d get married and have three kids 🙂

  • girlygurl

    Me and my ex met had known each other from church for years. We’ve been on and off for three years, but I think it’s over 🙁

  • JJ

    Wow reading your stories almost make me believe there’s hope 4 me :/

  • Taylor

    I always say we met through friends….

    when really he saw on facebook I was friends with a few of his so he decided to send me a request and message me from there. So I guess in a way it is true. ha!

  • AnnaMarie

    I said: ‘We met backstage at a concert, he’s the drummer in that band we love! We talked for hours and exchanged numbers!’

    I meant: ‘I only got backstage because I’m cousins with the singer in the band. He didn’t know I existed until the third time we met, and that’s only because we got stuck together when everyone else was talking. I had a thing for him straight off though. Also when we first met I was really, really fat. So I might have gained an edge since I lost weight.’

  • blueyez

    After graduating I wasn’t quite sure what to do…when visiting my Aunt that summer she offered to take me in so I can explore newer options. While browsing in a nearby mall
    , I was called upon by an alluring ascent swaying me with kind words, but my mother taught me better to not stop for salesmen at kiosks. All of a sudden, after I had already put up the stop sign and took 5 steps past him, i found myself turning around towards this man. It was as if he put a spell on me in that moment because my mind was telling me NO but my body did the opposite, unconsciously. Of course he tried to sell me hair products but I was more into him than anything else. I was watching the way he moved and focusing on the way the words sounded coming from his precious lips. I had been hit by Cupid! Come to find out, this mystery salesman also just moved to the area so we decided to be friends and I didn’t think twice before giving him my number. We had our first date at Olive Garden and have been together ever since…18 months later and we’ve traveled the world together and own our own business. When love’s meant to happen, it just will (:

  • Girl@Wendys

    Me and my hunny met at Wendys last year where he, at the time, worked at. He was on the fryer and we caught eye contact while I was ordering my food. (Lol) I went and sat down and was enjoying my meal when he starts jogging over to me because he wasnt supposed to do so and was trying to rush. He asked my name, complimented me a few times and then had to head back. But I got his number and texted mine to him. I realized I forgot my sauce for my nuggets and went up to the register again. I bumped into him because he was coming back from the bathroom. I asked him if he had gotten my text and he looked at me like he had never seen me before. Turns out, thats his identical twin LOL. I looked around and saw my hunny (back on the fryers) and looked at his twin brother, and we both started laughing! We hung out that night, snuck into a pool and talked while looking at the stars all night…..

    We’ve been happily together for 10 months now. =) ♥

    • allice

      awwwwww so cute

      • nina

        wow, thats really lovely..talking and looking at the stars. ahhhh hope that can happen to me one day.

  • sarah

    me and my ex met in the hallway at schol in 8th grade. i randomly told him was my bestfriend because he had purple hair. later in the summer he started dating my best friend.they only went on 2 dates and i went on every one of them with her. i always really kinda liked him and they soon brke up. i still hung out with him and we started liking each other a lot. non of my friends liked him and i was kinda in love with my current boyfriend befre i started dating him though so it diddnt work out…i felt so bad after breaking up with him…

  • candy

    my bf met since we were born. lol he had a crush on me since we were like 8 we hooked up at 18 and have been together ever since.

  • XOjessi14

    Lol, my ex and I met when I was a geek in band playing the alto saxophone. I felt on top of him and broke my saxophone..and managed to break his too.

  • kgirl

    My boyfriend and i actually met in an airport 🙂 he started commenting on my iphone, we flirted, i flew out to his state to meet him a month later and we fell in love!

  • Billfer

    My EX and I knew each other knew each other since babies. And he had a crush on me since Kinder. I finally gave in in 4th grade. We dated until October 2011. That douche broke up with me at the Halloween dance that MY school hosted. Not even the last of it, he did it through a FRIEND!!! But I will admit, I loved him, and in a way, won’t stop loving him. Man I need another BF!!!

  • singer_girl

    How I tell my friends I met my crush: We met when I was singing in a talent show, he was in the audience.

    How really?: I knew him before that but he didn’t notice me…

  • chattiekattie

    I met my “boyfriend” over the Internet, and he said he loved me. I almost cried, because what if he ended up being…not the guy he said he was

  • Megan Rinehart

    In truth i met my boyfriend through the kid i was babysitting. I was working during week days for two months me and the little girl i was watching would sit on the hill facing his house and watching him mow lawn and stuff. every time i saw him i wanted to talk to him but i never got the nerve. On my last day of working as a babysitter the girl made me write a note and she gave it to him while he was mowing the lawn, and then i wrote another one and another. Then we kinda talked and when he asked me if it bothered me to date a guy that was 16 at the time (me being 18) i said wouldn’t bother me he said he loved me already. He and i talked for a few weeks after that but soon we started dating. He told me he was watching me too while i work. and now it’s almost been 5 months we have been engaged for 3 of those months, and we are fighting for our love.