Your Complete Guide On How To Throw A Party

how to throw a party

Your party WILL be this fun! Source: Student of Fashion

There’s nothing like a good party, especially if you’re the one throwing it. The satisfaction, fun, and kudos from friends that comes from throwing a party that everyone talks about for weeks after feels so good -but planning a party takes organization, work, and skill!

Here’s everything you need to know about how to throw a party you and your friends will always remember, from guest list to theme to music to the timeline.

Who to invite

Holly's parties? Anything but tame! Source: Flickr

A big guest (25+ people) list obviously means a bigger (and sometimes wilder) party. This can be a great opportunity for you to bring together different circles of friends, get a dance floor going, and to ensure that there are plenty of people for everyone to mingle with without getting bored. (A smaller guest list is sometimes more work for the host in terms of keeping the conversation going, introducing everyone, etc.) If you do opt for a big guest list, make sure that the space can accommodate the headcount: you want a room big enough for people to comfortably sit and stand in small groups, with easy access to drinks, bathroom, etc.

If you want to provide food or snacks for your guests, or are looking for a somewhat tamer, but still lively, atmosphere you may want to consider a medium-sized guest list. (10-15 people.) You’ll be able to comfortably provide enough food for everyone without breaking the bank (or spending two days straight in the kitchen), and there will be enough people to keep the chatter bubbling and upbeat.

A smaller, more intimate party (under 10 people) is a delicate art: the wrong mix of people can lead to awkwardness or tension, but with the right people, a small party can evolve into one of those magical evenings that brings random people together in a way that will make them feel like best friends long after its over. Small parties lend themselves ideally to small spaces and budgets: just be selective about whom you invite. You want everyone to get along, but you also want to ensure that guests mingle: inviting two best friends who spend the whole night together to the exclusion of other guests can be a disaster.

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  • Iz

    I had a party with a bunch of my friends who didnt know each other but it actually turned out really well and they all got on. You do have to be careful though. I’m doing it again this year but i haven’t invited certain people simply because i thought they wouldnt mix well.

  • Stephanie

    One time I had a party with a bunch of girls who didn’t really know each other- BIG MISTAKE, I know. I was younger than, but still- if your going 2 a party 4 the sake of the host be nice! Or at least make an effort…;)