I Wanted Beautiful Hair, But Already Had It

beautiful hair

A girl can dream . . . Source: Getty Images

It’s award season and, if you notice one thing about the celebs strutting on the red carpet, it’s that they all have sleek, beautiful hair. I’m not saying everyone’s manes are perfectly straight (even though most of them are), but every single head is frizz-free—not an out-of-place curl to be seen. And smoothed-out locks aren’t just the goal of movie stars. Every girl I know spends hours massaging potions into her hair and using a straightening iron to tame her tresses until they resemble silk.

Every girl, that is, except me.

You see, I have a crazy head of hair. It’s messy and curly and long—and I love every strand of it. I still can’t believe that’s how I feel since I spent the majority of my life hating what was coming out of my head.

So much work!    Source: albaniangirl92.tumblr.comWhen I was in high school I tried in vain to mimic my best friends’ dos. But while bangs and long hair looked amazing on them, they just looked ridiculous on me. My hair was super wavy, and brushing it only made it worse. And instead of lying flat against my forehead, my bangs flew off in every possible direction. Sick of fighting with my hair every morning, I chopped it all off the summer before college. My once-shoulder-length hair ended above my ears—and stayed there for the next seven years. My attitude was: It was easier to tame if there’s less of it.

Then I missed one of my scheduled haircuts and couldn’t get another appointment for a month. A few weeks later, my boss called me into her office and told me that she wanted me to go to her salon. I assumed because my hair looked bad, but she quickly explained that the salon she goes to specializes in curly hair and that she was convinced I had it. I told her that my hair wasn’t curly, it was just unmanageable. But she didn’t take no for an answer.

I heart my hair!

That’s how I found myself, a week later, being schooled by a stylist on how to handle my hair. She told me that you can’t treat curly hair the same as you would straight hair. For example: no brushing or wrapping it up in a towel. She sent me home with my hands full of curly-hair-focused products and a head full of instructions. The first time I did my hair the way she told me was tough, but by the end of a week I’d gotten the hang of it. And that was also around the time people started complimenting me on my hair—something that I never in a million years would have believed possible. I had beautiful hair!

It’s now been about six years since my lesson in loving my curls. My hair hits the middle of my back and I wear it down as much as possible. I never would have thought that my most-hated feature would one day become my favorite, but that’s exactly what happened. Unfortunately, having bangs is still out of the question!

Do you have a love-hate relationship with your hair? Tell us about it in the comments!

Do you like long hair or short hair better? Tell us!

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  • Evrina

    I have this straight hair, but unfortunately it’s fake. Haha. I always wished to have straight Chinese hair but being curly and messy-haired is like, a curse and not a blessing for me 🙁 but it’s a good thing when I made me hair straight it’s like it suited me more, but it didn’t come from me though. But there are some straight-haired people who envy curly hair because it has style, well, yeah. Being curly-haired at least has style in it.

  • 1has2shop

    My hair is Asian (Chinese) hair, but for some reason it use to be straight and now it’s slightly wavy, most of my friends wished they had my hair. There s this Latino girl in my school, her hair is a lot longer than mine but I still have people coming to me and saying the love my hair or that they want my hair, I always go and say seriously you don’, cos its hard to manage :(. I really wish I had “mixed hair” or “African hair” because it’s soo pretty and soft. My hair is really thick and it takes so long to dry and waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many colours (all natural tho) :/ Boys use to call me “peng” or “hopspice” cos my hair wass up n all, loads ov boys, bt not my crush 🙁 self esteem- was 3 now -11 :'(

  • Khira

    I can’t stand my hair,and stuff like this article always make me feel worse. I have enough hair for two people at least, and its extremely coarse. No matter what products I use it is crazy frizzy, and tends to be this wierd, not curly, not straight, not wavy mess. The only upside is I love the color. I get the 4-6 week keratin treatment, and afterwards it looks amazing, but as soon as I wash it, its right back to normal. I swear Ive tried everything, and my family is always telling me it looks great, but I know its not, they just know I’m so insecure about it.

    • sakurasan93

      girl my friend has the same hair as you based on the description she doesnt do anything to it and it looks awesome the only downside to her hair is that it is dry and kinda tangly but that does not stop her .so girl dont be so insecure and sport you beautiful hair and be proud

      – sincerely,sakurasan93

  • Maddie D

    My hair sounds like this, it’s coarse and super wavy in every which way. I have absolutely NO idea how to properly take care of it.
    How do you get a personal stylist???

  • Heather

    I have long straight hair and I love it, but I’m going to get 3-4 inches off and bangs for a new look and if my hair gets too long it goes flat. It’s about at my butt now. haha ^^

  • Heather Liosnbee

    I have long straight hair and I love it, but I’m going to get 3-4 inches off and bangs for a new look and if my hair gets too long it goes flat. It’s about at my butt now. haha ^^

  • Mabel

    My hair is very curly and a little bit past my shoulders when it’s its curly. It’s so soft and pretty-when I can get it to work! I’ve tried a ton of products (gel, spray, frizz-tamer) and I’ve had only one day this whole year where I LOVED my hair curly. It wasn’t frizzy and the curls were really defined and it was amazing! I tried it again the next day using the same technique and same products but it became all over the place and the curls were not defined. I didn’t like it. I straighten my hair every morning after taking a shower the night before and I like it! I love my curly hair so much and everybody else does too but I can’t seem to find a product that works exactly the way I want it to. Advice?? (:

  • Claire

    Hajer, try cutting your hair in layers and using scrunching mousse 🙂

    Also, my hair is curly and out of control. But I like it, and I’m going to grow it super long. Please do a post on managing curly hair!

  • Brenda

    I used to hate my curly hair too. It’s not like I feel like I have the best hair out there, but I accept it and embrace its curliness. That’s one of the biggest errors we curly haired girls make: we try to make it straighter instead of enjoying our curls.
    I try to use as little shampoo as I can and leave conditioner on for a minute or more. Also, I use the scrunching with head upside-down technique and it seems to be working!

  • Hajer

    omg!i have suuuuuuper curly hair,everybody loves it,but i don’t!taking care of it is hard and i can’t wear it down because it has no volume at the top of my head and it’s poofy at the bottom.so,i wear it in an updo and i have long side bangs on an angle (so my hair looks kinda emo-ish,since my bangs cover one of my eyes) buuuuuut,i’m finally getting my hair temporarily straightened and have a lot of layers since my hair is really long .. loved the article,thanx! =D

  • Lisa

    My hair is such a headache! I’ve been straightening it for several years and lately it’s been falling off a lot, I’m even scared to go bald-ish so I’m trying not to straighten it every time I wash it. Which is only every 3 days because that also makes it fall out lol. I guess I’ll eventually have to learn to love my curly hair *sigh*

  • blondie62

    also, is it bad to wash your hair every single day? I have to or else it gets greasy.. -_-

    • Isabel

      No, it’s fine. If u produce a lot of natural oil, then wash it as much as u need to. It’s when u have dry hair that u can’t wash ur hair every day.

  • blondie62

    I have longish straight, thin blonde hair and I would LOVE to have beautiful curls! my hair is a pretty color, but it is soo thin it really bugs me.. 🙁 everyone else has gorgeous thick hair. I want to grow my hair long though, any tips on what I can do to make it thicker? would thin hair look bad long, like not quite to my elbow?? Thanks!

  • Alex

    I would kill to have naturally curly hair! My hair is so limp and thin! People complement me on how shiny and silky my hair is, but I think it looks boring and flat. I love the way wild curls look, I’ve always wanted them.

  • weirdo411

    i used to have very long hair but i got it cut short 4 a change now its about half as long as it was b4 but i got bangs. now i feel super ugly and its even worse when my mom says i look stupid. how do i get my hair to grow faster and get my bangs to go th way i want them?

  • ajamarie

    I Know How You Feel. Im African American And I Always Dreamed About Having Hair Like Selena Gomez Or Miley Cyrus.

    • ruby

      seriously? i have long straight hair and i hate it, i’ve allways wanted african hair.. the amount of time i spend curling it or back combing it is unbelivable. want to swap ?

  • ItsMaiiSadik

    That really touched me 🙂