Ask A Guy: Do Guys Really Care If You Have Big Boobs?

Men Like Big Breasts

Do you have to fill out a bikini like this to find a guy?

Dear Ethan: Does a guy really care if you have massive boobs during sex? My friend is really self-conscious about her body sometimes, and all she talks about is how guys want girls with big boobs. It’s starting to make me a little worried.

As I’ve revealed here at Ask A Guy before, the honest truth is that all men – just like women – do have personal preferences. And just as some girls find themselves especially attracted to men of specific height, hair color, or calf size, some men are into larger breasts.

Is it possible that some of these guys might rule out dating girls with anything less than watermelon-sized boobs? Sure, it’s possible. But from my experience, most of these men will be open-minded enough to appreciate the many other positive qualities of less endowed women. I, for example, am a real-life “Breast Man” who has happily dated – and even loved – women with smaller boobs.

Lea Michele might not have much, but who wouldn't hook up with her?

Furthermore, even though most guys might enjoy breasts to some extent, tastes can vary wildly from person to person. In fact, about half of the breastophiles I know actually prefer smaller cup sizes! And even better news for your horizontally-challenged friend is that most of the guys I know actually favor butts or legs. If your friend is worried about what guys will think of her smaller boobs, all she needs is a man who can appreciate her greatest assets, whatever they may be. There’s even someone out there who will go gaga over those sexy earlobes of hers.

So learn to love your greatest features and use them to lure a lucky guy in. As I always say, confidence is far more alluring than any appendage (or two) can ever be. And if all else fails, just remember that most guys are so thrilled to be having sex in the first place, they likely won’t have any body part to complain about but their own (just ask my buddy, “Six Second” Steve).

Good luck!

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  • Woody

    I also love areolas that are the size of Texas and the color of Hersheys Kisses, and have a nipple on them like a Moen faucet. Ta Ta’s are tops ladies. We love ’em. Learn to live with it. Would you rather we didn’t like them, lick them, carass them, kiss them, and admire them? It’s a natural mother nature act. From reading material I understand that most women like them kissed, carassed, and admired, so quit holding out on us so long ladies. Playboy magazine didn’t become an overnite success because of it’s cooking recipes! If you’ve got it….flaunt it!

  • driver8

    i really wish girls/women would stop giving a rats ass about what boys/men like. too bad we can’t evaluate your package guys before the big reveal. too small is just as bad as too big. but it doesn’t matter because guys look in the mirror and even if they have no teeth and a big gut they still think they look great.

  • Bert

    “Also, it’s in human males’ genetics to prefer women with larger boobs”? Sorry. Perky and petite on a small frame beats big and bouncy any day.

  • John

    I allways liked small breasts or in the midle but big is ok its wants in side that realy counts as for butts if you want to know small ones i dont know just not like most men i guss.

  • Lorna

    All I’d like to say is that it really does not matter what size your breast are…I had breast augmentation done because after having a child and breast feeding…my boobs lost their tightness. I have never had anything but compliments from guys…it didn’t matter if they were small or after I had them enlarged. Men REALLY DO like a SMILE on your face, they like confidence and they like a woman they can relate to. If all a man cares about is the size of your breast then they are only after ONE thing. Sorry but that’s the truth!

  • Veronica

    Why is it wrong for men to prefer big tits? It’s natural. A woman with natural big tits says she has what it takes to physically feed her children. Breasts also remind the man of an ass. If a man says he prefers smaller boobs its because they have been with women who have big ones that sag….but ALL boobs will sag. Fat is fat, and I’ve seen A and B cups that look horrible compared to my natural E’s. mine are actually perfect, and that’s after having feeding three kids, but I can thank tight skin for that.
    I’m blessed. Men literally go into a trance when I walk by and women look at me like they want to kill me.
    And there will be so many comments from girls saying they’re happy with their small tits and so are their men…..sure, that’s why breast augmentation and porn filled with women that have big tits are multi billion dollar industries.
    However, if I had small ones, I’d keep them that way. Men don’t just like tits big, but they like them soft and pliable, not hard and looking like balls.

    • Kelsey

      That sounds so self – absorbed if you ask me. Yes some men like bigger boobs. But who are you to judge girls with smaller boobs to be undesirable to men and less capable of taking care of their children just because of their genetics. All the women in my family are small breasted and we’re very capable of taking care of their children thank you. Big boobs have no relation to breastfeeding, breasts naturally grow as a pregnant women lactate. Small breasts are just as good as larger breasts. Like the men say more than a handful is a waste. ~ a girl very proud of her small breasts

  • Melanie

    Ha ha! Ironically, Lea Michelle recently had a breast augmentation. So much for that reasoning!

  • Ruffcut

    i like all tits and size,if they smell good, and have a large nipple.

    • Asper

      Women are more than body parts, asshole.

  • IHeartGreen

    I believe that size doesn’t matter as long as you have a good personality and you have a smile on your face

  • Shelby

    Also, it’s in human males’ genetics to prefer women with larger boobs. It’s subconscious, but it’s true. Also, women with a larger ass are more desirable as well, also subconsciously, since both of these traits symbolize a better ability to bear children. So. Once again, boobs win.

    • Brittney

      Just because you used the word subconscious(ly) twice does not mean you know what you are talking about. I would love to see your research (please note that does not mean GOOGLE) regarding your ‘findings’ on this subject. Since you seem to know for a fact that all males are pre-programmed to prefer large boobs…

      • Tess

        Not the original commentor, but it’s evolution. Each organism, according to evolution, needs to be able to pass on its genes and reproduce in order to be considered “fit”. Childbirth is a very intense process, and women with larger hips tend to have an easier time giving birth than those that have smaller hips. Women with larger hips tend to be curvy elsewhere, making larger breasts and butts more desirable for reproduction purposes. Keep in mind, this is from a purely biological standpoint, and obviously reproduction is not the high priority when men think this, but from a scientific standpoint it makes sense. Sociologically speaking, things are very different obviously.

        • Janice

          Not true.

          Most Asians have small hips, and Asians make more than half of the world’s population

    • Lily

      That’s what they tell us, but I don’t think it’s true. Over 60% of all natural breast sizes are A and B cup, not DD. Only a very small percentage of women have natural D’s or DD’s. So that blows that supposed theory out of the water. Not only that, but everyone knows our breasts get bigger when we get pregnant and they get engorged with milk. So that also blows that theory out of the water. And, if that were true, why wouldn’t men like women with huge stomachs and who weigh around 200 pounds? If guys look at big breasts and subconsciously think she’d be able to feed his children better than someone with small breasts, wouldn’t they look at small/flat stomachs and think she wouldn’t be able to have room to carry a child? It’s all b.s. to get women to spend money on implants and expensive bras. Don’t believe the hype.

      • D Cups are Small

        Late to the party, but just in case anyone ever reads this and believes the above… The bras *bought* most commonly are A to D cups. The bra cup sizes most commonly *needed* are the DDD/Es, Fs and Gs. The problem is that just about everyone’s wearing band sizes much too big, so my 34DD bras should have been 30G or Hs. Likewise, someone in a 36B could need a 34C, 32D, 30DD or 28DDD, and that’s assuming the cup fits well in the first place.