Pick One! Glasses or Contacts

glasses or contacts

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Do you wear glasses, contacts, or nothing at all? Tell us in the comments!

Now, check out these cute pics of our fave celebs in glasses!

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  • Julia

    Contacts have seriously changed my life. Now I don’t hide behind them and have made friends because of them! Now I feel like myself and I will never go back!

  • natalya

    GLASSES! I need them! There like eyeliner to me! Lol. I only would use contacts for my cosplay or something!

  • Brandi

    Glasses because I look much better with them on than without them. And I can’t handle putting anything in my eyes..

  • Momoko

    i love my glasses 😀 i think they just look better on me than no glasses. the only downside is they’re always getting dusty…

  • Exaelia

    I hate my glasses. I can’t put my hair in braids and some of my hair gets under my glasses so when I pick up my hair my glasses fall off.

  • alyssa_319

    Right now I wear glasses. I hate them so much I have only been wearing them for 4 months now, but it feels like years. I’m 15 and also got braces like 2 weeks ago so I feel like a total nerd. When I watch TV I most of the time lay down and glasses are not the most comfy thing to wear when your head is sideways. I have never tried contacts and my mom thinks contacts are too pricey and she won’t even go to the eye Dr. and see. In and she said I could get them. All my friends like glasses on me and call me a sexy librarian. I just don’t feel like my self. Oh well I just have to live with life it’s not the worst that could happen.

  • TheMusicNerd

    Without a doubt, 100%, glasses!! I love them, they’ve become a part of who I am. Haha I’m LITERALLY lost without them and they’re just easier than contacts. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I wear both contacts and glasses.. sometimes you just don’t feel like wearing contacts, so sometimes i let my eyes rest and just wear my glasses

  • paige

    Contacts are great for when you do contact sports like rugby or lacrosse and they don’t fog up when u go inside a warm building after being outside in the snow…..but I still love glasses because you can leave them on for a long time compared to contacts.

  • reader911

    I got glasses in middle school. I refused to wear them until my freshman year of high school. I do have contacts, which I wear on occasion, like when I do my eye make up. Glasses make the make up kind of hard to see. I’ve learned to love my glasses though, they’ve become a part of me.

  • basschick

    i have had glasses for way to long…. since i was 4! it is such a pain and i wish i could get rid of them. =P but i guess there comes a time when you just gotta own it cuz for me? they are never gonna leave cuz for some reason contacts don’t work.

  • JuliaMaria

    I have reading glasses but I’m asking my mom for contacts but she says I’m too young 🙁

  • Julianne.

    Def contacts. I wear both, but i think contacts show your REAL beauty. I mean, you weren’t born with glasses. I think of my glasses as more of an accesory. But i hav had glasses since 2nd grade. When i got contacts, everyone was saying how beautiful my blue eyes wer, and how they never knew that my eyes looked like that. I think contacts show ur beauty that glasses hide. I also do swim team, so that was a pain. I ended up getting prescription goggles, but they were expensive and annoying. I wear dailys, so i can swim in them. Contacts.

  • Riara Holland

    I wore both untilll… i lost my contacts… SO GLASSES WERE MY LOVER!<3

  • Molly

    I love my glasses! I mean I have had glasses since the first grade and I hated them at first but now that I have had them for so long I realized that
    First- they are a piece of me that I cant change and now would never want to
    second- my own portable protective gear (I’m accident prone)
    third- They are yet another accessory I can use to express myself with
    there is nothing wrong with them and there is no way I would give them up

  • maddy

    I wear contacts not for the sake of beauty but for convenience, like when I’m riding a roller coaster and I don’t want them to fall off from a hundred feet in the air. I also like the fact I have better peripheral vision with contacts than glasses, where you have to move your head if you want to see something out of the corner of your eye.

  • S-E

    I wear glasses. I suppose contacts would be cool, but I don’t care that much, either. I like wearing glasses; I feel they’re expressive, though people have before accused me of “hiding behind” them. I love guys who wear glasses, too <3 9 times out of 10, glasses will make a guy more attractive, imo. But that's just me, the weirdo who's too fond of spectacles :3

    • TheMusicNerd

      Haha it’s not just you. Glasses really do make guys like exponentially hotter.

  • nativeRebel

    i have worn glasses since 3rd grade and i hate em, i wanna be beautiful but i just dont think i can when wearing glasses i hate having to take them off to put my make up on and then putting them on again same goes for sports im going to play football next year and i dont wanna have to worry bout them getting broke i guess i should ask the doc bout contacts

  • Tiffany

    I have worn glasses since I was in Kindergarten and I wish I could wear contacts sometimes but my eye doctor says that they don’t make them strong enough for my eyes, I’m not sure if that is true or not but I would really like to be able to shed my glasses every once in a while.

  • megan

    GLASSES! i have glasses and i luv them. once my friend asked me why i dont just get contacts. Abbey, if ur reading this, then here’s why:
    first of all, i’ve had glasses since second grade
    second, for some strange, unkown reason, i like wearing them
    third, abbey, i wont get contacts just cuz u did
    fourth, i dont care what u or anybody else thinks
    fifth, my glasses have become part of me
    last, ur a snotty brat who thinks you always know best (no offense, abbs)
    so, yeah. i dont plan on getting contacts anytime soon