Pick One! Glasses or Contacts

glasses or contacts

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Do you wear glasses, contacts, or nothing at all? Tell us in the comments!

Now, check out these cute pics of our fave celebs in glasses!

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  • Chris

    GLASSES! I had always wanted to wear glasses and when I found out I needed to wear them, it was one of the best days of my life. I simply love wearing glasses and actually feel a need to wear them. I did try wearing contacts for 6 months at one time and could not wait for the six month supply to run out so I could go back to wearing glasses.

  • Nicole

    I’ve had contacts since the 6th grade and wore glasses before then. I’ll admit that for a long time I wasn’t very good at taking care of my eyes and contact lenses, but recently I’ve been taking things more seriously because my doctor said that I was at risk of becoming blind.
    I don’t have anything against glasses except that they’ve always been uncomfortable to me. I used to be a dancer, so I’d either have to hold them on my face or go without them during lessons. I can also never find adult frames that fit and look good on my strange, tiny head. I currently have two pairs of glasses for emergencies: one pair fits but is incredibly unflattering, and the other pair looks good but falls off my face constantly.
    I would wear glasses as often as contacts if I could find the right pair, but alas, that has yet to happen.