She Found A Cure For Cancer–Where’s Her Parade?

angela zhang

We might be closer than you know! Source: Facebook

When Presidents, beauty queens, and just normal schmoes like me are asked for their biggest wish, one of the top answers–right up there with “world peace,” and “no more hunger,” is “a cure for cancer.”

Pretty much everybody knows someone who’s either lost their life or struggled through horrible treatments for cancer, so you’d think that if someone found a cure that seems like it really could save lives, there’d be like, a national holiday, or a whole edition of the newspaper dedicated to them or something. Apparently, that’s not the case.

Angela, above, deserves a PAR-TAY!

A few weeks ago, 17-year-old Angela Zhang unveiled an insanely amazing breakthrough–a revolutionary new way of treating cancer without making people sick in the process. Sounds like something out of a futuristic sci-fi book, but it’s real–Angela came up with the idea, built it, tested it and (according to all the experiments that have been done by her and other experts) found out that it works! Yes, there is a lot more testing that needs to happen before it can be used to treat people, but it’s still the most promising advance I’ve ever heard of.

So, why was it that when I told my sister, my friends, and my boyfriend about her, nobody had heard of her at all? Maybe because when you search under Angela’s name on the New York Times website, not a single story comes up. She should be on the front page, and they never even wrote about her! Same thing with USA Today and

What gives? If Angela were say, some dude named Arnold, and instead of being 17, she was 47, everybody would be all over this. But because she’s a girl and still in high school, the only real major media she’s gotten is a small video clip by CBS News that highlights not only her brilliance but her love of shoes.

A cure for cancer? Worth celebrating!

I am absolutely in awe of Angela–her creativity, ingenuity, and amazing brilliance will hopefully save so many lives. That said, I’m so freaking annoyed and frustrated with main-stream media for not applauding her achievement as they should.

Give the girl some credit, people! She found a cure for cancer!

What do you think of Angela’s discovery? Do you know someone who’s had cancer? Tell us in the comments.
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  • Francois DuBois

    I am so proud of this young lady and her determination to find a cure for Cancer. I can’t wait until she is recognized by major research groups in the field of Cancer and they begin to use it on humans who are suffering from cancer. It sounds rather simple after it was translated into everyday lingo and I pray to God that it will be a successful treatment.

  • Liz

    Google these words : Cannabis Cures Cancer Also seach facebook look for Rick simpson he is the man that discovered it,, this is the big one,, its curing lots of people with no side effects look on youtube. use the same search words and see what comes up!
    this video’ is a good one to start with its caqlled ‘Run From The Cure’

    there are natural cures for cancer there always has been and if anyones wondering why they have not heard about them in the UK its becuase the UK conservative party made the 1939 Cancer Act which bans anyone from advertising natural remedies or helping anyone with cancer! in other words they sold nature out in favour of the radio & chemo patented drugs companies,,, and yet there cures have been a total disaster, for the last 70 years this evil dictatorship legislation has existed… theres also similar evil dictatorship legislations in Canada and USA. …

  • Natalie

    This treatment will go through and will be sucessful. This teen has favor on her the science community will listen to her. In a few years we will have a cure for cancer. Trust me it will happen.

    • tomaf

      It’s 3 years later now and still no definitive cure. 🙁

  • Christina Prandini

    I am just amazed. My father has cancer and we are going through a second type of chemo therapy now (the first one didn’t work and his tumor is larger). I hope and pray that Angela’s discovery can help eradicate cancer and give people a better quality of life. Congratulations Angela – you are a true hero!

  • Carolyn

    There are many treatments for cancer and possible “cures” but the FDA doesn’t approve development for them because they and the drug companies would lose millions. Cancer is a lot of money for drug companies. So if this girl tries to develop this “cure” I can guarantee that they are going to try to put her in jail. They did the same thing to a doctor biochemist named Dr. Berzynski who developed a 30% effective treatment for cancer that didn’t have nay negative side effects like chemo but they tried to put him in jail for developing it and giving it to his patients despite its effectiveness. So it doesn’t really matter whether or not she found a cure…..The FDA and the drug companies have been using the same treatments since the 1980s…Wonder what they do with the cure for cancer money…

    • cheryl

      Carolyn I fear you are correct in your statement The FDA and the drug companies have been using the same treatments. The FDA seems to have never had a regard for human life only on the kickback and bottom line for companies, they have approved to legally kill people with the poison. Instead of forcing those same companies to adapt this new tech. The sad fact is that have no intention of ever allowing a release any product to decrease loss of life.

  • elle


    • zack

      shut up

    • Alyssa

      I agree with Zach, shut up. You Are just jealous you didn’t cure cancer. Stop being such a Negative Nancy, No one likes Negative Nancy. I feel bad for your parents

    • Jacki

      There are cures for minor cancers.

    • Really

      I’m sorry, are you a chemists, biologist, doctor, researcher, or otherwise in the medical field at all? I’m willing to bet you are not. How dare you say she did not find the cure for cancer? I am fairly certain you could not even begin to comprehend the complexities that her mind posses. She is an amazing young lady and deserves a standing obviation from the ENTIRE world! And last time I checked a cure implies a complete abolishment of a disease and it seems this is what her methods are currently proving to do in lab mice. Is it so far fetched to believe a brilliant 17 year old girl has possibly found a cure? What kind of cynical person are you to crush the dreams and aspirations of this young lady? She has brought a new approach and vantage point to research and medicine that some of the most brilliant minds in our history were unable to see. I believe this up and coming generation has the ability to change the world in ways we never thought possible, and we should foster that potential and ambition instead of hindering it. I say, research on young lady! I can’t wait to see what you might accomplish! It’s gonna be AMAZING!!

  • Natasha

    Probably because it’s not actually a cure for cancer yet. It’s only been tested on mice and it’s going to take years to see if it will work on humans.

  • Emily

    what kind of messed up world do we live in where everyone has heard of kim kardashian’s wedding, but not A CURE FOR CANCER??? i weep for the future.

    • tomaf

      kim who? Cardassian? aren’t they aliens on Star Trek?

  • starf

    what??????? she should be in the paper and it should be used imidialtley!! sorry about my spelling mistakes….

  • Sylvia C.

    The fact is that people who are good in academic studies, such as science, whether they are male or female, young or old, are not just ignored by our society. They are put down and bullied from Grade School right up until they are adults. When I graduated from High School, the kids that went up on stage to get their science awards were booed, and some kids even threw tomatoes at them. The kids who got athletic awards were treated like heroes!

    I suspect that part of the reason her discovery is being ignored is also that it threatens the multi-billion dollar drug industry. Chemotherapy is their number one cash cow, and it benefits them when people have to go through cancer treatment over and over again because their drugs often put the disease in remission without actually curing it. The drug industry has a lot of power, especially in the media. I wouldn’t be surprised if they made it as difficult as possible for Angela’s discovery to get funding and go through the testing process to get FDA approval. Any treatments that aren’t backed by the drug industry, such as herbs, vitamins and other natural treatments, almost never get FDA approval so that they can be used in hospitals. Many cures for cancer have been announced, and then never heard about again.

    I hope that Angela finds a way to get her invention tested, approved and marketed, but it’s going to be a long, hard road ahead. People with cancer deserve to have a choice in treatments available, especially something that might work without all the horrible side effects.

  • Katii

    So awesome! I know it’s years away from being a feasible option for patients, but this is huge. And I’m wicked proud that a girl did it! My mom and two of my grandparents had cancer (my grandfathers have both passed away, bu my mom is cancer-free and well!), and because of a health condition I am at a higher risk than average for certain cancers. So here’s to a brighter, cancer-free future!