From The Boards: Would You Have Sex While On Your Period?

Having Sex While On Your Period

Should you or shouldn't you?

That time of the month stinks for so many reasons. Never mind the cramps, headaches, bloat-y feeling and mood swings – a girl can’t even get down and dirty! …Or can she?

We saw this topic in the message boards, and we had to know how you girls feel about this. Would you still have sex even when you’re on your period? Or are you totally turned off by even the thought of it? It might sound surprising, but it’s actually pretty normal to get frisky during that time of the month. So we’re going to get a little personal and see how you guys feel about it. Check out what these girls and said, and tell us know what you think.

stayclassy said:
Sex on your period… Do you do it? Yes? No? Why not?

hero_of_the_day said:
I never did but eh… I don’t know if I would. I don’t feel as sexy when I’m making a mess. Unless I was in the shower, then maybe I’d be okay with it.

Sex can actually soothe those pesky cramps.

S0Exciited said:
I do it. It’s really not a big deal. I’ve never had sex on a heavy flow so I’ve never had a big clean-up, I usually wait midway through my period. We just put a towel down and do our thing lol. If you’re both comfortable with it then go for it. It’s not gross.

Basically, we’re going to have to repeat what S0Exciited said: if you and your partner are totally fine with it, then, hey, why not? It might not be every girl’s cup of tea, but it’s your body and your decision, so who really cares what other people have to say about it?

One word of advice: having sex on your period could get a little messy. Be sure to keep a towel handy and definitely make a bathroom trip when you’ve finished up. Also, make sure you take your tampon out before you do anything! Oh, and enjoy yourself. If you’re going to feel horribly self-conscious the whole time and you’re just doing it to please your partner – don’t do it.

Who do you agree with? Would you have sex while you’re on your period? Let us know in the comments.


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  • ursula

    How can you get pregnant when you are on your period. Isn’t the bleeding from your uterus lining shedding itself. So where would the egg, if it forms, go stick itself. Doesn’t it take some time or some point of time in your cycle to have that uterus lining to hold the egg. This whole period and cycle stuff is so confusing.

    • cutecurlybrunette

      you are right. It is very rare and an exception when that happens. Many younger girls choose to have unprotected sex while on their period because they are safe.

  • Hasna

    My bf always likes to do it while I am having my period. I am almost 15 and my bf has been doing tht for the last 2 years since i started having periods.
    I thnk he like it onlt becoz he dont wear a condom for tht. He say he like it tht way becoz he can feel inside me. He tell me it is very safe time for me.

    • melody

      my bf does the same. You are so right, he likes it because he dont wear a condom. Like if he knows I have just started my period he takes me away to his place and hes like so keen to do it. I sometimes teell my teacher in school I have a tummy ache and then he comes and picks me up and we go to his place and hes like OMG for 3 or 4 hours we do it non stop.

  • ashok

    yes i & my partner taking full joy of sex during period. my partner says that during this period she got much satisfaction. Despite, i also having good joy and feel there is no matter of period, if life partner is agreed.

  • Pam Grubb

    I do it every chance I get. It’s no big deal really.