Confession: I Say I’m Vegan, But I Totally Cheat

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This is what I say, but not always what I eat! Source:

When people hear the word “cheater,” they might think of gross celebrities who’ve cheated in relationships, or kids who’ll never actually know how to spell since they’ve cheated on every test ever. Those kinds of cheaters are pretty bad.

I’m a cheater, too–just of a different kind. I am a vegan, but that is just 95 percent of the real story. The other five percent is kind of a lie. I’ve been vegan for years, which means I don’t eat or use any animal products at all–no meat (obviously!), no poultry or fish, no milk products, no eggs, honey, leather, fur–you get the idea. Some of my good friends are vegan, too, which makes it easy. We cook together, we sip soy milk together, it’s like a big happy scene.

Thing is, without my vegan posse, things get a little more complicated and I . . . cheat.

It was like I was forced to eat it. Source:

This year, at my best friend’s birthday party, she had this ginormous Mrs. Field’s Cookie Cake–totally NOT VEGAN! But how could I refuse my best friend’s birthday cake? Isn’t that like, bad luck or something? So I ate a respectable sized slice of the cake, though I did wipe off that gross blue frosting which gives me a little credibility, right?! I know, I’m letting down my vegan sisters and brothers, but what else could I do? I didn’t want to be the no-fun militant vegan at my friend’s party!

And if you think I only cheated that once, you’re wrong. Like most cheaters, my cheating wasn’t a one-time deal. I often find myself at the local coffee shop, meeting friends to chat, or just catching up on emails. How can I be expected to resist those delicious-looking, fresh-baked scones? Especially when I’ve been running around all day and my tummy is grumbling so loud. I call it my ‘don’t ask, don’t tell policy’ wherein I really hope the barista won’t ask if I’m vegan, and I definitely won’t tell her that I am!

So yes, I’m a cheater and I don’t make excuses or feel guilty, either. I say I do it for others, you know, to be courteous, but really, sometimes I just really want that croissant!

Are you vegetarian or vegan? What do you think about girls who say they’re veggie but then “cheat”? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Danielle

    It isn’t about being a party pooper. It’s about sticking to your beliefs, even when it’s not convenient or makes you seem like a pain in the ass lol. Because when you believe in something, you should stand up for it. Unless you don’t eat animal products for health reasons and not animal rights…

  • Shantasia Lee

    I have a question for whoever is willing to answer… i have been a vegetarian since i was 13. I’m turning 17 in august and am now transitioning to vegan. I was looking up vegan diets and saw that ramen noodles (chicken packets) had meat in it. I had never realized that it had been a meat, i had always thought it was just a certain type of pasta with different spices in the sauce. Not knowing this this i had rarely (only when we would run out of food and there was nothing else to eat) ate the ramen. I feel really bad knowing this now and will never eat any type of ramen again. Can i still say that i had been a vegetarian ever since i was 13, knowing that i had unintentionally cheated the diet? I feel like i still can seeing that if i would have known i wouldnt have EVER eaten it. I never had the the urge to cheat the vegetarian diet and had been really proud to say that i had become a strong one at such a young age. I feel like an idiot and would like to hear someone else’s opinion on the matter…

    • carly

      I consider that still being vegetarian. Because, if you feel that you wouldn’t have eaten it if you knew, then you are still vegetarian. You should probrably read the labels just to be sure, but still, it wasn’t intentional. I’m a vegan too and I have done that before, everyone does. It’s hard to avoid. Anyways, don’t feel too guilty, you didn’t know. And good luck with being vegan! 🙂

  • lovely_calamity

    There’s a couple things I want to say about this article: Firstly, that the comment about “gross celebrities who’ve cheated in relationships” comes off as being extremely childish to me.

    But, secondly, to the point of this article: I think that if you feel the need to “cheat” with your diet then you are simply not setting realistic enough goals for yourself. If you eat vegan 99% of the time but there are moments when you are willing to eat a cookie or scone that contains dairy or eggs, why not just be honest when people ask and say, “I eat vegan the majority of the time, but occassionally I make exceptions and eat things that may contain dairy or eggs?” Then you are no longer cheating, because you are including minor exceptions as part of your diet.

    It is the same thing if you “sneak fish” when you are “trying to be vegetarian.” Why not just be pescetarian and eat vegetarian the majority of the time?

    I became vegetarian for aesthetic reasons and never knew what a vegetarian was until after I had been eating that way for some time, so I don’t experience strong urges to eat- say- a cow or a lamb. I have over time learned a lot about the benefits of eating lightly from the health benefits experienced by pescetarians and lacto-ovo vegetarians to reducing your carbon footprint to assisting animals who are treated inhumanely at factory farms. But my goals remain realistic: I eat what I am comfortable eating at the moment and, as part of my preferences and beliefs, I eat lightly. Even though I’ve eaten vegetarian for the past two years (as well as having been vegetarian and vegan in past) if I felt comfortable to eat fish tomorrow I would not feel that I had cheated or let anyone down. When people ask, I don’t immediately jump up and say I am committed to vegetarianism for life, I say, “I have been eating vegetarian for the past couple years, because that’s what I enjoy.” And I expect them to respect that even if I don’t go off on a moral tangeant.

    In that respect, I can never cheat.

    I agree with one girl here who said if it were very important to you eat vegan at all times, then good friends should be respectful and help ensure there’s options for you when you get together. Nobody should have to feel they need to eat something just to make other people happy. Diet is about what’s best for you.

  • Hayden218

    Ok, so if you were a vegetarian I’d be super mad, because I’m a vegetarian and I know how hard it is to resist, but I always come out successfully. Since you’re a vegan, I tried this before aka a week before giving up, its extremely hard. So on some occasions its okay to cheat, like you’re only human. We all are!!! Cut yourself some slack, but I do think you should refrain your resistance towards this delicious food.

  • Laurs

    My family thought i was joking at first when I told them i wanted to be a pescatarian, they were betting that I couldn’t do it. However after they saw I was serious about it they warmed up…my mom even started making sure there were foods I could eat at dinner, now we both eat alot healthier, my sister complains though,,,thinks I’m crazy…one step at a time..they were barely open to me being a lacto-pescatarian, hopefully when I’m 18 I’ll attempt at being a vegetarian.

  • Savannah

    Im a vegetarian and have been since i was 4 im 14 almost my whole family is vegetarian we still eat eggs and dairy products. the only thing i cheat on is gelatin gummy bears and marshmallows just one of my weakness that i cant resist. I wanna go full vegan but i know that will be really hard but im gonna try 🙂

  • Kate

    It’s okay, being vegan isn’t about being perfect all the time. We all slip up occasionally. If you eat a cookie once in a while, it’s okay, your net effect on the dairy industry is undetectable. If you cheat by eating flesh, though, you’re not a vegetarian. And fish is meat…

  • madhu

    Im turning vegeterian though i still eat fish.i wud hav liked veganism bt my dietician wont put me on a vegan diet.’u see,its not practical in a tropical country like india…’ and my biggest meal is my milk-and-cereal breakfast. so… :/

  • Jordan

    I’m a vegetarian but i cheat WAY more than i should. But i only cheat with poultry and only 2 things: these amazing sauced chicken wings at this one Chinese food place and the occasional plate of turkey bacon. I’m cheat a lot less than i used to though, which is good.

  • Kristinn

    I call myself semi-vegan. that sounds unusual though. I rarely eat chicken, pork and beef but I can’t resist fish. I am not a seafood fan either, but dairy are my faves too. Anyway, everybody cheats and it is not a mortal sin to crave for sometime.

  • Carol

    I’ve been a vegetarian for a few years now and I’m proud to say that I have never cheated. I did accidently eat a candy one time because I didn’t know that it had gelatin, but I do now and I won’t eat it again. I would never cheat; it’s all or nothing for me in this situation. But I don’t care if you cheated, everybody has different reasons for doing it. 🙂

  • Briahna

    I try to be a Vegatarian, I really do, but I cheat frequently, but then again, it’s only because my parents force me. So yeah. I’ve gotten better though, I won’t eat red meat at all, or any form of seafood. My weakness is Chicken!! >:$ Lol. I feel for yah though, but a commitment is a commitment,and I only cheat ’cause i’m forced.

    • Jennifer

      I am exactly the same way. The pnly thing i will eat is chicken but not often. My dad is a pain and extrimly pushy so i do eat chicken at the most once a week, 🙁

  • singer_girl

    I’ve been a vegetarian for 5 or 6 months and I cheat anytime there is fish in front of me, i just can’t resist! it’s always been a fav meat of mine before I was a vegetarian! it’s just hard to give up a fav food!

  • Izzy

    I’m a vegetarian for over a year now and I understand. Gelatine is a meat product and is found in a lot of sweets. Infront of people I won’t eat it but sometimes I find myself chewing a sweet and then spitting it out because all I can think about is the meat product. I’ve tried to stop.

  • Hannah

    I’m a vegetarian and have been for the past 5 months now, and I am glad to say that I haven’t ever cheated. I’m not vegan (which means I’ll eat eggs/milk), but I won’t eat other animal products, like gelatin.
    Obviously it would be ideal to not “cheat” but being veggie/vegan some of the time is better than none of the time. Still I would encourage you to try to stop cheating, you can do it!

  • Anna

    What’s the point of saying you’re vegan if you don’t put your “beliefs” to action? If you are just going to cheat frequently there IS no point in labeling yourself as vegan.

    • singer_girl

      None of us are perfect, we all mess up sometimes! Are you a veggie/vegan? If not then you should try it for a month and then say that…

      • Karina

        No, no one is perfect. But being vegan means not using any animal products EVER. I’ve been vegan for 2 years and vegetarian for 4 years before that. It is not hard at all. Its about priorities; if being vegan is important to you, you won’t cheat. People who cheat are just looking for the label and make the rest of us look bad.

        • Peace

          I completely agree, I’ve been a vegetarian for over two years, never cheated, it’s not hard if you want to do it! So many people in my school say they are veg but then cheat or eat fish and still say they are vegetarian so it makes me look stupid when I won’t budge. If you cheat, being “vegan” then just say you’re vegetarian, problem solved. If you plan on cheating again then you’re not vegan, nor should you say you are, that’s deceiving. If you find yourself looking at the baked goods just stop by a vegan bakery or make your own animal-friendly sweets at home.

          Love and peace!

  • Elizabeth

    I’m a vegetarian, and I have been for nearly five years now. I think it’s totally okay to cheat, and I still eat milk and eggs and stuff, so I know it has to be easier for me. I don’t really see the harm in “cheating” every once in a while–but maybe that’s because I’m bad to the bone 😉

  • Hillary

    I am a strict vegetarian (Slowly but surely giving up dairy), and it definitely is so much of a struggle to give up all of those foods. But the way I see it, it’s totally fine to ‘cheat’ sometimes. Eating some dairy or some meat is NOT abandoning your values- veganism isn’t JUST about following a strict code of rules of what you can and can’t eat (e.g the Vegan Police in Scott Pilgrim… LOL!)- it’s about being a conscious consumer.

    • Izzy

      I love the Scott Pilgrim reference! My dad says that he is a vegetarian but then when we leave the house he does eat meat. I don’t mind anymore as I know that he isn’t eating as much meat as he would usually. It’s now easier as in my family both my parents are vegetarians and my sister isn’t. I think that you are perfectly right!

  • rebekah

    I have been a vegan for year’s, and I have similar problems sometimes. I don’t want to make people mad if I don’t eat the food they give me. At the same time though I know that I have to resist because I became a vegan for a reason. So my advice to you is don’t be afraid to speak up. Remember to tell your friends that you are a vegan and if they are real friends they will understand. Maybe they will even bring a vegan dessert, I mean the only difference is the eggs or milk and that is pretty easy to replace. Remember why you became a vegan, and don’t let a little bit of cake stop you from doing what you believe in.

  • Sarah

    I used to want to be a vegetarian so bad. Then my mom said no. So I’d be one at lunch! Every day I took a salad to school with sunflower seeds on it, with ranch dressing. Of course, now that I think about it, who knows if that ranch dressing was vegan approved. Now, I personally don’t know what was going through my head. I don’t think I could ever give up bacon. 🙂