What’s In That Cup? The Truth About Binge Drinking

what is binge drinking

Even sweet drinks can have really serious consequences.

If you’re nervous and don’t know what to say at a party, or need a little courage to talk to someone cute, having a drink to sip on can seem like the best idea in the world–but it really could create more problems than it can solve.

Sure, you might feel braver and actually be able to open your mouth, but what if you throw up all over your crush . . . or worse?

Even if you don’t drink and drive, binge drinking can make you look stupid and put your health at risk. And if you’re under 21? You’re also putting yourself–and anybody with you–in big legal trouble.

So, before you reach for that cup, here are the facts on binge drinking:

* A CDC study showed that almost half of American teens drink alcohol, and that of those who drink, nearly 65 percent admitted to binge drinking.

* A girl is binge drinking, by definition, when she has four or more drinks within a few hours–say a night out or at a party.

Some games can be deadly. This is one of them.

* About 90 percent of alcohol consumed by minors in the U.S.  (that means you if you’re under 21) is in binge drinking.

*Each year, about 5,000 young people, under 21, die because they’ve been drinking.

* Binge drinking can damage your long-term memory, making it hard to remember not only the fun times you have at parties, but also making it harder to study for tests or remember your honey’s birthday.

* If you drink enough to feel dizzy, it’s because the messages your brain sends to your muscles aren’t traveling as fast as they usually do, so you have trouble walking properly or even just standing up.

* If your friend has had enough alcohol to start slurring her words, it’s because there’s so much alcohol in her bloodstream that it’s blocking oxygen to her brain.

* If a friend has been drinking a lot and you notice that her breathing has slowed down, she’s cold to the touch, or her lips are turning blueish, call 911 right away. She could die of alcohol poisoning without the right help.

*Being sloppy drunk isn’t cute or fun for the people around you or those who have to take care of you and clean up after you! Don’t embarrass yourself!


Now that you know the facts, share them with your friends. Stay safe, and have fun!

How do you have fun at parties without getting smashed? Tell us in the comments!

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