10 Of Our Favorite iPhone Game Apps

With all of the amazing things you can do on a cell phone nowadays, it’s easy to forget the reason you got the thing in the first place (um, to make phone calls… obviously). And when it comes to my iPhone 4, I’ve realized that I spend more time on it using apps and going online than actually talking to people. I know I’m not the only one – those apps are addicting!

But the iTunes App Store is also kind of intimidating… there are literally thousands of apps out there, just waiting to be downloaded. So how are you supposed to know which ones are the best? Specifically, which games are going to keep you the most entertained and waste the most of your time? Here are my top 10 favorite iPhone game apps (most of which can also be played on your iPad, iPod, computer or Blackberry!) that you should definitely try out:


1. Tap Tap Revenge

Remember back when Guitar Hero was, like, THE game to be playing? Well, Tap Tap Revenge totally reminds me of that game (which I had a sick addiction to). It’s really fun and easy, plus you get to listen to some awesome songs that you might not have heard before.


2. Bubble Bust

This is such a simple concept, yet so much fun. All you have to do is connect the bubbles that are the same color to get to the hidden key. There are tons of levels that get more challenging as you go on, and it’s actually tougher than you think. Plus, the popping noise of the bubbles is oddly satisfying.


3. Words With Friends

If you’ve ever tried this game, then you know that there was no way it could not be included in this list. Words With Friends is basically like Scrabble, and you can play with your friends or with random strangers – just dig deep into your vocabulary for this one. If you’re not so into this version, also try Hanging With Friends – it’s a different twist on Hang-Man, and it’s just as addicting as Words.


4. Stone Loops Of Jurassica

Whenever I tell people the name of this game, they look at me like I’m insane. But I swear, it’s really fun. You connect the strings of gems that are the same color to make them disappear, and you have to beat the clock before they get to the end. Each level gets more and more difficult, but as you go on, you get cool little prizes that help you play better.


5. Tiny Zoo

Confession: I may or may not have spent a little too much money buying animals for my Tiny Zoo. I can’t help it! They’re cute! In this game, you can build your own virtual zoo – you collect coins and dollars to buy new animals, you can breed them and cross-bread them to make new species, or you can spend real money and buy animals.


6. Monster Soup

This is another game with a super simple concept that is way too addicting to stop playing. Here, you have to connect the same colored monsters before they get iced over. You wouldn’t think it’s that challenging, but actually, it is. I’ve been playing for months and have yet to pass level 16. Don’t judge.


7. Akinator

Akinator is awesome because you can play with your friends and easily amaze them! Seriously though, my mind is blown every time I play this game. Think of a celebrity and then answer Akinator’s questions about him/her – he somehow always gets it right! It might sound stupid, but it’s actually really fun to play with people (or on your own).


8. Bejeweled

I’m sure you’ve seen people playing this game on your Facebook newsfeed or something… it’s super popular for a reason. It’s similar to Tetris, but the stones make it way prettier. You basically just make strings of the same jewels to get a certain score before time runs out. The coolest thing is the amazingly bright graphics on this app, which really stand out on your iPhone.


9. Sally’s Spa

In this game, you own your very own virtual spa. You take care of customers and earn points to buy new things for your spa. As the levels go higher, it gets more and more difficult to please people. The graphics are really cool, and this game will definitely challenge you a little.


10. Temple Run
iPhone Game Apps

I’m new to this game, but apparently it’s pretty popular: Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner are always posting pictures of their high scores. Basically, you have to guide your person through different mazes. You get coins and points throughout to help you get special powers. It’s just like a video game!


What did we miss? Do you play any of these? Which game app is your favorite? Tell us in the comments.


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  • BuBbElZ

    angry birds, heads will roll, tap tap revenge 2, secret notebook, and my friend amber has like 10 diff. sex position apps lol

  • Grace


  • Amber

    Fruit ninja is another gud one

  • Abbie

    Cover orange! its the ultimate game where you have to save orange from the evil acid rain 🙂 it’s just too cute

  • Abbie

    Cover orange! its the ultimate game where you have to save orange from the evil acid rain 🙂

    • Mya

      Ooh um Yeah. This really depneds on your taste beacuse not all gaming website or eve magazines are alike. It depneds on your taste like if you like a lot of feature, go to Gamespot. If you like movies and hot babe with your gaming, then go to IGN. If you like blogs, go to giant bomb or even kotaku. It really is your taste. My favorite ones, However, are Giant Bomb and IGN.

  • kaye


    • Leilabeth

      ikr? and Pet Hotel! And TweeJump and iDork and Tap Fish and iDare! KibbleKatch from FreeKibble.com is awesome. Mall Party is pretty good. Fastlane is good but i only have the lite version. The Maverick food apps are addicting and so are the Doodle apps by ShoeTheGoose. and it’s not addicting but Lancome has a free app and it has a cool make up feature that you can make up on this girl.