20 Girl Celebrities Wearing Glasses

Do you ever feel down about the fact that you have to wear glasses? Well, we’re here to tell you that you shouldn’t. In case you haven’t heard, glasses are tres chic right now, and you should absolutely embrace them. Still not convinced? Pretty sure these pictures of super-glam celebrities will change your mind. They make glasses look gorgeous, and who can really argue with that?

Demi Lovato


Anne Hathaway


Lauren Conrad


Ashley Benson


Hilary Duff


Alicia Keys


Katy Perry


Avril Lavigne


Leighton Meester


Megan Fox


Scarlett Johansson


Lucy Hale


Michelle Trachtenberg


Selena Gomez


Miley Cyrus


Zoe Saldana


Mindy Kaling


Shenae Grimes


Marilyn Monroe

Celebrities Wearing Glasses


Kelly Osbourne



Who did we miss? Which pair of celeb specs is your favorite? Do you wear glasses? Tell us in the comments.


Watch the jams we still love from 2002 

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  • sakurasan93

    Zooey Deschanel and hayley williams

  • Hilary

    Tina Fey!

  • Christian

    Girls with glasses are my weakness! Shenae grimes and scarlett jo..mmmmm
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  • AwkwardBlackGrl

    I never didn’t want to have gllasses. I mean it’s not like i obsessed about them, it’s just that i always knew that i would need glasses and i was very excited when i got them. Also, do these celebrities wear glasses full time and arre they the plastic fake ones? Because i know a bunch of people that wear the fake onces because it’s supposed to be the new thing.

  • Angel

    I don´t wear glasses but I know Kendall and Kylie Jenner do !

  • Grace

    I love my glasses!!! 8)

  • katie

    hmm, how many of them wear glasses full time? that’s right… none.

  • ericarage

    Damnnn. I thought I was being out of the norm by picking those ugly pastic glasses. I was like heyyy I’ll make them look cool! EVERYONE IS DOING IT THOUGH!! Gotta get some different glasses! I don’t want to be doing what everyone else is doing =P

  • Alena

    Hey jessica r u related to Haley and Hanna booth

  • Casey

    Tis thing makes the scroll bar really big and then it wont let me see anybody but demi lavato

    • Jessica Booth

      Hey Casey! Just try refreshing the page if that happens!