Bitter Twitter: Lo Bosworth’s Rainy Day Bravado

A rainy Monday morning would destroy most people. I love it. –Lo Bosworth via Twitter

lo bosworth twitter

"This! Is! SPARTA! JK it's Beverly Hills."


Um really, Lo? Rain + Monday would destroy most people? It’s right up there with war, famine, and nuclear explosions? Who do you associate with–people made of paper mache or sugar cubes? Oh no, just your run-of-the-mill L.A. types, who come absolutely unglued over a little drizzle, I guess.

But don’t worry, you’re way more badass than they are. You’re like the King Leonidas of SoCal, that’s how I think of you now after that super hardcore message.

This ridiculous Tweet by the usually grounded and sane star of The Hills just goes to show that no matter how down-to-earth a celeb seems, there’s a spoiled, self-congratulatory doofus lurking just beneath the surface. Lo, next time you want to point out how faux-tough you are, maybe wait until you have a better opponent than rain

What do you think about Lo’s rainy day bravery? Stupid or cute? Tell me in the comments

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  • Alexandra

    A lot of people hate Mondays, and a lot of people hate rain. The two together could actually set someone up for a bad day if they aren’t fond of them. Only say harsh things about someone if you actually know them.

  • Maggie

    Um…kind of a harsh post for gURL