Testing 1-2-3: I Used To Sweat Too Much, Then I Found This!

sweat too much

She seriously could have used clinical strength deodorant!

I shower every day, and generally have good hygiene and everything, but over the years I’ve learned that I’m one of those girls who sweats too much to rely on your everyday deodorant.

I’ve tried every brand under the sun, but nothing worked well enough. By the end of the day almost every day, I’d know that I was starting to smell slightly like a goat and try to not let anyone get too close to me.

All of that changed when I decided to try one of those clinical strength deodorants. There are a few to choose from now without a prescription, but I’m a sucker for cute names so I went with the Secret Clinical Strength Ooh-La-La-Lavendar. It was about double the price that I was used to paying for a stick of deodorant (roughly $10 instead of $5), but I was desperate and figured if it didn’t work, it wasn’t that much money down the tubes.

My best discovery yet.

The first time I put it on, I noticed that it left more of a white residue under my arms than normal deodorant does, so I just let it sink into my skin for a few minutes and then blotted the rest of it with a tissue so there weren’t white globs stuck in my pits all day. I loved the smell of it, seriously, “ooh la la!,” but what I loved even more was that by the end of the day, I still smelled totally lovely. No more goat smell for me!

I’ve been using the clinical strength deodorant pretty religiously for a few months now and won’t be turning back anytime soon. Yeah, it’s more expensive altogether, but I don’t think an extra $5 a month is a lot to pay for the smell of sweet freshness all day long.

What kind of deodorant do you use? Does it work? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Jackie

    I tried Secret, but it just didn’t cut it for me. I use Degree Clinical Strength–it works better and it doesn’t irritate my armpits like Secret did.

  • Mitsuki

    I’m male but my deodorant crystal says unisex, so I don’t mind recommending it. I’ve never managed to get anybody else to try it though, so it’s a sample of one 😉 I don’t remember the science behind it, but it was something along the lines of not blocking up your pores.

    It can break quite easily so I would buy the smallest one, say a travel size. It’s unscented, but I found I went from a smelly wreck to…. well a much less smelly human being.

  • Ashlee

    omg i tried this too but its not working as well with me. i had the same problem. i mean it helped a little but its not completely gone. it doesn’t smell at all i just am worried about the sweating part. im tired of not being able to wear a cute colored shirt instead of black and navy blue or a sweat shirt all of the time. if you have any help for me plz let me know. thanks(:

  • Dance4ever99

    im gonna try that

  • Kris

    I use to use this same deodorant and it worked very well for me. But i started reading about all the chemicals and how it leads to cancer, so i switched to a brand that it all organic. The deodorant is only sold online, it’s not too pricey, but it works wonders and the jar last for months. You girls should really look into it. The brand is Face Naturals and everything sold on the website is organic, which is better for us because who needs all those sulfates and chemicals?. I hope this helped.

  • Amber

    I use the exact same deodorant! I absolutely love it. I’ve been using the prescription strength kind for a while now and I will not go back. I no longer have that little worry in the back of my head about how much I’m sweating all day long and I always smell good. Yay!

    • Raul

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  • Jana

    I had this problem. I used to have sweat like literally DRIPPING down my armpits. It was so uncomfortable. but then I found Certain Dri… I know the commericals are corny but it’s really cheap and it works great to stop the sweat. I haven’t had a sweat stain in 2 years now 😀

  • Cindy

    i used that kind of deodorant before. but still sweats the same. plus here she says that the Secret deodorant helped her with the sweat’s SMELL, not with the sweat. so the title is kinda wrong. but,if you guys find a good brand because you have the same kind of problem,sweating too much, CALL ME!! tell me,because i can be all day without doing anything,and still sweats like if a just runned a mile or two!! >.<

  • Erica

    Dry Idea all the way!