I Can’t Believe He Said That

Rude Boyfriend

Guys can be a little insensitive sometimes. It’s not always their fault – they don’t have the same emotions as girls do! But sometimes it is their fault – and they just end up looking, and acting, like a total jerk.

Take my boyfriend, for instance. We’ve been dating for six years, so you would think he would be a little bit more in tune with my feelings, right? Wrong.

One day when we were hanging out, I was sick and feeling really horrible. As I was laying in his bed, miserable and just looking for a little love, he kept his eyes on a sports game and snapped at me to stop whining whenever I opened my mouth.

Finally I couldn’t take it anymore, and said, “Can you please be nice to me? I really don’t feel well. Have a little sympathy.”

His response? “Sorry, but I can’t fake an emotion that I don’t feel.”

So rude! This coming from the same guy who begged me to take care of him when he had the flu!

What’s the meanest thing your boyfriend has ever said to you? Tell us in the comments.


This might be the creepiest thing a guy has ever said…

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  • Brianna

    I was supposed to go to the hospital to get a test done, but when I arrived there I was sent to the day surgery ward. Because of this, I was confused and thought there was a misunderstanding between my doctor and I.

    So I texted my boyfriend while changing into the hospital gown to let him know I was going into surgery. He asked for what, and I said to check my colon. The response he gave me both shocked and hurt me. Here’s what he said…

    “I have nothing to say right now.”
    “Just don’t text me.”

    It turned out that I was actually going for a test–like I thought–but was sent to the day surgery ward to change into a proper gown, and to be put on a stretcher.

    Anyhow, I stopped texting him, because I was very hurt and heartbroken at his rude comments. I felt unloved and very disrespected. I assumed he was upset, because I told him last minute, and we usually tell each other everything… But that gave him no right to be so rude…

    P.S. We were together for 2 years when this happened

  • Aria

    2 months ago I went out to a restaurant for breakfast with my mom and grandma..so a guy who worked there had his eye on me for a while and approached me and gave me his number he had already written on a spare receipt. He seemed really nice and all, at first. However, when we spoke on the phone the following night he was demanding me to send him sexy pics and asking if I wanted to hook up soon. I said no, since I had just met the guy. But I decided to be open and at least get to know him. Big Mistake. we began to spend time in person together but he began to get rude and aggressive with me as time went on..even during intimacy. I gave him oral once and he began to push and my head in an extremely rough way (it was so rough that It actually felt like he was deliberately trying to hurt me, I’m not even joking, unfortunately.) so I told him to stop and he told me to “shut that noise and suck it”. I had no desire to be intimate with him, after that. Over the past 2 days hes been jealous because he thought other males were ogling me and when I told him he was exaggerating he got rude and condescending with me. yesterday he was more rude than he had ever been. he was silent on the phone (it felt VERY awkward) so I asked him did he want me to call him back later. he sighed and said that he didn’t care wither way so I hung up on him and I blocked his number. I just don’t understand why a guy (who Iv’e never been rude to and who asked ME out) would just be rude and overly aggressive like that. has anyone here dealt with guys who have a “neanderthal” mindset like that?

  • patashia

    I.M laying on him were looking at something together on the Internet and he starts sniffing like he smelling something. Mind you I had just come out the shower smelling clean and fresh and yes delicious.well back to the issue he starts.to sniffing and yes he can be pretty blunt.and yes very hurtful well heart really close to me and. Started sniffing really hard around my face and head and neck and then this rude man whom I.very been dating for awhiLe will be 2 years in July and we’re supposed to be getting married this year he said my nose smells like****!!!I was really embarrassed to say the Lest and very humiliated.now I don.t feel that I could kiss him anymore are.even snuggle up to him anymore:(((so sad and hurt by his comment. And by the way I had just. Drank this milky.protein She that left a bad Taste. In my mouth):((

  • Anonymous

    My ex boyfriend called me trash & he called me a rat … he’s a dick ..

  • A

    My boyfriend has been sick the entire week. I came over today just like i do every weekend and whenever he is sick, he acts like the biggest jerk. So far today he has told me he doesn’t want me to go to his competition, he yelled at me for asking him where to turn when we were driving and i didn’t know where to go, got mad because i apparently parked in the wrong spot, every time i have said thanks he just ignores it. Today it’s been raining and when we got hone he walked out of my car and left me just sitting there as he walked on.
    We’ve been together 4 years.

  • Stephanie

    My boyfriend is a total commitment phobe and 2 weeks after he told me he loved me he decided he didn’t know if he was ready for a serious relationship and said things like “I don’t know if I ever want to get married”, “maybe I should be single forever”, “I’m a bad partner”, and “I have ptsd from my ex”. A week later all of these things and more were still bothering me so I calmly brought them up and he sarcastically said “why don’t we mark the calendar every week and talk about this and dwell on things from the past.” Finally, when I mentioned previous to these comments I thought he was the best boyfriend I’d had, he said “I don’t need to be the best.” Hmmm…

  • Auburn H

    My boyfriend was sick so I figured I’d bring him some soup and Icecream … I get to his house with his food and ask him to come outside ( he didn’t know I had food and was coming over ) and he told me no , so I went home and he texted me and told me ” you just can’t come by my house when ever you feel like it !! RUDE . We’ve been together for some time now :/ hurt my feels like hell

    • Cindy

      Although my boyfriend wasn’t sick i can relate to this because i went over yesterday i was feeling bad and wanted to see him because he makes me feel like everything will be fine instead i get there he tells me “what are you doing here” with a tone Ive never heard i always come over uninvited he never said nothing before he even gave me half an hr he said by then you need to be to be gone so rude!

    • Yvonne

      Wow that’s so mean! I’m damn sure if you said you had food he would be a lot nicer..that’s terrible 🙁

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  • Anonymous

    Wow. That is rude. Have you considered that he’s not right for you?

  • Chelsea

    My now ex-boyfriend told me that he wanted to take a break this spring semester because he didnt want to feel obligated to talk to me every day. Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that I was such a bother. See ya! That was about a week and a half ago that he said that, btw. It would have been 2 years this April and we had been together since the end of junior year of high school. Ever since he went to college, he was screwing up left and right. Not remembering to call, not going out of his way to see me when he had a million chances (I went out of my way for him ALL the time), flirting with other girls behind my back, you name it. Oh and he never told anyone about us being together, especially girls (he called us just “friends”), and hid our relationship on his facebook. I saw our break-up coming, and I decided that since I was transferring to a new school this semester, it’s about time that I had that weight lifted off of my shoulders. It’s been hard, but I’m getting support from my parents and friends and it’s really helped. I was so in love. 🙁 But time heals everything, right?

    • confused

      omg!!!! its the same thing here…..but its not over…..as yet…though i can totally see it coming!!!
      he hid about us…flirts with other girls…..never calls!!!!

  • BharbeePixie

    Hmm, its obvious that the boy is tired… I mean he’s been with her 4 six years and maybe she’s that type that’s always wanting everybody to give her all the attention once she has a slight headache. In my own opinion, I think it’s good that he was plain and didn’t fake emotions but he shouldn’t have it in words, a little attitude would have d0ne the talking. Now she’s hurt and might hold it against him sometime soon. Gurl, just take heart, ur BF was only being plain n truthful n mean.