Poll: What Do You Think Is Sexy?

What Do You Think Is Sexy

Marilyn Monroe - always sexy.

Sexy means something different to everyone. It could be lacy and revealing lingerie to one person, and to another person it could be more about attitude and confidence. Personally, I feel like being sexy is all about the way you carry yourself – it doesn’t matter what size you wear or how much makeup you have on or anything like that. Anyone can be sexy! Since everyone has such different opinions, we want to know what you think is sexy. So take this poll and fill us in:


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  • kendra joy bethune

    i think sexy is a attuide and state of mind biographers are always writting about marlyin monroe they find her sexy in her films but i think their just conercerd with psyical beauty and not beauty from with in as teachers and our mothers taught us i hope people notice real beauty from with in and not how you dress

  • neonsummer

    i think everyone is beautiful inside and out and no one has the right to judge anyone! i love to see gURL’s when they are confident in who they are, and hold their heads up in any situation. ☮ <3 & (:

  • babyjack367

    I think that girls are only REALLY SEXY when they’re comfortable with themselves. If a girl is tense and always worried about panty lines or if their makeup is smearing, they’re not that sexy. The hottest girls at my school are always outgoing and comfortable with their body and their looks. You can always tell when someone is TTH, and it’s not appealing.