Debate Club: Should You Snoop Through Your Sweetie’s Phone?

Snooping On Boyfriend

Should you go anywhere near his phone?

Have you ever been left alone in a room with your sweetie’s phone just sitting there, begging for you to go through it? Yeah, pretty sure we all know how tempting that can be. There comes a point in every relationship when we get the urge to read their text messages and check out who they’ve been in contact with, whether you’re having trust issues or not.

But is giving in and snooping through their phone (or any of their stuff) the best idea for your relationship? The editors of Gurl have agreed to disagree, and we want to know how you feel about it: is snooping a recipe for disaster, or is it just part of being in a relationship? Read what we think, and then let us know your opinion:


No more sneaking around!

Julie Says: You’re Only Going To Hurt Yourself
Back away from the phone, girl. You’re only going to find stuff that will hurt your relationship. Your sweetie’s allowed to have thoughts he doesn’t share with you. And, get real, you’ve totally thought and probably texted a few things about your dude you’d never say to him. (Can’t think of anything? Maybe this will jog your memory: BACK HAIR!) Sure, for relationships to work, there needs to be honesty, but that doesn’t mean you should know every single thing he’s ever thought or written about you. Give your relationship a chance and don’t snoop.


If you feel like you have to...

Jessica Says: Sometimes It’s Necessary
I know that snooping is wrong, and going through someone’s phone is generally a bad idea. But in some situations, it kind of needs to be done. If you honestly feel like your sweetie is cheating or going behind your back (I’m not talking about just a hunch), then maybe you should go through his stuff to see what’s going on. If you’ve caught him lying before, then how else will you find out the truth? I would hate to encourage anyone to snoop, but if it comes down to it and you feel like you need to, then I say go for it. Just don’t make a habit out of it!


This is what you really need instead.

Melanie Says: It Just Spells ‘Trust Issues’
The whole snooping thing bothers me so much. Good relationships are built on two little (or actually huge!) things called trust and communication. If you’re feeling uneasy or unsure of something for some reason, talk to your honey and try to find out what’s going on. I know, I know, you’re like, “but what if he’s cheating on me?” Well, hon, that’ll come out one way or another–there’s no need to stoop to his same creepster level by going behind his back and snooping. End of story.

Who do you agree with? Have you, or would you, ever snoop through a sweetie’s phone? Tell us in the comments.


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  • Alexis

    I snooped through his phone and found out he was cheating. I never would have suspected he would do it to me, but lately he had been weird. Glad I did it. If you have nothing to hide from your boyfriend/girlfriend, then you shouldn’t have a problem with them going through your phone.

  • Malina

    I catch my hubby cheating on me with some other girl. He has been with her before me. It caused curiosity and I snooped his phone by using iphonespyapps dot net spyware program. Situation is getting worst but I can’t leave him as I loved him. What should I do?