Video: 10 Little Girls I Want To Be When I Grow Up

lol kids on youtubeContrary to popular belief, you can find a lot more than cute kitten videos on YouTube. If you poke around, you can get some real gems of wisdom about life–and (shocker!) they’re all by little girls. I mean, I know I was a genius when I was growing up, but who knew so many other little girls were?!

These 10 little girls really are role models –they’ll teach you about life, love and why you should always be proud of having two X chromosomes. Screw Oprah and Hillary Clinton; we wanna be these little girls when we grow up.

Lesson #1: Don’t be fooled by marketers who perpetuate gender stereotypes.

Lesson #2: Just because you look like a princess doesn’t mean you can’t be a kickass rapper.

Lesson #3: Wanting a career over a man doesn’t make you any less of a woman.

Lesson #4: Making the first move will probably get you what you want.

Lesson #5: There is no shame in being self-sufficient and enjoying some alone time.

Lesson #6: Always dress to impress. Especially when men in uniform are coming to your house.

Lesson #7: Tears of joy are always OK.

Lesson #8: Don’t stop, Don’t give up. Obviously.

Lesson #9: Babies will stop crying when you tell them it will be OK. Maybe? Fingers crossed!

Lesson #10: Screw the haters.

Have we missed any videos with smart little girls? Which video did you think taught the most important life lesson? Tell us in the comments!

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