Pick One! Jeans or Jeggings?

jeans or jeggings

Taylor's jeggings are too cute!

What’s your favorite thing to wear with denim? Tell us in the comments!

Now, pick between lipstick and lipgloss!

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  • CloverTea123

    I hate the way jeggings look. They look cheap and fake. If you want to wear form fitting jeans, wear skinny jeans. Done.

  • Ryan B

    I used to think i would never wear jeggings and then my friend made me get a pair and now that and leggings are all i wear

  • Camryne Delgato

    I luv luv luv this website! Im 13 and going through middle school in an awkward phase, and this website has made all the difference in my life. Thanks, gURLs!

    • PurpleCutie

      I know but im not going through anything at the moment but when i am it is nice that i could come to this website. Anyway i pick Jeggings because their tight on you come in diffrent styles and they just ROCK!!!.