Body Talk: My Cups Runneth Under

want bigger boobsIt’s hard to put into words how much I used to hate my boobs. Bugs, calculus, digging graves–they all ran a distant second to shopping for a bra or even looking at my own flat chest.

By age 15, the breast fairy had happily visited every single one of my friends, sometimes seemingly two or three times. But there I sat, in my pathetic excuse for a bra (really just two sadly hopeful triangles stitched together in the center) and waited in vain for that b*tch to visit my bony chest too.

“When you picture big boobs, you envision the perfect set—ones you see in the movies or something,” she explained in hushed tones as I wept in the Maidenform section. “But that’s not how big breasts usually look. They can sag, get stretch marks, be different sizes—you don’t have those problems!”

"Move my hair it's covering up my talent!"

I wasn’t buying it. I had skinny legs and a Kim Kardashian booty—a C or D cup would make my figure perfect and I made up my mind to get implants. Did I still want bigger boobs? YES.

So, my mom staged a tits intervention—a titstervention, if you will. She had my Aunt Sophia, who had breast implants, show me hers and encouraged me to cop a feel.

“Um…is one supposed to be hard?”

Spoiler alert: no. One sack had become encased in scar tissue leaving it hard and lumpy. The other sagged at an awkward angle and there was a huge gap between them, with angry red scars under each breast.

“Plus, I always have to wear an underwire bra, but never any blousy shirts make me look pregnant because my boobs make it stick out,” she sighed. “I think I looked thinner before them, honestly.”

That night Mama put me in one of her C-cup bras so I could see what I’d look like with implants. Again, she was right. These things on my chest, making me look thick and sausage-like, overshadowed my long arms and legs. I realized that fake boobs were like hipster glasses—they look great on some other people, but not me.

Lea Michele: Small But Mighty (Hot)

But I wasn’t about to admit that. Instead I gritted my teeth and vowed to one day stuff my chest cavity full of silicone or saline. And I was equally hellbent on finding a man who would support this decision.

Then, the strangest thing happened: I couldn’t. I’ve dated my fair share of jerks (enough to write a book about) but every single one of them have downright gushed over my B-cups.

“I’d much rather have perky, firm boobs than big saggy ones,” said Brooks.

“Fake breasts feel like rubbing the back of my lacrosse helmet,” admitted Steve.

“You have the perfect boob-to-nipple ratio, it’s amazing,” marveled Jason.

Me and My Girls: One (Not So Big) Happy Family!

“Boobs are whatever; I’m more about butt and legs,” shrugged Sid.

I had no idea that boys felt this way, and they didn’t seem to be lying. Sure, I wouldn’t hate to wake up with Scarlett Johansson’s curves, but when I think of my poor aunt’s Frankentits I grab my ladies and feel how nice they are—firm, perky, pleasantly squishy—and realize that maybe being happy with what you have is truly Victoria’s secret!

How do you feel about your boobs? Wish they were bigger? Smaller? Tell me in the comments!

Now, find out how one girl feels about having giant boobs!

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  • Holly Dautzenberg

    The problem with most girls is that they’re bodies don’t produce the ‘needed’ amount of hormones to get bigger boobs. You can perform certain exercises and/or eat different foods to increase these natural levels. This you way you can get bigger boobs naturally. Never do surgery! Take a look at for exercises and foods. This site covers this issue.

  • Troof Detector

    People are over using the word “amazing.”

  • Jess

    So I’m 22, and my boobs are smaller than yours. I’m a part of a very large family with very big boobs. On each side too. EVERYONE has huge tits. EVERYONE. When my cousin was 11 she already had DDs. and here I am with a small b. Think I’ll still grow? It honestly pisses me off to think that my genetics skipped me in the only thing I wanted.

  • Riya

    Im in my 20 and completely flat. Will i get married ?? 🙁

  • Barbra

    I have what I call thin floppy boobs they are a small to medium size which isnt bad what is bad is the thin floppy part I want implants to give me shape I waited like I was told to but now I want to look like I think I should look not some eighty year old grandma. I migjt go a bit bigger and I don’t plan on going to the first breast quack I find I plan on looking around to find the best I can even if it costs a bit more you have to remembet you get what you pay for thank for letting rant BARBRA

  • LaraE

    I still can’t even fill out a 36AA. I’m 20.

  • Ratna

    I have 36D, I am very proud to me

    • Troof Detector


  • v. m.

    okay girls, quit complaining. i’m nearly 21, and i’m a 38 J cup. yes, it’s possible, yes their real. i’d give anything to be a G cup again. i will be honest, they have their perks, and my boyfriend sure likes them, but bra shopping is hell. so far, there’s only one place i can find bras that fit me, Lady Grace, i’m sure you’ve heard of it. their bras in my size are usually $50. sometimes $60. i haven’t had much back pain, but i know it will happen eventually, and i’m not looking forward to it. so girls, be proud of your small boobs. i would kill for a size less cumbersome. <3

    • v. m.


      • lizzie

        but you never see girls with small boobs getting all the attention now do you…..

  • Jackie

    I’m 34aa I’m 32 anyways I like them but I just would rather them be alil bigger so my bathing suits look better I am scared to get implants and I’ve had them offered to me but after they see my boobs they are like oh they are perfect and I don’t screw em up so no boobs but hey whatever my nipples are nice.

  • Coleen

    You have more than enough to ask for! Yours are perfect…Not too small not too big to be saggy. I’m forever stuck with AA or even AAA cups, and I don’t always want to wear push up bras, makes me feel like a lie. I wish I could have more, I don’t ask for much, just even a small B cup, for my boyfriend or even for me to be happy about, even though he always gets upset whenever I give my small-chested-problem rants. It’s so easy to tell others to be happy and satisfied with what they have, but to accept that on my behalf is so damn difficult.

  • sidra

    i want big booes

  • Jamie Lynn

    Im 20 and wear a 34a-on my period
    for the longest time, i wanted bigger boobs-like a nice c cup-and looking into implants. my family supported me, and really the decision was on me. my parents were gonna pay for it and everything. i was so tempted to say yes, especially after a long term bf dumped me over them. can you believe it?! of course you can, its a guy. but the more research i did the more worried i became. what if i want them out? the tissue is stretched and saggy and they wont look the same. what if i get CC. what if therye too big. too fake. large gap. etc. the list went on and on.
    ive grown to love my smaller boobs, but id still like them to be a bit larger. like a very large a cup, smallish b cup. but i guess im just going to have to deal with what i have.

  • PD

    I’m 19 and I have 36DDD, I want smaller breasts. Everyone wants what they can’t have.

  • Holly Polly

    I am 19 with AA cup size (my optimal cup size would be a 32B no MORE). But I want to achieve real boobs like through herbal remedies or massage not by surgery. To me there is nothing to be proud of if it isn’t the “real thing.” I checked out a more organic way to get boobs such as taking fat from one part of my body (my ass) and moving it to my boobs. But this treatment has ugly outcomes once your body decides to reabsorb the fat. After deep consideration I have decided a lot of guys are butt guys… Not all, but a lot I’ve talked to are, and if there is one thing I’m proud of it’s my ass. So maybe just hit up the gym and tone my ass and have one thing to love about my body (and I focus on that not on the little nuggets hanging from my chest). Honestly I’ve been there you need to focus on the good you have and shove out negative thoughts because they will just make you depressed. Been there, done that. And trust me, I’ve tried gaining weight it got me bigger boobs (barely), but my body is naturally petite and it didn’t look good on me. Just stay in shape with slightly toned abs and some nice legs and someone will think your hot stuff. So just get used to it and be happy with who you are!

  • AK

    I’m 24. I still don’t fill out a 32A. I have worn a padded push up bra my whole life just to fill the void in a bra. I have very low self confidence. I hide. I just want to fill an actual A cup without padding. I hate shopping because I know clothes don’t fit me right. To describe my body, I use to say that I look like I am 12. I mean not hips or anything, but apparently reading all your post, you young ones a so much farther along…so now I look….10? idk. I want to feel confident and I try too, but I still hide. :'(

    • Arielle

      im exactly the same although I’m 26 and still don’t fill out a 34A : (