12 Celebs Who Can Afford to Look Better

who needs a makeoverMoney can’t buy you class, but it can buy you a bar of soap, a hairbrush and–gasp!–maybe even an outfit that actually fits.

Glitzy celebs come a dime a dozen, but these celebs look like they don’t have a dime to their name! And with the money and professional styling help they’ve got? There’s just no excuse. Who needs a makeover? Let’s sign ’em all up.




Whitney Port

The unemployed reality star is gunning to make her clothing line, Whitney Eve, an A-list success. So, why isn’t Whit trying to be her own best advertisement, instead of looking like she just wandered out of 6th period Social Studies?












MK Olsen

Billions in the bank can’t stop this little mini-mogul from slithering around in glorified culottes and a walk-of-shame shirt–and I think we all know that this is one of her better looks…












John Mayer

You body may be a wonderland, but his looks more like the department of sanitation. Yuck.












Jessica Simpson

Considering she designs some of the cutest shoes and clothes that us girls on a budget can actually afford, you’d think she might want to try . . . wearing some of those herself?












Kristen Stewart

They say that your clothes reflect your character, so in that case I’m guessing hanging out with the Twilight star would be equal parts dull and chopping wood.













Robert Pattinson

It’s times like this when we can all be thankful that our computers aren’t scratch-and-sniff.














The Material Girl reportedly has spent hundreds of thousands on anti-aging potions and treatments, and yet, she dresses like Pauly D. Some things even science can’t explain.













You know you’ve got problems when your beauty kit is only a Sharpie and a jar of dirt.












Matthew McConaughey

For anyone who gripes about him not wearing shirts often enough…be careful what you wish for.













Rupert Grint

Suddenly, those moldy purple dress robes aren’t looking so bad!












Benecio del Toro

Once upon a time not so very long ago, Benny here was considered a sex symbol and rumor had it he got naughty with Scarlett Johansson in an elevator. A sex symbol. Scarlett. I’ll just let all of that sink in…









Russell Brand

Katy Perry’s former less-than-better-half bombed at the box office last year, but still raked in $8 million. Last time I checked, razors and normal pants don’t cost quite that much.














Which celebs would you like to see look a little more like . . . celebs? Tell us in the comments!

Now, LOL over what happened when this girl refused to wear her glasses at a dance club!

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  • Jesssica

    How hateful. Jessica Simpson is pregnant.

  • Really??

    Ummm.. ok, let me just say this, Kristen Stewart looks just fine, she looks tired. I would too if I was an actress, fashion icon and amazing all around. If you wanna make fun of people who deserve it, try People of WalMart. Sarahs right! And making fun of Ke$ha like that in just plain uncooth, rude and disrespectful, if you don’t like her, ok, great, now I know what cd NOT to get you for christmas. But saying that she only uses dirt and a sharpie is just plain mean. Some stars do look like shnikeys sometimes, but hey, WE ALL LOOK LIKE that once in a while. I’m pretty sure that they just wanna go home, cuddle their pet, eat Ben and Jerry’s and watch MegaMarathons of Glee! and Scrubs, but they don’t, they stick it out and deal with Paparazzi, haters, creepers, stalkers, and creepy fans that will traple 3 people and punch their mom just to touch the car that Jessica Simpson brushed up against. So, seriously, why hate?

    • Autumn

      DUDE, life is hard for everyone, no one else gets to slide by looking like a schlep.

  • Alice

    Well, that’s teen self esteem set back another 10 years.
    I can’t imagine finally getting a break from the paparazzi only to be photographed in a casual state. It’s not like we could do much better first thing in the morning, either. Looking at some of the things that pass for fashion these days, they even have been following a trend.
    What with all the stress in their lives, I think the celebs deserve a break.

  • aybeeceedee

    they look fine.

  • pinki

    you guys just choose the worst pictures..
    they can look better than that if they wanted to !!
    grow up gurls !!

  • Anonymous

    Oh my goodness, shut up already! Seriously? Is this really what your site is teaching girls these days? This and “Confession: I Judge People On Their Looks” are horrible examples of what young girls (or anyone) should be focusing on. I know most of us read stupid gossip magazines at the beach sometimes or while we’re getting a pedicure or something, but to go out of your way to write this garbage is almost infuriating. They’re celebrities, sure, but they’re people. And wouldn’t it be slightly endearing to know that, even though they’re super rich, they choose to not spend all of their money on wearing friggin’ Manolos every time they leave the house? Honestly, who gives a crap? Rupert Grint looks adorable in a T-shirt and blazer, Mary Kate Olsen enjoys going for a boho/grunge look, and Kristen Stewart isn’t the only person wearing flannel these days. What’s wrong with that? Maybe you’re trying to be funny here, and a sense of a humor is important; but bashing people you don’t know (that includes celebs, however dumb you think all of them are) to gain readership is shameful. Gurl.com needs to teach young girls to be awesome, intelligent, amazing people, NOT how to be a bitchy teen expressing petty, judgmental, and sophomoric behavior.

  • Sarah

    I don’t think Russel should change his look. It makes him Russel. It fits him. That may be the fan-girl talking (seeing how I absolutely love him) but it really does suit him and his character.