The 5 Best Prom Movie Moments

prom movie

Gossip Girl isn't a movie, or this SO would have made our list!

Prom might be months away, but it’s already front and center on our minds (okay, full disclosure, the dresses, the dates, the limos, the dancing, and the crazy after-parties are ALWAYS front and center on our minds!)

What better way to get psyched up for the big night than to rewatch the five best prom moments in movie history. From the most famous vamp to ever slow-dance to the coolest DIY dress, we’ve got you covered, girl! Enjoy!

1. Edward and Bella+That SONG=Dream Prom!

2. Drew Barrymore at her best–and crazy themed costumes!

3. The cutest prom date ask ever–High School Musical Style!

4. 10 Things I Love About Prom (Or, Um, Hate About You)

5. She’s pretty in her pink homemade dress!

And since I know you can’t get enough of prom (who can?!) go check out the awesome Stuck at Prom® Scholarship Contest. You could win insanely cool prizes (like, um, $5,000!) just for making your dress out of Duck® brand duct tape–sweet!

Here are all the deets: The Stuck at Prom® Scholarship Contest challenges students to create and accessorize their prom outfits with duct tape, then wear them to prom for a chance to win cash scholarship prizes. You submit your entry, they pick the Top 10, then it’s up to you to vote for the winners!

First Place: $5,000
Second Place: $3,000
Third Place: $2,000
Runners Up: $500

Entries start March 7th, which means you have enough time to make your dress if you start soon, but hurry, because entries end on June 13th. Check in with on June 18th to see if your dress made it into the top 10 and to vote for your faves!

This post was written in partnership with the Duck® brand Stuck At Prom campaign.

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