Gurl Talk: Julie Klausner Is The BFF You Wish You Had

julie klausner

You're talking about last night's date, she's thinking about grizzlies. Just a normal day with Julie!

If you love bad date stories, or have been on more than a few yourself, you’ll freak out over Julie Klausner‘s amazingly funny book, I Don’t Care About Your Band. The details she gives about oh, let’s say a billion terrible dates will make you think your life isn’t so bad afterall. I’ve already bought this book for at least seven friends, and wish I could buy one for all of you (but, yeah, I’m not that generous!).

So, I’m gonna do the next best thing–share Julie’s answers to our Big Gurl 10 with you! Then, if you’re a girl with a beating heart (and I think you are!)–go buy her book. You’ll love it. Pinkie swear.

Now, onto the goods! Take it away, Julie!

You're gonna be obsessed with this book. No joke.

Gurl: What’s your worst date story?

Julie: Literally turn to any page of my book and read aloud. I’ve been on a billion horrible dates!

Gurl: If you could only have one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Julie: Spaghetti with cottage cheese on top of it, with salt and pepper. It sounds gross, but it’s my favorite food by far.

Gurl: Whose phone number do you wish you had?

Julie: John Waters’…though I’d be too chicken to use it.

Julie? I think this one belongs with you.

Gurl: What’s something you’ve always wanted that you’ve never gotten?

Julie: A pet dog.

Gurl: What’s your secret nickname?

Julie: Noodles. (see: favorite food)

Gurl: What’s the guiltiest pleasure on your iPod?

Julie: The Doors.

Gurl: Best advice you ever got?

Julie: Be honest and your work will be great.

Tasty and trendy, too!

Gurl: Favorite bargain purchase?

Julie: Fruit! Fruit is cheap–and they sell it everywhere!

Gurl: Instant pick me up?

Julie: Leaving the house.

Gurl: Describe the high school you in 3 words.

Julie: Angry chubby weirdo.

How would you answer these questions? Tell us in the comments!

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