7 Dude Movies We Secretly Love

So, you’re flipping through Netflix or On Demand with your guy friends, your boyfriend, or even your dad–and they insist it’s their turn to pick the movie. Don’t fret, lady–it doesn’t have to be a night of meaningless explosions with no pay-off . . . proclaim your love for one of these seven (super watchable) dude flicks, and not only will you earn a few points with the guys in your life–you’ll also love spending the evening with the hot guys on the screen. Win-win!

And now, let’s get on with the eye candy, shall we?


hot guys in movies

Sure, it’s bloody, but there’s a lot more going on here than the trailer suggests. You have 300 shirtless men whose abs you could laundry on. You have a celebration of strong Spartan women. You have a love story. You have Xerxes’ fierce eyeliner. And did we mention the 300 shirtless men? Because there are 300 SHIRTLESS MEN.


This is another super, ultra-violent, you-may-want-to-shut-your-eyes at parts movie–but um, RYAN GOSLING! It’s seriously like, two hours of Ryan looking his absolute most brooding and hot. Oh, plus, the soundtrack is wicked rad and will stay in your head for days. Months if you buy the soundtrack, which you probably will!

In addition to explosions and chase scenes standard to most Bond flicks, this one has a bit extra: Casino Royale shows Bond’s vulnerable side when he falls in love with Vesper Lynd, and Dame Judi Dench is the boss. The scene where Bond is strapped naked to a chair is just a bonus at this point.
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

When Scott Pilgrim fights his love’s seven evil exes – and his own demons – to win her over, it’s both moving and hilarious. It really proves that life is a lot like a video game. Plus, um, Michael Cera is kind of so cute it hurts.

Hard to believe it now, but Bruce Willis was super hot and ripped when he made this movie. He plays John McClane, a guy who will do whatever it takes to get his girl back. Even taking a bullet or two, taunting terrorists with a doll, and risking everything he has. This is a guy we can get behind.

It’s the ultimate underdog story: Rocky is broke, lonely, and left-handed. His own trainer even calls him a bum. He’s in love with Adrian, a cute brunette who owns her own pet shop. Basically, it’s a chick flick in reverse with some fighting thrown in. Shhh, don’t tell the guys!

Yeah, most comic book movies are predictable – does the good guy ever really lose? But they usually have dramatic subplots; some are genuinely great cinema, and almost all are based on athletic guys in skintight outfits. At worst, they can be thoroughly enjoyed on mute.

What are your favorite “dude” movies? Did I leave yours off the list? Let me know in comments!

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  • Emma

    Iron Man is my favorite – or the Avengers. My friend and I were the only single girls in the theater and we spent the entire time freaking out over the total amzingness and hotness of Tony Stark and Captain America. My guy friends were very impressed when I told them I’d seen it, though!

  • R. O.

    A lot of guys assume that you wont like action movies but i will watch any supposed “guy movie” as long as there isnt any outright sex in it cuz that’s just gross.

  • author


  • Tina

    Four Brothers!!!

    Four guys who get vengence for their mom?!? What is sweeter? (Plus the four cuties is a bonus! lol)

  • Melissa M

    Scott Pilgrim is a dude movie? What the hell? Can’t you see how sexist this comes off?

  • Kate

    Troy. Lots of hunky men in very little clothing. And am I the only one who calls them “Dick Flicks”?

  • Anonymous

    And ‘Hot Rod’ =D
    Cause Andy Samberg is a hottie <3

  • Chloe

    bourne identity 😉

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