Your Complete Guide to Hair Removal

The quest for smooth skin can sometimes be a, well, hairy situation. With so many methods and products to choose from, it can be tough to figure out which is best for you. Check out our guide for the ideal solution for your own follicular foibles, but remember–whether or not you want to get rid of your hair is totally up to you. It’s natural, and totally okay to leave it in place if that’s your thing!


hairy legs

What is it? Using a razor and shave gel or cream (or frothy body wash), shaving removes hair at the surface. Your razor makes a huge difference – don’t be afraid to splurge a bit here! Single-blade disposable razors often result in nicks.

Invest in one with multiple blades and preferably a pivoting head – it makes areas like knees and ankles less susceptible to cuts.Shaving is the easiest and most common method of at-home hair removal.


 Shaving is cheap! A good razor and gel will set you back at most $20 and will last for a long time.

 Once you get the hang of it, it’s quick and easy.

 No appointments necessary!

 You don’t have to wait in between shaves like you might with other methods.


 If you’re not careful, your shower could look like a scene from Psycho. Lather up and use slow strokes to prevent cuts!

 It’s a myth that shaving makes hair grow back faster and thicker. What actually happens is, hair gets finer as it grows. When you cut off the fine tip, what comes up after it? The thick root that was under the skin before.

 The results don’t last long, but they vary from person to person. You may have to shave daily, you may feel stubbly by 9 pm, or you may be able to get away with it once or twice a week.

 Ingrown hairs and razor burn are real! Prevent them by exfoliating before you shave, and by not going over the same area more than twice.

Best for: Legs, underarms, toes, bikini line. Never shave your face!


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  • deee

    what about epilation? thats what i use 🙂

  • Sophian

    I got my eyebrows waxed and it was great! It just felt like ripping off a bandage- which I’m used to doing, because as a kid I got many cuts and scrapes. Anyway- I got eyebrows waxed and I love it. A tip I learned is when you pluck lose hairs, I think she applied pressure to the area being waxed/plucked, by lightly pinching. It felt a whole lot better doing that then the norm. Overall waxing is great!

  • debbie

    y not shave ur face?

    • kathy

      you cant shave your face its so sensitive and its dangerouse

  • someone

    is it just me or r there ppl that get hair on their belly? =(

    • Not just you. :/

  • Raven

    I use hair removal cream on my under arms and legs, as it never hurts, works as well as shaving and can be done totally alone. The creams aren’t often cheap, with 15 euro worth lasting about 3 leg sessions or 12+ underarm sessions. It takes longer than shaving as well, as you have to leave it on to soften the hairs, but the results are always good. I can’t shave my legs, as eczma makes my legs all bumpy, so shaving it much better for me.

  • ann

    I had my eyebrows waxed for the first time the other day because I thought they needed a tidy up. When we got there all the ladies kept giving funny looks like they thought I was too young 🙁 It was kinda annoying and embarrassing

  • ruberduck

    I shave on the sides of u know what because im in swimming but i get bumps and its embarressing what should i do???

    • Mo

      Try using conditioner on where you are shaving. What you’re describing are razor bumps, and it can mean your razor isn’t sharp enough, you’ve been shaving too hard or quickly, or you haven’t been using enough lubrication. Sometimes, though, it happens on it’s own with shaving, but you can but creams and stuff to prevent it before shaving, and treat it after shaving. I think you can buy them on the internet pretty easily, but I’ve never seen any good ones at a drugstore. Good luck!

  • sammyg314

    i really want to wax u know down there but i’m not sure how and i don’t want to go to a professional

  • MorganLWheeler

    Shaving cream makes my legs break out so I just shave in the shower with the water running on my legs but now its starting to itch after I get out…. :/

    • Lily

      I have made that mistake before, I am pretty sure thats called a Razor Burn? Maybe if you can find some kind of Shaving Cream that will not make your legs break out it would help or you could try using Body Wash instead of Shaving Cream.

  • Anonymous

    How about Nair?

    • Julia

      Nair is practically the same as shaving. It only removes hair at the tip, not the whole follicle.

  • shane (I’m a girl)

    I hate having to shave my legs and I still have quite a bit of hair on my legs even after I shave then and it’s so hard to shave my bikini like because I’m scared I’m gonna cut myself and then it gets all itchy and irritated when it starts to grow back 🙁

    • BuBbElZ

      if you buy the right razor and replace the razor head often you shouldnt have that problem and for the **down there** issue you are shaving in the wrong direction. always shave down and put lotion on afterwords. It will itch a little but not nearly as bad

    • BuBbElZ

      also for by your lips shave up and out shave everythin else downwards

  • Carly

    I want to try waxing, but I’m 13 and my mum won’t let me 🙁

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  • Diana

    I got laser hair removal for the hair under my chin. I got it for cheap too! 6 Sessions for 100 dollars. It does feel like hot rubber hands against your skin. The skin under my skin was a little irritated but it went away after like 5 minutes. I get one session every 2 weeks. I currently am getting the hair around my belly button done for like 50 dollars. for 3 sessions. I got my first session done on my belly button about 4 days ago and the skin is still irritated. 🙁 I general if you get a good deal and have small amount of hair like that then it is totally worth it.

    • Zuri

      where did you get that done at for that cheap??? and did it work okay?? i’m curious… ^^

  • Sarah

    The first time I ever got my eyebrows done, I got them threaded as an early Christmas present. I was extremely nervous, but the ladies working there welcomed me and treated me as if I was an old friend. They were joking around and talking and laughing with me, making the service bearable. It does hurt, I’m not gonna lie, but I don’t have the best pain tolerance. I did start tearing up, but in the end, I felt proud of myself for going through with it. That was in November last year, and my eyebrows STILL look amazing. Not as good as when I first got them done and I have had to pluck a few strays here and there, but it was definitely worth the $12 that I’ll be spending the next time I get them done. 🙂