8 Little Lies We Tell About Our Diets

We all know that guys fib when it comes to their height, income and how many touchdowns they scored senior year. But we ladies play a serious lying game when chit chatting about our diets! A British study found that women tell some whoppers about what we put in our mouths, so I thought I’d help translate what we say…and what we actually mean. Bon appetit!







Drinks and Sodas

She said: I only had one glass!











She meant: Technically that’s true, it was one glass. I just had it refilled five times…











Kicking Off a Diet

She said: I mean I can’t just throw out these cookies. People are starving in this country, that’s so wasteful!










She meant: God forbid I drive the 10 miles to the nearest food pantry when I could simply sack out on the couch and eat all these myself! So much more efficient.










Going Green

She said: Oh I just had a salad for lunch











She meant: “Salad” is now code for “green leafy vehicle to get as much bacon bits, croutons and creamy dressing into my face as possible.”











Skipping Meals

She said: I’m starving! I was too busy for breakfast today and just grabbed a coffee.











She meant: “Actually can I get a Gingerbread Caramel latte? Venti. No, whole milk. Sure, add whip cream. Ooo little more. Bit more…liiiiiitle bit more. MORE. Ok that’s good. Oh and where are the sugar packets?”










Diet Detox

She said: I just went vegan so I’m probably going to lose a TON of weight.











She meant: After weeks of eating nothing but potatoes, pasta, chips and anything else that’s white, starchy and carbo-loaded, I will act totally baffled about why I’ve gained eight pounds.










Covering the Food Pyramid

She said: I always eat five servings of veggies a day!






















At the Drive-Thru

She said: Ew, fast food is SO gross. I never touch it.












She meant: Unless I’m late, hungover, depressed, stressed, craving fries, at the airport, with my little sister, not with my little sister…












She said: I don’t even look at the scale, I just go by how my clothes fit.











She meant: And considering I haven’t been able to fit into them in four months, there’s no way in hell I’m lumbering onto that scale, sister.



What was the last little lie you told about your habits? Tell us in the comments!

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